Monday, October 29, 2012

A Little Different Kind Of Week!!!

Hi family... well this week was a little different than the rest of them lemme explain.... Did I tell you I spoke last week in church? they told us the night before (which is a lot of warning for missionaries) ovio I talked about the obra misional, and how they as members can step it up then I gave a couple ideas, and something we want to put into practice is family home evenings with them and they invite their neighbors and then we give a small little message and then we play and eat, so they can see that we are normal people, because there are many false ideas here about us! So I was a mom, dad and wife this week. My comp had his Gall bladder taken out Friday..... It all started Tuesday he had 3 bad pain attacks (took me back to my kidney stones and the attacks that I had, it HURT SO BAD) so he called the nurse and she put an appointment for us the next day, we went to our appointments that day and he was fine. Wednesday we went to the emergency room of one of the best hospitals here and they take out his blood then the doctor says they could take it out right then and there, but we decided it would be better Friday because Thursday we had zone conference. so we went back to our area (it’s like a hour - 2 hours depending on traffic) that night we visited Carolina, (our recent converts) oh man they are such amazing people that were truly prepared for this gospel, they will always have a place in my heart as I have grown to love them! AH! They are awesome. But Thursday was our zone conference, it was very good, they taught us a better way to contact the people, and also how to use the spirit better in our lessons. I love zone conference they are so great!
(Sorry I am flying through our week because we have a doctor’s appointment in like 15 minutes!) so we brought clothes for a couple days also for the weekend, and after the conference we went to the white house (the mission house) the assistants, elder pierce, and elder matias live there, the thing is in the back there are like 20 beds there so that is where we stayed, it was so fun being with elder pierce again he is such a stud. Well the surgery went great, he was out in like an hour, and I had to stay with him in the hospital all Friday, and then we got out Saturday! and went back to the white house, a week of a lot of sleeping, studying and basically caring for him, I’m such a good comp, I’m such a stud, I made him some mustard chicken last night that was BOMB! I don’t mean to toot my own horn but it was good, and I took great care of him. He was in great hands, AND the Lord blessed him with a speedy recovery. If everything goes well this doctor’s appointment we are going back to our house tonight, and then I can start working with the members (one goes with me, and one stays with him in the house) I am so sorry but we now have to go to the doctors!! I love you all so much this week was great, not much in the work, but it was a different kind of work giving service to my comp, I am so sorry but I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!! Elder Call

Thursday, October 25, 2012

October 22, 2012 Hi family.... umm sorry no letter today... which means this will probably be a little shorter.... ooppps.... So this week nothing really great happened, except for a whole bunch of things!!!!! Lemme tell ya 1. We went to PriceMart which is Costco, but here in Guatemala, (we had to go with members because they won’t let us in without a membership!) so I don’t know why but we bought 10 pounds of pancake batter,
and a butt load of hot chocolate, so we are great in that aspect. My comp always makes me pancakes in the morning I love it. Umm I am still a little sick, I took an antibiotic and that took away all of my sinus pressure, but I am still hanging in there, just a little cough. I am almost better! Umm so we are teaching this family, the man just barely got brain surgery, and he is pretty depressed, just doesn’t want to do anything, his therapy or nothing, so we are visiting him and making him stoked to live again! we talked about Nephi and how they were traveling in the desert and his bow broke, all his family gave up and started being angry with the Lord, but Nephi accepted his trial, an then ACTED, he made another bow out of a stick and then asked the Lord where he should go. SO that night we mainly focused on ACTING, and we made a contract that he signed that said that he would do his exercise every day, (he is a little rebel) we got him pretty stoked then we wrote him each a letter giving him encouragement. We are going back this Tuesday so we will see how it went. Umm so also we watched a movie with Carolina and her family called How Rare a Possession: the book of Mormon. I LOVE THAT MOVIE; AND THAT BOOK. the movie is about a Italian priest who finds a book of Mormon without a cover or intro, and he starts teaching from him, and he gets ex communicated, but he will not deny the book, after like 20 years he discovers that it is from the Mormon church then whenever he wanted to get baptized something happened like the 2nd world war, until 40 years after he finally got baptized!! I love the book of Mormon, it is such a great book, and I love reading it and seeing how the prophets and the people react to the trials that they all receive. I always feel the spirit when I read it, it motivates me to LIVE! I love it!!! You should all read it! Alright I’m sorry this letter is a little short, and scattered and I didn’t really say anything but just know I am doing GREAT!! And loving it out here and still alive. I love you all so much! Take care Elder Call

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Plan of Salvation Is Amazing!!!

Hi Family, Well not going to lie this was probably one of the hardest weeks in the mission for me. President called Wednesday night. When ya see a missed call from president you know something is up, we thought it was for my companion because he is a little punk sometimes, but when he told me you had called I knew. But I felt at peace I didn’t feel sad. But the rest of the week probably was the longest week ever. I think what made it so hard for me was being away from you guys knowing that everyone was together and sad, and there was nothing I could do. It still hasn’t hit me I don’t think that Nana has passed away nor do I think it ever will. I was studying a little bit and in a talk given by President Eyring in May 2012, the last conference, he is talking about the sealing power and when we are sealed together he says “And that same sociality which exist among us here will exist among us there only it will be coupled with eternal glory we do not now enjoy.” (D&C 130:2) We are so lucky to be sealed together as a family and have the knowledge that we can be together again one day with Nana and Grandpa. They won, they made it through this life worthily. Now it is our turn to obey the commandments and live our lives in a way that we can return to live with them. So another thing that made this week very hard is I am still very sick, I have a cold and a cough that sounds worse than an old dog! And it just won’t go away. The members here are amazing! And have given me so much medicine. Sometimes too much! In the house I have like 7 bottles of cough syrup. Well all of them now empty and nothing seems to do the trick. Maybe this week will be the week I get better! It is very cold here now and the weather is crazy it is very cold at night, super-hot from 8-2 then it rains and then it is freezing again. So I think that is why…also my vitamins ran out like 2 weeks ago and that’s when I got sick. Maybe I was used to the vitamins and then none…who knows! But we are still working hard. Don’t worry! So with this companion, Elder Mejia we are having a blast. We are always laughing together and always having fun. I don’t think I have ever had this much fun with a companion. He is super funny. I have some sad news. Elder Ayala went home last week to Mexico. Turns out his nerves in his arm were freaking out and it started moving on its own. I am going to write him and see what’s going on. But my posterity in the mission has now died! I need to have another kid so my posterity will continue!!! Oh man so Saturday we visited a family who lives on the edge of the forest and their whole backyard is a huge valley of pure forest! It was breath taking! Well a pine tree fell so they were cutting the log and then we helped them carry the logs up a huge steep hill. It was so tiring. Well we were in our missionary clothes, but we still did it. Got filthy, but it felt great to help them! Well this is a brand new week with brand new opportunities. Let’s take these opportunities and make the best we can of them! I love you all so much and am so grateful for the plan of salvation and the knowledge that we have. It has made Nana’s passing away so much easier and peaceful. We taught the plan on a little more profound level to Carolina and Sandra her daughter and it makes me so happy! I love the plan of salvation. I love this church and I you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elder Call

Monday, October 8, 2012

Are We In A Spiritual Drought?

Hello family! Well can you believe that last week was the first week that I didn't print off my emails? So I didn't catch that in dad’s letter, maybe if I had printed it off I would have caught it! Well Alex and Ryan will be in my prayers this week, your right mom this is something that we can’t understand why it happens, but in the long run we will see why, I hope they are doing ok. But hey maybe I’m supposed to be there! Mom your such a stud! You are my hero that is so awesome your job!!! I love telling everyone about my parents and showing them photos! I am always showing my family off to everyone, everyone is blown away at how beautiful Alex is in her wedding! And how tall Cameron is, and how drop dead gorgeous I am. But mainly you mom in Haiti and then in search and rescue and life flight!!! I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!! So I love conference!!! And even more I love being in the richest area of Guatemala! People sure do spoil us! We have price mart in our zone which is like Costco, and the members totally bought us a whole bunch of junk food for the conference, but American stuff!!! It is amazing! Chips cakes grapes (that are CLEAN!!!) and juice, it was amazing!! I love it here; the members are amazing so loving and so fun. Umm so I guess I will tell you, we had changes Monday! So I now have a new comp, same area just elder Ayala left and I received a new comp, his name is elder Mejia, another comp from Honduras, from Progresso Lloro. The same area where elder Velez was from, it is really close to San Pedro Sula where elder Lagos is from. He has 6 months in the mission, and this is his second area. It was a little surprise, we didn’t think that we would have changes, but it was an option that I mentioned last week, so it wasn't complete surprise. I hate changes because always the first couple days are a little awkward, but now things are great! I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard with another comp, we are always laughing. We talk a lot more than any of my other comps before, so we are more open which is good, he needs to change a couple things though, so that is going to be our goal for this change is to help him improve a couple things. Dad I am so proud of you that you went to priesthood! I knew you would, and I was thinking of you during that session! We moved all the couches from the church lobby into the primary room to watch it, (you have to remember that we are still 20 year olds!) we had a butt load of snacks and it was amazing! I think conference is the event most looked forward to besides Christmas; the only thing why Christmas is better is because we get to call home! I can’t believe that have changed the mission age! That is so crazy, I don’t think I would have been ready by 18, not gonna lie, I wasn't ready at 19! I just kinda went with the flow and then got ready in the field! (Don’t follow my example)
no I just didn't know what to expect. But now they will prepare the teenagers to leave at 18 instead of 19, so they will be ready. When I get home everything will be so expensive!! I am now used to spending quetzals and 8 of those is one dollar! It is going to be super weird! So I am dying, I have had a cough for like 2 weeks now, I have taken so much cough medicine but nothing seems to calm it! It is super cold here now, and it is only going to get colder from here. For Christmas just let me know how much I should take out and I will take it all out at once and spend it little by little, because it charges me every time! My iPod is now hooked up and ready to go! I put most of the mp3 music on it, it is such a pain that the computers here don’t have iTunes, I want to put the rest of my music on it that the member couldn't, but oh well, I am more than happy with it!!! Yes president stay has his hands full always trying to change the culture of the mission to make it better, and so far he has make great changes! By the end of his mission this mission will be great! FAMILY! sorry this is a little short, I think I will just write letters like I did last week, it is better because I can write whatever I can, I hope you guys could read it. I am so proud of you guys and the family that I have. I am so blessed to have a family like you guys! ALL OF YOU! And my friends also. Everyone that is reading this I love you! Guatemala is the bomb! Missions are even better. Mom I have been thinking about your lesson for RS, and I promise I will respond next week! Sorry I am such a bad son, I don’t think I will do a video, but I will give you my testimony. I love you all, apply what we learned from conference, here are a few questions to reflect on this week from conference. Are we in a spiritual drought? If so what are you going to do to get out of it? IS being busy really a sign of superior life? Is your soul worth a nickel? Or whatever other sin you are going to do? And what are we thinking during the sacrament? Think of those questions and reflect on them and also the rest from conference and how we can apply what we learned and better our lives! I love you till next week! Elder Call

Monday, October 1, 2012

A Week For Miracles!!!

Family!! Well I probably won’t have much time to writ again because they are redoing the family history center and so this thought came to me so I figured I’d give it a try, let me know how you liked it! Well this week was probably the most tiring of my mission. It has been a constant go go go nonstop. I’m a little sick from it, but it has definitely paid off. Let me explain… Starting with Monday, we went to the capitol to do a whole bunch of medical test to figure out what is the problem with my companion’s arm going numb. They did a MRI and another electrical nerve test thing. Basically all day we were in the capital running around crazy. Tuesday we did divisions! I went with Elder Arce one last time before he goes home.
We’ve had so many great memories together. I will definitely miss him. I learned so much from him and with him; he is one that I can talk about anything with him. We got talking about San Jorge and the good old’ days there and how that was a turning point for us both (well, I was just starting) but from there he changed for the better and stepped things up. I will miss him and hope to see him one day. Wednesday we went to the capital again to see the doctor with the test results, turns out he has carple tunnel (obviously it’s not spelled like that) and that is why his arm is numb. So they removed the neck brace and put a wrist brace. Got back super late, but we found such a golden family! Taught them the first lesson and it went so well! Spirit super strong. We shall see what happens with them. After they invited us to eat with them! How crazy is that, people they just barely met and they are feeding us. They are so humble and have so much love. Thursday, if I tell you what we did Thursday that will give away what we did Friday because we handed out baptismal invitations!!! Because Friday we baptized Familia Paz. All 5 of them! It was such a great night.
We spent all day trying to heat up the water because it was so cold! We were boiling water on the stove but it only made a tine difference because it was freezing!!! I had the opportunity of baptizing Carolina and her 2 older daughters. What a blessing it has been teaching them the truth. There is nothing better than a convert after their baptism comes up and thanks you for bringing them the truth. She will be a great member! She already is. She gives great comments in church and bore her great testimony at her baptism. With her the whole experience was very humbling and a pure miracle. We were in divisions; I was with a future missionary. We were about to give up. We had about 20 minutes left until we had to meet up with Elder Ayala. We were walking past a side street when I felt to go back. I fought the feeling for ½ block, then said we have to go back. So we go back, knock on the first door and nothing!!! So we skip a couple houses then we knock on another one and Carolina came out. That was about a month ago and now they are the newest members here in the Las Flores Ward. It was a pure miracle. One that I am so grateful to be a part of. I have made lifelong friends here in Guatemala. I can see a huge difference in their lives already from blessings they received. In their house it is a complete different atmosphere then it was before and the sister’s character has even changed! She is so much more calmer and more loving with her children and just more Christ like. It’s amazing!!! The children have also seen and felt changes and have their own testimonies. So if that wasn’t enough excitement, Saturday my converts from San Jorge came to do baptism’s for the dead for the first time. So we did divisions again with Elder Arce and we went to the temple together to see them. They are doing great ah such an amazing family! So stoked to see them.
When we went into the bathroom, guess who walks in? Erick! My convert from Teculutan! We talk about exploding of happiness! He and his wife came to do baptisms also!!! I can’t even begin to express how happy I was! I honestly thought they were inactive, but they have plans to be sealed in April of next year. They can be sealed 1 year after their baptism. So in April!
I was up in the clouds all day…so happy! To see the converts from San Jorge and from Teculutan. They are doing so great. I am doing so great! I love it out here. I love these people. This Gospel is amazing. It changes lives and gives us meaning to life, gives us direction, something to live for, something to die for. I am learning new things every day. Now ya can see why I had to write it all down before because there is no way I could have express all that with how short time I will have. Just know I love everything I am doing out here. It’s not all cherries and roses but hare work pays off. I can testify to that with this family. They are a tender mercy that God gave us and now we have a lot of possibilities coming up. We just need to get a couple people married and then they are set for baptism. Pray that they can get the papers figured out. I miss you guys!! A missionary came home this week in our ward and he totally had the deer in the headlights look and still does. I’m laughing because I know I will be totally worse! I won’t even know what to do with myself. All I know show to do is be a missionary! I have forgotten everything else. I love you so much!!! Elder Call