Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Have Fire In My Bones

So I don’t know where the subject line came from, well I do, well half of it, but ya I don’t know why I put that. So Happy 2012! I don’t think I ever wished you guys a happy new year. Yesterday sitting in fast and testimony meeting I made a list of things that I want to change so goals I guess you can say. And the important part with those is that you also put plans or how you are going to accomplish those plans! So I set goals and made some plans for this new year. These next two weeks are going to be rough, with the work, with my comp going home he will want to say goodbye to everyone and will probably be distracted from the work, so the only thing I can do is be patient. This week as far as work goes has been horrible, but not for the fault of my comp or me, but just things kept popping up that we had to take care of! First was we had to go to Gualan the area of our zone leaders to do a baptism interview, which is not a bad thing it was great! But it took our whole day. Also I received letters!!! Holy cow it was embarrassing, I received more letters then our whole zone combined! 9 in all!! It was Christmas all over again. I definitely have such an amazing support group! 2 from you guys, I got Nana´s, one from Preston (he´s such a stud), one from the YW of the ward, well of the beehives, Houston’s, Roses’, one from Lucas’ and one from Brice and Sandra Morgan. I LOVE IT!!! Then later that day we met with the branch president, he is just so stoked to get this branch growing! He wants a real chapel and they are ready for it they have met all the requirements so he is just ready to work and do everything he can to get this branch to grow, which is awesome!

We didn’t have water for 2 days this week, that made things interesting, we couldn’t shower or shave (gross? ya I know) but I have no problem sharing my hygiene problems. But I am stoked for when I get back my beard and mainly my mustache is looking great and is just ready to blossom! I can’t wait to just unleash it! So this Friday is Friday the 13th! So happy! Friday the 13th!

Alright well now the next thing that interrupted the work...our land lord! She is ridiculous; I will not even to begin to describe anything for fear of getting fired up again. But that is where the subject line comes in, mom I have a little bit of you in me, your side that will not let people take advantage of you and the “no fear to ask or say what you want.” Basically I’ll say it, we got kicked out of our house this week. Don’t worry everything is taken care of and it was a little bit my fault…HA! The missionaries have been having a problem with this for probably 2 years so it was eventually coming to this. She wants us to fix things that aren’t our fault for example the ceiling tiles where water has dripped down from the roof, that’s not our fault, and the wiring of the house. I won’t go into too much detail but she came with a repair man and we got in a little disagreement (contention was VERY strong) and it ended with "I think it’s better that you guys start looking for a new place to live" and I said "good, I think so too" so all that day we were looking for a new house because we did not know when we would need to move out, and we found tons of really nice houses, the leaders of zona are going to come and inspect them today. But back to that day, we returned and I felt bad because the spirit of contention is of the devil, so he called her up and asked if we could speak in person, and we met her and I apologized and she understands we understand and everything is great now. (Besides the fact that she still wants us to pay for EVERYTHING) I still think we are going to change houses, so we found a solution to that problem but with fixing everything we still need to find out what will happen. (Don’t worry the damages were not my fault so I will not have to pay for anything.) So yes mom I have a little bit of your fire burning in me! Mainly I just am sick of people taking advantage and trying to scam me for my money it happens every day on the busses! But I am calm now and don’t worry my emotions are in control…  ;)

So that is why our week wasn’t too productive, but this next one will be better! We have 2 people with a baptismal date, only problem is that one of them went to Barrios to get surgery and her husband also and we haven’t heard from them for 2 weeks, I hope everything is going good with them, also we have another that we are working with! So we are pushing forward. But besides them we have like no investigators our pool is very shallow. With my new comp we will need to do a lot of finding. I’m still stoked to be here I love it! And Spanish is coming along just smoothly!  We had interviews with President Stay and he is just an amazing guy! Love him. They went well; I talked with Hermana Stay because I have a little who knows what on my hand! Its nasty whatever it is, so I got that taken care of don’t worry about that.

Question, you said with the flea collars don’t use them like 3 months ago, should I just throw them away? Also I was thinking of things for my birthday, I have a list, I don’t need everything you can surprise me. Don’t spend too much money, because I am truly happy here I can find everything I need. But here we go, fruit roll ups I love those, Scooby Doo fruit snacks, HOT TAMALES (I want those) pop tarts (ice cream Sunday or S´MORE) multi vitamins the one a day for men, more crystal light, but not of the energy kind. Peach rings, and tootsie roll suckers.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed the photos! I don’t have any more today because I don’t have my camera with me it’s in the house. But hope you enjoyed those. What can I do for you? I love you guys and am so grateful for your love and support you guys have for me! Everything is going great here! Jan 25th we have changes. Mom there isn’t a rule for reading the most important part is that you are reading. Dad...are you reading? START. I want a direct answer next email. Mom help him out. We are also starting the George Albert Smith lessons and they are so good, it’s in Spanish but they are awesome. I don’t have much time but I was reading the book and it’s awesome. I love you guys and I love it here, I’m ready to do work! I can’t express my love for you guys and the support I have! It’s amazing thank you so much! Let me know if I can do anything for you guys. SO MUCH LOVE!!!!

Elder Call

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