Monday, November 14, 2011

Our First Baptism!

whoooooo!!!! so I am happy really happy right now, I don’t know why, maybe this week was a good week, maybe because we found a place in Zacapa that has nicer computers then we have in the states, maybe because I have a crazy mom that loves to send me packages!!!! (Super stoked for those!!!!) or maybe because we just got permission to go and visit chase in the CCM!!! Well kinda.... we asked president well elder Arce asked in his email, and he said that there is nothing against it in the manual, but there are the costs of travel, distractions, and the dangers of traveling, he said its better not to go, but he won’t prohibit it! So elder Arce wants to go, so we are going to go! We have to go a Monday, which is our p day, which isn’t the best but hey I will take anything! So will you dear elder chase with this message for me.....
Chase the CCM is 10x´s better then the MTC, I promise and the field is even better. I remember my time in the MTC it was jam packed and was super slow, and I wanted to not be there, but hang in there, and you can’t go home because I just got permission to visit you in the CCM!!!!!!!!! so you have to make it to the CCM so I can visit you silly! Alright well let me explain, my companion elder Arce...well he has a brother named elder Arce, and he enters the cam the same day as you Nov 23, so he will be in your group, well elder Arce SR. wants to visit elder Arce JR. so we asked and against all odds we got permission! I don’t really know the details I know it will be a Monday, probably the 30th, I have your email and will keep you updated with short emails because I know you have 0 time to email. But ya just a heads up I am coming for you!!!!!!

I AM SO STOKED I don’t think you realize how stoked I am to see you. Can I ask a favor? In the MTC will you buy me some sour watermelons and gummy bears, they are in the front by the bulk candy, but keep them separate, and Swedish fish if they have them, and I promise I will pay you back but in QUETZALES!! Because were in GUATEMALA SILLY ;) ah I am so stoked to see you!!!!! And will keep you posted. About everything! PS your mom emails my mom who emails me so if you have any questions or concerns I will get you email through my mom, or you can email

Oh also sunflower seeds if they have them, ranch but I will take what they have but I doubt they have them in the MTC I can’t remember, because those do not exist here in Guatemala, only for pet food, also pretzels, I love you chase, and just get what you can I will be grateful for whatever :)

(Poor Chase, he will have to get an extra suitcase just to bring down everything Chad wants!!! You Go Chase!!!)

Thanks mom for dear eldering that, I am so stoked to go it is still forever away and ya but just getting over that first hurtle of getting permission is crazy!!! Alright, well about this week not too much happened.... (before I forget YES I can open your pictures, well usually, if we use internet in san Jorge then no, but in Zacapa yes) oh I almost forgot WE HAD TWO BAPTISMSS!!!!!!! hahahahaha how crazy is that, but yes everything came together and we had two baptisms, I got the privilege to perform one and elder Arce the other. So real quick during the service or after we had a testimony meeting, and all the sudden this lady barges in yelling, she had like 5 teeth and wanted to talk to all the gringos, she asked us for a blessing (not a Mormon blessing but just with our words? and prayers?) and then she waited for each of us to forgive her for I don’t know what, then she went to the bathroom and wouldn’t leave, it took forever to get her out, but ya never a dull day in Guatemala.

So dad asked the person at your work if she knew about the narco, or drug lord that got caught, I guess a real big time drug lord got caught in Zacapa just down the road from where I am now, and he has family in san Jorge, it was a big deal.

So mom I have another favor to ask, search for the book called missionary pocket book, it is pocket size, but elder Arce says he has searched everywhere for it and can’t find it, but if you can find it I want it, it is supposedly amazing!!

I heard there is a new footloose movie out? Have you seen it mom? Alright well I don’t really have anything else or much to say, other then I love you guys so much! This is where I am supposed to be, and this gospel is the one and only true church upon the face of the earth, and the scriptures are amazing just like I said before you can find a answer to every question or concern you have. Go and read D & C 6: 34, 36, we need to build ourselves upon the rock, which is the gospel, are we doing everything we can to do that, are we doing everything we can to become more like Christ? or are there things we can be changing or improving? There is always something to improve or work on, reading the scriptures or praying more, or there is ALWAYS a Christ like attribute we can be working on, we need to constantly be improving ourselves. I love you so much and I had so many memories to tell you thing week but I didn’t write them down!! grr but I will write them down next time, but I love all the memories we have had together, and I am so stoked to have so much more! I am sorry I wasn’t always the easiest to get along, and wouldn’t want to do things with you guys, last Sunday in fast and testimony meeting I said if I could I would go back and spend more time with you guys, I have regret that I didn’t do more things together, but I am so grateful for the times that we did have together and all the memories we had I love you guys and remember to always be improving and working towards our end goal...eternal life with our each other with Heavenly Father. LOVE YOU. OUT.

Elder Call

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