Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Elder Chad Call and Elder Jamison Miller's Farewell

Sunday May 29th, Chad and Jamison shared their farewells together. There was a large turn out, close to standing room only. Which was very surprising cause it was Memorial Day weekend!!! We appreciate everyone's support that day. The soon to be missionaries did a fabulous job with their talks. They were quite entertaining! They were supposed to speak on the Be Attitudes and accidently spoke on President Hinckely's book "Way to Be"...not the samething boys...but they did a great job!!! Each bore a great testimony.

We had a wonderful gathering for family and friends afterwards held at the Miller residence. Chris Miller made 600 homemade wontons and they were literally gone within 45 mins of being served. Between Chris and Jan, there was quite the smorgasborg of food...wontons, chicken oriental salad, ham and shrimp fried rice, fruit and vegetable plates, marinated ham, cake, cookies, cream puffs...I'm sure I have left something out....but it was amazing!!! Thanks to all who helped. It was an amazing day...

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