Monday, January 30, 2012

Udder Attack!

So first off I’m sorry, I was super sick last Monday, I was on divisions with Elder Castro my ZL in my area because his comp ended his mission also and went to the cap together, I don’t know what I had it must have been some food or something because it was only for one day I am all better now! But that day was by far the worst in my mission! I had boo (diarrhea) and throwing up AT THE SAME TIME! I didn’t know it was possible but I am here to testify that it is very possible. While I was in this situation I was trying to count my blessings and it could have been worse I could have had a runny nose also. So 2 weeks ago I said joking come visit me with Millers…DONT, I was stressed all week actually thinking you would come, I had dreams (nightmares) about it, and it was horrible. So please don’t,
So the biggest adventure apart from being sick 2 weeks ago was the subject box....udder, I straight up ate udder, yes that is right, luckily I didn’t know what it was until after, but I knew it was not something normal, so there were 2 pieces and what I did was I ate one, then I put the other on Elder Velez plate without him knowing, and he ate it right up, he eats so much more than me! Ha-ha it was quite an experience.
I saw in the paper that Huntsman dropped out of the race and is now supporting Romney, he must be doing great because a lot of people mention that a Mormon for a candidate for president nonmembers also! So how is he doing?
"I would hope that someone would buy my sons lunch in Guatemala" ha-ha Elder Velez couldn’t help but laugh at that, and told me to don’t get my hopes up ...were in Guatemala! But actually that has happened, a guy bought my lunch and while we were eating I was teaching him English, more of just that we were talking because he already knows it!
Ok so this week we did divisions Sunday until Wednesday the change meeting with Elder Castro. He is such a stud I wish he was my comp we really get along great. He has taught me some great stuff that I am trying to apply in my work now, more than anything the inspired questions and being in tune with the spirit. So I am staying in my area, and my new comp is........ Elder Lagos from Honduras he actually lives like 20 minutes from Elder Velez. And he has 18 months in the mission. We are getting along ok, but he is (how do I say this) ... a free spirit, he keeps me on edge a lot of the time. He doesn’t really care about the rules sometimes. But so far we have not had any problems and he is great, he can speak a lot of English so when I don’t know a word he helps me out which is awesome, he has a drive to work which is awesome to have! We both bring things to the table which is what we are supposed to do, he helps me with my weaknesses and I help him with his. He is a handy man, he knows how to fix just about anything and he has all his tools! Ha-ha I laughed but we aren’t going to change houses because he has fixed just about everything, now we are just waiting for permission to buy the other parts that we need and everything will be just like new!
Tell Kate I got her package and I LOVED it!! Thank her so much; ask her how did she know I was learning how to juggle? Also tell Miller's thank you so much for their package! It was honestly just what I needed the candy that they gave me! I haven’t read any of your emails because it’s a new rule that we use internet in the churches so we have to travel to Guastatoya which is a hour away just to just internet, and only for a hour so I wanted to write first then I will read with what time I have left, but we can still print so it’s all good! I found another memory card with pictures from Progresso Jutiapa with Elder Acre, (he is now the district leader) so I will load those to Picasa probably next week I think I can here (we will see) and before I forget Elder Jensen is now my district leader, he's a kool kat from Utah here in Guastatoya. So I don’t know what is up but it has been so HOT here, my cheeky's are getting burnt! And I’m using sunscreen! We are dying, these next 3 changes I am going to roast because it is only going to get hotter here!! And I don’t know if you have heard I haven’t heard but we have felt so many earthquakes, they are little ones but there have been so many this past week its crazy! It was my first time feeling it.
Ok story of the week! We were visiting a less active, and we get talking and she talks about a missionary in her other city Coban, and she goes and gets the picture it turns out to be none other than ELDER CASEY SPILKER! I was stoked to say the least!
Alright well to wrap things up because I don’t know what else to write, but can you send me millers address? I went to see the area doctor for my hand (he thinks it is ringworm or warts) (we finally decided on warts in a circle) and so I am putting duct tape on my hand but with the heat and sweat it will not stay, so I have the duct tape then the medical tape over it, it is ridiculous, but it will get better. But anyways I opened the package in the area office and I put everything in my bag and threw the package away so I don’t have the address for Miller’s.
I would tell you about our investigators but right now we don’t have a lot, that is what we are focusing on, that and reactivating everyone here. We have a baptismal date with one family, but then she got really really sick and went to the hospital in Zacapa to get an operation, so once she is better they would like to get baptized which is awesome! This week we are really trying to find families and find new investigators. Also the fair is going on (this fair puts San Jorge to shame!) it is huge I have never seen so many advertisements for beer, and it's the same beer company so I don’t know why there are so many it’s not like they are competing against another company! But the fair is huge here so one way or another people are too busy to listen to us, so pray for us that we can find more investigators.
I hope you are all reading in the Book of Mormon! I want to leave with a thought from President Uchtdorf in his talk “forget me not” with the relief society, he listed 5 steps that we need and related it to a flower with 5 pedals called a forget me not flower. But one of the pedals he told the story of Willie Wonka, and how when he announced the 5 golden tickets the children would buy the candy and if it didn’t have a golden ticket the candy bar was worthless when as before the candy was amazing! Let us not forget the small things of this life that make us happy or that we take for granted the small things that are often over looked. Don’t forget to be happy NOW! Things may not be perfect but we always have blessing that we can be happy for. He explained it better so go and read that talk! I love you all so much!! And hope everything is going well! With much love!
Elder Call
Mom did I forget to tell you...

Monday, January 16, 2012

Ya Busy Week!!!

Lets start off with a little business...I sent a letter to Rose, Houston, Lucas, Preston and Nana and I sent the memory to you guys, (ya busy week!) Elder Velez was sick one afternoon so I wrote a butt load of letters. I only got yours and nanas certified so in three weeks if you haven’t received it yet tell me and I will go and have them track it. Don and Lila should have gotten their letter by now, also Eves I sent that letter forever ago! But you never said anything if they got it or not. The ZL´s said that I have some more letters and will get them next Sunday! Alright Friday the 13th!! You know what that is!!! Superstition?!? Also my hand they think it is either ringworm or warts, but we will see…ha-ha but don’t worry everything is great! Ya I got the music and ya I played it that day thank you it is just what I needed and wanted! For my birthday Crest toothpaste if you could send me a little of that, the toothpaste here just isn’t the same, its Colgate but it’s not the same its different it’s cheaper and ya, and also gold bond some more of that :) but besides that honestly I am just amazing! And don’t really need anything, everything else I can find here. Fleas, I have only seen one and that was in San Jorge, but I have never had a problem with them, the collars are still in my suitcases.
Mom, your such a rescuer! Look I can’t spell! I spent a good minute typing that word and retyping it and can’t figure out how to spell it! I could go look in your email but I am too lazy and this computer is REALLY slow. So just some other business I should have included it in the other email, but I took out the Christmas money from Don and Lila finally, I used it to send some letters (it’s expensive!) and also I bought Elder Velez Subway today (look at me I’m such a nice person) no it was fun today we went to these HUGE waterfalls, in San Jorge I could see them in the distance in the mountains when it was a clear day, and today I got to go to them! They were was amazingly beautiful, it was one of those moments when you are just memorized and just think about life, it was deep, it was awesome. I probably won’t tell you what we had to do to get to them, but you will see in pictures. I was not myself today, I was like Bear Grylls son, I did things, looking back that I usually don’t do, I’m usually not adventurous but I had fun! We went bushwhacking, and crossing sketchy passage ways and walking on these huge tubes suspended a little (or a lot) in the air. Then after, they just built a subway close by, the first one outside of the capital, so I invited him and paid for it. (That is like an upper class restaurant here) as a goodbye present. Elder Velez has one week left he leaves for the Capital Sunday. This has honestly been one of the fastest changes in the mission, yes granted I only have 4 with this one but still, the time has flown by. I have learned a lot this change, probably mostly patience. The first of the change I didn’t have any and we were clashing, until finally I relaxed and it is then that we got along and we started working. Looking back on this week we honestly didn’t do a lot, I hate to say it, but looking at our stats for the week this is the lowest my stats have been my entire mission. And this week will probably be lower with it being his last week. But I do feel like this week we have had more lessons of quality. We get along just great and I’m still thinking of different ways to keep him working, the latest one has been truth or dare in between contacting, basically just distracting him is what works. But this week is more of his week because it’s his last one on the mission! So Saturday they had the changing of the President, where they swore in the new one, I hope he does good things, Guatemala really needs some help. Happy MILK DAY!! or MLK day ha it’s just a normal day today, oh and today was the first day of school for the kids, their summer is like November to now so different then the States.

I want to share an experience we had this week. Visiting a less active family and it felt more like a lesson with an investigator, but he just bombarded us with questions, which is always great, I love it now, I love the challenge of trying to remember the answer and also having the spirit help you find the answer it’s so amazing. But for a solid hour he just asked us questions, just question after question, it was so fun! That pocketbook really helps. With another family we had a FHE, the mom wanted us to give a lesson to the kids, and it is so amazing, I was talking and I don’t know why but I just changed subjects our lesson took a completely different route then what we had planned, but it is so awesome because we ended up talking about what they needed, having the spirit work with us is such a awesome feeling. It’s hard sometimes to feel the sprit teaching the first lesson with some of the people because they just either 1. Aren’t ready to receive it 2. Don’t care (part of number1) or 3. Can’t understand anything, their minds are so closed off. But when the spirit helps us and we follow it without knowing what or why, it’s so awesome!

I gave a talk in church yesterday. It was on the message that President Monson gave about an abundant life and how we can reach this life, with three things, 1. A positive attitude; 2. Believe in yourself; and 3. Face challenges with courage. If we do these three things our lives will be some much better. I have such a testimony of these three things, before my mission I tried to live these three principles, and they truly make life so much better, it is true, try it and you will see. I could ramble on and on about how being positive in life is so much better than being negative. We all have challenges in this life, that doesn’t change and we can’t control it, but what we can control is our attitude and it makes the challenges pass by better. It’s like President Monson said "We can’t control the wind, but we can control the sails." So this week try to focus on being more positive and you will become closer to the abundant life which he says is full of success and blessings. And I know that to be true! Alright sorry this is so short but this computer is so slow, this has taken me a hour to write, and so my patience is gone, I know I said I learned patience this change but after a hour I’m done, but just know how much I love you guys!!! And to answer your question Mom no it wouldn’t make me sad to see you guys, COME VISIT ME. It would be fun, we could eat beans together it would be grand, Haha love you!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Have Fire In My Bones

So I don’t know where the subject line came from, well I do, well half of it, but ya I don’t know why I put that. So Happy 2012! I don’t think I ever wished you guys a happy new year. Yesterday sitting in fast and testimony meeting I made a list of things that I want to change so goals I guess you can say. And the important part with those is that you also put plans or how you are going to accomplish those plans! So I set goals and made some plans for this new year. These next two weeks are going to be rough, with the work, with my comp going home he will want to say goodbye to everyone and will probably be distracted from the work, so the only thing I can do is be patient. This week as far as work goes has been horrible, but not for the fault of my comp or me, but just things kept popping up that we had to take care of! First was we had to go to Gualan the area of our zone leaders to do a baptism interview, which is not a bad thing it was great! But it took our whole day. Also I received letters!!! Holy cow it was embarrassing, I received more letters then our whole zone combined! 9 in all!! It was Christmas all over again. I definitely have such an amazing support group! 2 from you guys, I got Nana´s, one from Preston (he´s such a stud), one from the YW of the ward, well of the beehives, Houston’s, Roses’, one from Lucas’ and one from Brice and Sandra Morgan. I LOVE IT!!! Then later that day we met with the branch president, he is just so stoked to get this branch growing! He wants a real chapel and they are ready for it they have met all the requirements so he is just ready to work and do everything he can to get this branch to grow, which is awesome!

We didn’t have water for 2 days this week, that made things interesting, we couldn’t shower or shave (gross? ya I know) but I have no problem sharing my hygiene problems. But I am stoked for when I get back my beard and mainly my mustache is looking great and is just ready to blossom! I can’t wait to just unleash it! So this Friday is Friday the 13th! So happy! Friday the 13th!

Alright well now the next thing that interrupted the work...our land lord! She is ridiculous; I will not even to begin to describe anything for fear of getting fired up again. But that is where the subject line comes in, mom I have a little bit of you in me, your side that will not let people take advantage of you and the “no fear to ask or say what you want.” Basically I’ll say it, we got kicked out of our house this week. Don’t worry everything is taken care of and it was a little bit my fault…HA! The missionaries have been having a problem with this for probably 2 years so it was eventually coming to this. She wants us to fix things that aren’t our fault for example the ceiling tiles where water has dripped down from the roof, that’s not our fault, and the wiring of the house. I won’t go into too much detail but she came with a repair man and we got in a little disagreement (contention was VERY strong) and it ended with "I think it’s better that you guys start looking for a new place to live" and I said "good, I think so too" so all that day we were looking for a new house because we did not know when we would need to move out, and we found tons of really nice houses, the leaders of zona are going to come and inspect them today. But back to that day, we returned and I felt bad because the spirit of contention is of the devil, so he called her up and asked if we could speak in person, and we met her and I apologized and she understands we understand and everything is great now. (Besides the fact that she still wants us to pay for EVERYTHING) I still think we are going to change houses, so we found a solution to that problem but with fixing everything we still need to find out what will happen. (Don’t worry the damages were not my fault so I will not have to pay for anything.) So yes mom I have a little bit of your fire burning in me! Mainly I just am sick of people taking advantage and trying to scam me for my money it happens every day on the busses! But I am calm now and don’t worry my emotions are in control…  ;)

So that is why our week wasn’t too productive, but this next one will be better! We have 2 people with a baptismal date, only problem is that one of them went to Barrios to get surgery and her husband also and we haven’t heard from them for 2 weeks, I hope everything is going good with them, also we have another that we are working with! So we are pushing forward. But besides them we have like no investigators our pool is very shallow. With my new comp we will need to do a lot of finding. I’m still stoked to be here I love it! And Spanish is coming along just smoothly!  We had interviews with President Stay and he is just an amazing guy! Love him. They went well; I talked with Hermana Stay because I have a little who knows what on my hand! Its nasty whatever it is, so I got that taken care of don’t worry about that.

Question, you said with the flea collars don’t use them like 3 months ago, should I just throw them away? Also I was thinking of things for my birthday, I have a list, I don’t need everything you can surprise me. Don’t spend too much money, because I am truly happy here I can find everything I need. But here we go, fruit roll ups I love those, Scooby Doo fruit snacks, HOT TAMALES (I want those) pop tarts (ice cream Sunday or S´MORE) multi vitamins the one a day for men, more crystal light, but not of the energy kind. Peach rings, and tootsie roll suckers.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed the photos! I don’t have any more today because I don’t have my camera with me it’s in the house. But hope you enjoyed those. What can I do for you? I love you guys and am so grateful for your love and support you guys have for me! Everything is going great here! Jan 25th we have changes. Mom there isn’t a rule for reading the most important part is that you are reading. Dad...are you reading? START. I want a direct answer next email. Mom help him out. We are also starting the George Albert Smith lessons and they are so good, it’s in Spanish but they are awesome. I don’t have much time but I was reading the book and it’s awesome. I love you guys and I love it here, I’m ready to do work! I can’t express my love for you guys and the support I have! It’s amazing thank you so much! Let me know if I can do anything for you guys. SO MUCH LOVE!!!!

Elder Call

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mayan Ruin Site

Hi Family!ª!!ªª!!ªª

So how is everything going? I too had withdrawals this week and wanted to talk or email!

Ok before I forget I up loaded or am up loading right now photos and I can’t upload videos (I have a lot!) so I will still be sending the memory card home I guess but this can be a little teaser. So we are emailing a little later today because we went to Quirigua a Mayan Ruin site. I sent you 2 photos of that.

It was pretty sweet funny story of the day was that in the tourist jewelry shop where they have jade for sale, well it is very expensive like 500 dollars for a little bit, and one of the Elders says in English "even if I was rich I wouldn’t buy this crap" then two minutes later the store lady speaks to us in perfect English. He sure felt embarrassed. It was funny! So a couple items of business dad can you look up Che who he was and what he did, supposedly he was a revolutionist from Argentina but everyone has a sticker of him and I want to know what he did. 

So I need to explain for when you see the photos there are 2 of Selena Gomez, well the young women here gave us each a photo of her for Christmas. So that is why there are pictures of her. Mom can you scan the music Pirates of the Caribbean "the medallion calls" we have the book in the piano bench, I want to practice that song a little I can remember a little of it but then my memory of it just stops and so I am stumped. This week for the most part we worked hard! Which was a miracle! We had a few bumps in the road but we are trying to finish this change and his mission strong.

How are you guys with your reading of the Book of Mormon? We too received the teachings of President Smith and are leaning about Him, the church is the same here as there!! It’s crazy how organized this church is. New Years was crazy here! And I took tons of videos of it, and of the sketchy bombs that cost .60 cents it’s a good thing we can’t buy fireworks or else I would spend all my money on that!

So we have 2 investigators that have a date to be baptized, I hope everything goes well with that, she went up to Barrios for a surgery so we haven’t heard from them for a week so we need to visit them. We don’t have much time left and I feel rushed and don’t really know what to say. Last night we saw a little bit of a concert of Andrea Boteli, he has such a beautiful voice! We are going to do divisions this week, and I will stay here in the area, and also we have interviews with President this Friday, he will be coming to Teculutan! It is hot here! You can see of the photos I sent of 97* in the shade! That was in my bedroom on my bed, and the others I placed in the sun and it shot up!

It’s a weird feeling with it being the holiday season and it way hot. So I just checked and I uploaded 112 photos so enjoy!!! I still want to send you guys the videos so I will send the card soon.

We made the gingerbread train and cookies this week! With the cookies I was dying! We are not in the States with the luxury of cleanliness!

But everything turned out good, and the gingerbread train was a hit! It was so fun to decorate; I think I had more fun than everyone else.

I didn’t include a spiritual thought for this week so just think for this week of how blessed we are to have this gospel in our lives, I was thinking about how blessed I truly am to have this all I’m my life. It is everything to me and for you guys too I’m sure. But sometimes we get so caught up in life and forget about what is most important and where our priorities should be. I don’t know I could be just rambling but I am so grateful for this gospel and for a loving family that loves me and I love them and we can return and live together after this life. Love you all and have a good week!!!

I sure do love you guys do you know that?!? Thank sister Jewkes for the email she is such an amazing person! I can’t wait to be older... and just be like her. So I am rambling now because I have no idea what to write. I guess I will end now and I can because I uploaded a butt load of photos! So hope you enjoy them and love you!

Elder Call