Monday, November 28, 2011

First Transfer

Oh my goodness! This week has been such a crazy roller coaster and has felt like a year not even joking. Like I don’t even want to write about it because I don’t even know where to start! Sorry if this is everywhere and all over the place, I got 4 hours of sleep last night and am super tired. (I’ll explain more later).

It was fun to read your guys letters about Thanksgiving. Haha dad you crack me up, mom why did you not get a video of dad dancing? That would have been the ultimate video!!! Alright so since writing last Monday, I found out that we are being transferred. I am now in El Progreso, Jutiapa which is still outside the Capital, but it is more west and south, I think? You can look it up on a map. It is like going from Enterprise, Utah and then to the Big Apple! This place is huge!! Well we only have like 2 hours of being here, but it is huge!! And civilized, mas o menos (somewhat).

So we had Zone Conference Friday it was amazing! I have learned so much and got super stoked or restoked to just do work! And half way through lunch is when we found out our new area.  We were super stoked we are still going to be together. I am here to testify that President Stay is a man! He is such a stud, and he receives revelation for us and for the mission. Saturday we just said good bye to the members and took some pictures, the same with Sunday. We both gave a talk which was good; I talked about the relationship of obedience and receiving blessings. And said goodbye to the rest of the members and then packed.  We packed and cleaned the house until late! And then we had to get up at 4 AM to take busses to where we are now!

So Saturday and Sunday was a complete night and day difference, I have seen the bottom of the barrel, and then journeyed back up to the top. I have seen the mercy and forgiveness of the Lord through other people. The atonement and repentance is real, and is available to all of us, all we need to do is USE it! It’s there waiting for us, free of charge.

So we have set some goals and are super ready to just destroy this area with missionary work and just blow it up! They haven’t had a baptism for a long time but we are about to change that. The branch here has about 25 people here supposedly. That’s about what we had in San Jorge, we had 28 people there yesterday.

Well I didn’t write that as well as I wanted to but I hope you understood everything. Oh goodbyes suck! I didn’t realize how much of an impact we had in San Jorge; you were right mom just love the people and everything else will just work from there. My mind is now blank I don’t know what else to write because so much has happened but I think I explained it all. This week was just a really hard one emotionally, but don’t worry because everything is BUEÑO and we are super stoked to just go to work here.

So Thanksgiving was nonexistent for here, it was just another day here. I ate a hot dog sandwich which is a hot dog sliced up, and mixed with avocado and cabbage with bread; and beans and eggs for breakfast. Nothing special, I like the food here though.

So when we arrived here today the house was a DISASTER! So we went to town on that thing, it was so disgusting, there was trash and just junk and dirt everywhere, I don’t think the missionaries there before ever cleaned it, but now it is pretty clean, we rearranged everything. It is 2 stories, it is literally a house, for the two of us, it’s huge! But we basically just put everything up stairs, so we don’t have to go very far to do anything.

Next week I will go to visit Chase and I am so stoked to see him! That’s the best part of me and Arce being together still is we can go together!  Dad in response to your comment of our pila (water well) being dirty, I found a dead lizard in it. And in our new house, we don’t have any sinks only one pila (water well) downstairs, so that will take some getting used to, to brush our teeth and do everything else with just one well, not too stoked about that, but whatever. The drive here was so beautiful, Guatemala is so beautiful! I love it here; we went up to Ipala which is in the mountains so I felt like I was driving through Cedar or Bryce Canyon it was awesome! And 4 buses later we are here!

So a couple memories is Mom and your candy drawer either at Dixie State or in your locker you always had some sort of goodies, I thought of that because members say that about me, I always have candy or a cough drop (which is candy here) or things of that sort, and Dad don’t really remember why I thought this but the night of homecoming that black or dark blue shirt you had, I liked it. You looked good in it.

I have attached a slide show that a Hermana here made for us it was really cool, probably doesn’t have any meaning to you but thought you might like it.

I don’t really know what else to say, let me know if you have any questions. Sorry I am super tired while writing this. But I will end with I know that God is in this work. The spirit is teaching the people we are just the means of which it enters into others. One of our investigators that we had thanked us for everything (as everyone else did) and then said we have changed his life, if we never knocked on his door he would have never found this church, he would probably be off drinking or doing something worse than attending church. That struck me, because I had written this area off, I didn’t really think we had results, but sometimes the results are silent, because it is not us that is converting it is the sprit, I now have a stronger testimony of that, of the holy ghost, sometime we may think we aren’t doing anything or succeeding, but we are we are the instruments in God’s hands, and it is the sprit that does everything. I am stoked to be out here in the mission, it is changing my life, helping me see things I didn’t see before. I love you guys and am so grateful for everything. Do not worry about us, we are great, we are loving life and ready to do work here!

Elder Call

Monday, November 21, 2011

Crazy Week!

Haha boy was this a crazy week, I feel like the week went by so fast, but yet at the same time so much happened. So Tuesday I lost my mission plaque, which sucked I felt so naked, s owe decided to go look for it the next day, but that night it DOWN POURED! I think that was the hardest I have ever seen it rain. So we were teaching a lesson in this one room house with tin sheets for the roof, and it starts raining and it’s hard to hear, then just exploded in rain, and we couldn’t hear a thing! like literally, I couldn’t hear myself talk or my comp or them, so we just waited, for the rain to stop cause we didn’t want to go out walking, but after 40 minutes it was time to go home and it hadn’t stopped yet, so with sign language (which I know) we signaled that we will return another day, so the street didn’t exist no more, it was a river, there was no way around it, so we waded through a foot of water to our house the whole way back. Once we got onto the main road it was only like 8 inches of water, it was crazy we were soaked literally, my shoes took 3 days to dry from that, but it was awesome, seeing that much water.

Haha funny story this week is we started this new goal to sing all the hymns, so in every lesson we sing a hymn started with number 1 and just the next one...unless we don’t know it, but while we are singing I will randomly stop so Arce sings a solo, and I will act like I’m lost, so he has to continue singing, I’m such a mean comp, Haha but it’s so fun!!

Has Chase mentioned anything about me seeing him? so I took out the Christmas money, and then I figured you guys would like to contribute to a little something for chase, so I took out some money for him also, plus the fee that they charge so that’s while it was a little more than normal.

This last week was our district conference, which is like stake conference but we aren´t a stake yet, but it was via satellite which was so sweet! Elder Holland and Pres. Uchtdorf spoke, Holland can speak Spanish! Who knew! He opened in Spanish then switched to a translator then bore his testimony in Spanish, the spirit was so strong, I loved it, well least for me. We were in charge of our Branch (the conference was 2 hours away) which was a little stressful, because we had 25 people confirm ya I’ll be there, but the bus was only for 16 so we were stressing out, well throughout Saturday night and Sunday morning everyone but 9 people cancelled, so we took 9 to the conference from our ward, and 0 investigators which is frustrating, ugh but oh well it was really good!

So to answer your questions in the email, yes that is the book! I’m not sure about getting the packages, because there is order in everything so even though we are in the capital the packages have to go through our leaders, but I will check. This Thursday we have divisions with the assistances! Which I was kinda nervous for, but they are missionaries just like us, so there is nothing to be nervous for, but they are staying with us because Friday we have zone conference in Chiquimula, which I am stoked for! Oh and happy thanksgiving! They don’t celebrate it here! But I’ll be thinking of you guys! But anyways maybe the assistance will bring the package this Thursday if they have them! The videos you can up load them if you want, I thought it was a rule, or it is a rule that missionaries can’t take videos but whatever I’m not sure. You can do whatever you want!

This week I studied a talk by Bednar called "The Tender Mercies of the Lord" and I want to share a little of what I learned. the lords tender mercies are the very personal blessings, strength assurance guidance support that he gives us, it is not limited to that, there are a lot more things that it is. But an example is as we face the challenges of this life the gift of faith and the ability to face challenges with cheerfulness and self confidence are examples of the tender mercies. And we receive them by faithfulness, obedience and humility. We think that they are real but not for us, that they happen to others but not us, but this isn’t true, God is ready to give them to us, he doesn’t pick and choose who gets them, in D and C 121 34-35 it talks about this, that we determine who is chosen to receive it. I know that the Lord gives tender mercies to those who need them and when we need them especially. I have seen it and experienced it personally in the mission. I know this church is true. Jose Smith (Haha I forgot how to spell Joseph?) but I know he was called of God to restore this gospel, I know this because of the Holy Ghost. This church is amazing, God is amazing and so ready to help us, He has blessed me with such a wonderful family! I love you guys. Hey look in my sent for the email sent Nov 17 those are photos we sent to the office for the slide show, but included is the baptism we had! I hope you enjoyed the other photos! Much love
Elder Call

Monday, November 14, 2011

Our First Baptism!

whoooooo!!!! so I am happy really happy right now, I don’t know why, maybe this week was a good week, maybe because we found a place in Zacapa that has nicer computers then we have in the states, maybe because I have a crazy mom that loves to send me packages!!!! (Super stoked for those!!!!) or maybe because we just got permission to go and visit chase in the CCM!!! Well kinda.... we asked president well elder Arce asked in his email, and he said that there is nothing against it in the manual, but there are the costs of travel, distractions, and the dangers of traveling, he said its better not to go, but he won’t prohibit it! So elder Arce wants to go, so we are going to go! We have to go a Monday, which is our p day, which isn’t the best but hey I will take anything! So will you dear elder chase with this message for me.....
Chase the CCM is 10x´s better then the MTC, I promise and the field is even better. I remember my time in the MTC it was jam packed and was super slow, and I wanted to not be there, but hang in there, and you can’t go home because I just got permission to visit you in the CCM!!!!!!!!! so you have to make it to the CCM so I can visit you silly! Alright well let me explain, my companion elder Arce...well he has a brother named elder Arce, and he enters the cam the same day as you Nov 23, so he will be in your group, well elder Arce SR. wants to visit elder Arce JR. so we asked and against all odds we got permission! I don’t really know the details I know it will be a Monday, probably the 30th, I have your email and will keep you updated with short emails because I know you have 0 time to email. But ya just a heads up I am coming for you!!!!!!

I AM SO STOKED I don’t think you realize how stoked I am to see you. Can I ask a favor? In the MTC will you buy me some sour watermelons and gummy bears, they are in the front by the bulk candy, but keep them separate, and Swedish fish if they have them, and I promise I will pay you back but in QUETZALES!! Because were in GUATEMALA SILLY ;) ah I am so stoked to see you!!!!! And will keep you posted. About everything! PS your mom emails my mom who emails me so if you have any questions or concerns I will get you email through my mom, or you can email

Oh also sunflower seeds if they have them, ranch but I will take what they have but I doubt they have them in the MTC I can’t remember, because those do not exist here in Guatemala, only for pet food, also pretzels, I love you chase, and just get what you can I will be grateful for whatever :)

(Poor Chase, he will have to get an extra suitcase just to bring down everything Chad wants!!! You Go Chase!!!)

Thanks mom for dear eldering that, I am so stoked to go it is still forever away and ya but just getting over that first hurtle of getting permission is crazy!!! Alright, well about this week not too much happened.... (before I forget YES I can open your pictures, well usually, if we use internet in san Jorge then no, but in Zacapa yes) oh I almost forgot WE HAD TWO BAPTISMSS!!!!!!! hahahahaha how crazy is that, but yes everything came together and we had two baptisms, I got the privilege to perform one and elder Arce the other. So real quick during the service or after we had a testimony meeting, and all the sudden this lady barges in yelling, she had like 5 teeth and wanted to talk to all the gringos, she asked us for a blessing (not a Mormon blessing but just with our words? and prayers?) and then she waited for each of us to forgive her for I don’t know what, then she went to the bathroom and wouldn’t leave, it took forever to get her out, but ya never a dull day in Guatemala.

So dad asked the person at your work if she knew about the narco, or drug lord that got caught, I guess a real big time drug lord got caught in Zacapa just down the road from where I am now, and he has family in san Jorge, it was a big deal.

So mom I have another favor to ask, search for the book called missionary pocket book, it is pocket size, but elder Arce says he has searched everywhere for it and can’t find it, but if you can find it I want it, it is supposedly amazing!!

I heard there is a new footloose movie out? Have you seen it mom? Alright well I don’t really have anything else or much to say, other then I love you guys so much! This is where I am supposed to be, and this gospel is the one and only true church upon the face of the earth, and the scriptures are amazing just like I said before you can find a answer to every question or concern you have. Go and read D & C 6: 34, 36, we need to build ourselves upon the rock, which is the gospel, are we doing everything we can to do that, are we doing everything we can to become more like Christ? or are there things we can be changing or improving? There is always something to improve or work on, reading the scriptures or praying more, or there is ALWAYS a Christ like attribute we can be working on, we need to constantly be improving ourselves. I love you so much and I had so many memories to tell you thing week but I didn’t write them down!! grr but I will write them down next time, but I love all the memories we have had together, and I am so stoked to have so much more! I am sorry I wasn’t always the easiest to get along, and wouldn’t want to do things with you guys, last Sunday in fast and testimony meeting I said if I could I would go back and spend more time with you guys, I have regret that I didn’t do more things together, but I am so grateful for the times that we did have together and all the memories we had I love you guys and remember to always be improving and working towards our end goal...eternal life with our each other with Heavenly Father. LOVE YOU. OUT.

Elder Call

Monday, November 7, 2011

You Don't Know Where I Am!!!... Bahahahahaha

Oh ya I read your email and you don’t know where I am!!!!! bahahahahaha changes feel like they were so long ago I honestly wouldn’t have said anything if I didn’t read that hahahaha. I’m tempted to not say anything about my new area or my new comp just to keep you guys guessing!! OH REAL QUICK!! I got your package!! it was amazing!! I love the watch, the drink mixes and the candy. I have forgotten how long phase 10 is, it’s a long game! and you have to be half smart to play it.... AND that picture book. Mom THANK YOU so much, that was honestly so amazing, words can’t describe how I feel about that, you put so much work into that and I am so thankful for it! There aren’t many things that catch me by surprise but that was definitely one of them! I am so thankful for it. the package was amazing and everything I could ever need!!!
alright so I sent you guys a letter with my memory and a couple videos of things in the mission, and I sent it certified or something which means you guys have to sign for it, so ya and if it doesn’t arrive tell me and I can go have them track it. so no worries, oh and I was pretty smart with sending it.  :) You’ll see what I mean.

ok I will tell you... I’m still in SAN JORGE!! AND:::::: my new comp is elder .... ARCE haha we are still together for one change more, the only difference is I’m no longer a greenie and he’s no longer my trainer. its kinda weird being a normal missionaries but whatever.

so a lot has happened this week, we didn’t have the baptisms because one of them was sick, so we will be having the baptisms this Saturday!!! Woot woot, but our district each companionship had a baptism this last Saturday which is rare! good things are happening here.

so last email I think I mentioned that it was a holiday or something, well boy was I under prepared for what was about to happen. so Nov 1st and 2nd are BIG holidays here, I thought it was just a small little only a couple people respect but no it was so much more! I tried sending the memory card last week but it was closed because of it. So basically on these two days the people just eat a lot and then buy flowers and make fake flowers and put them in the cemetery. it’s a lot like memorial day, but everyone does it here. also there is this special dish here which is a meat salad, just meat so much meat MEAT!! and our comedor made it for us, but the thing is the meat here is a lot different, it’s a lot like balonge (spelling?) and spam and hot dog meat, and sausage it was very ...interesting, I am glad they only make it once a year, ....until next year.....

so we went to the cemetery with a member here and it was crazy basically the whole town was there, and the cemeteries are different here they are all above the ground in these like mini houses its really cool they are all painted different colors and such.

tell Kate I got the letter and the labels and thank her for them!!!! they are so much easier to use. so no one in our district had changes, well one elder finished his 2 years but they were a trio so everyone is still here, we had divisions Friday so our people could get interviewed for baptism, so I was with Elder Roberts for the day, and we worked so hard!! they had so many appointments it was a long day, but very fun that’s when I got my package! also I have noticed there are days when it is easier to speak Spanish and understand, the lord is blessing me, because it is starting to get a little easier.

oh mom I don’t know if you knew but you sent me the movie gladiator? so we were grateful for that and watched it that night with a bag of popcorn... NOT!! I panicked I didn’t know what to do! so I deleted it haha oh mom you never cease to make me laugh and give me memories.

so for your talk with the power of the scriptures they are amazing! with a investigator that is on the brink of baptism we had a serious lesson with her, and we used probably 14 scriptures, one for every question she had, 13 from the Book of Mormon and 1 from the New Testament, the scriptures have the answers to  everything. literally if you have a problem you can find a answer in the scriptures. Also this last month Liahona was a special issue about the book of Mormon which was very good, read that also for more information. I forgot my note book so I don’t have my notes about it, or else I would say a little more, but they are honestly so great I never understood the importance before my mission (that seems to be the continuing pattern right?) but really we need to read them every day, there was a promise that if we read them every day we will have the spirit with us more, a straight up promise from a apostle in the Liahona, so why aren’t we reading them every day?!?!

so today for p day we went to Chiquimula (spelling) but it is a big city and they had a mall with McDonalds, I loved my big Mac. also I was super baggy (thinking of home) because the mall and CIVILIZATION I have been sway from civilization for too long, we went into a Paiz which is owned by Wal-Mart and I about died, they have everything I love in it! from cereals to cookies and cream. It was very hard to return to San Jorge but then I fell asleep on the bus and it was all better again:) but walking out I was depressed! it’s like coming out of a good movie into the real world again., (well ok not really I love it here! but I do miss some things from the states)

so a Christmas list? I thought I already gave you one, but honestly I don’t need anything! rain boots I can get here same with garments, I can get basically everything here, well not here but in Zacapa or Chiquimula, so no worries, what I want is for when I get back teeth whitening laser thing and or laser hair removal, so save money for that! but knowing you mom that won’t do, and you want to give me something for this Christmas so I was thinking it would be way cheaper if you just gave me a little money like 20 or 30 dollars and I just splurged here at Paiz on like apple jacks and pop tarts and the American candy, because they have a whole imported isle. what do you think? and if there is something I can’t find here I will ask for it;) Reese’s Fastbreak they don’t exist here... but besides that I can get everything here.

haha something funny from my last letter from dad... ´I’m starting my diet again... I went to the new bakery with Steve and Jan day boy was it good!... I went back Saturday night for seconds, because it was so good, while mom was at work¨ haha dad how is your diet going? mom how is yours going? I am so proud of you guys!

alright will I’m emailed out right now, just know you have a memory coming with 300 pictures on it!! haha love you guys. remember that I truly do love you guys and am so grateful to have parents an family that I have, that picture book was so fun to look through at all the memories we have had, and will have, I love you guys so much and will always cherish the memories we have had. tell cam hi for me and how is he doing. I know this church is true, there is power in the book of Mormon it is real it is true. I have been working on having more faith this week, and relying on the spirit, and I can already notice a huge difference in me and how I am receptive to the sprit it is real and amazing. I love this gospel and I love you!

Love You…

Elder Call