Monday, October 1, 2012

A Week For Miracles!!!

Family!! Well I probably won’t have much time to writ again because they are redoing the family history center and so this thought came to me so I figured I’d give it a try, let me know how you liked it! Well this week was probably the most tiring of my mission. It has been a constant go go go nonstop. I’m a little sick from it, but it has definitely paid off. Let me explain… Starting with Monday, we went to the capitol to do a whole bunch of medical test to figure out what is the problem with my companion’s arm going numb. They did a MRI and another electrical nerve test thing. Basically all day we were in the capital running around crazy. Tuesday we did divisions! I went with Elder Arce one last time before he goes home.
We’ve had so many great memories together. I will definitely miss him. I learned so much from him and with him; he is one that I can talk about anything with him. We got talking about San Jorge and the good old’ days there and how that was a turning point for us both (well, I was just starting) but from there he changed for the better and stepped things up. I will miss him and hope to see him one day. Wednesday we went to the capital again to see the doctor with the test results, turns out he has carple tunnel (obviously it’s not spelled like that) and that is why his arm is numb. So they removed the neck brace and put a wrist brace. Got back super late, but we found such a golden family! Taught them the first lesson and it went so well! Spirit super strong. We shall see what happens with them. After they invited us to eat with them! How crazy is that, people they just barely met and they are feeding us. They are so humble and have so much love. Thursday, if I tell you what we did Thursday that will give away what we did Friday because we handed out baptismal invitations!!! Because Friday we baptized Familia Paz. All 5 of them! It was such a great night.
We spent all day trying to heat up the water because it was so cold! We were boiling water on the stove but it only made a tine difference because it was freezing!!! I had the opportunity of baptizing Carolina and her 2 older daughters. What a blessing it has been teaching them the truth. There is nothing better than a convert after their baptism comes up and thanks you for bringing them the truth. She will be a great member! She already is. She gives great comments in church and bore her great testimony at her baptism. With her the whole experience was very humbling and a pure miracle. We were in divisions; I was with a future missionary. We were about to give up. We had about 20 minutes left until we had to meet up with Elder Ayala. We were walking past a side street when I felt to go back. I fought the feeling for ½ block, then said we have to go back. So we go back, knock on the first door and nothing!!! So we skip a couple houses then we knock on another one and Carolina came out. That was about a month ago and now they are the newest members here in the Las Flores Ward. It was a pure miracle. One that I am so grateful to be a part of. I have made lifelong friends here in Guatemala. I can see a huge difference in their lives already from blessings they received. In their house it is a complete different atmosphere then it was before and the sister’s character has even changed! She is so much more calmer and more loving with her children and just more Christ like. It’s amazing!!! The children have also seen and felt changes and have their own testimonies. So if that wasn’t enough excitement, Saturday my converts from San Jorge came to do baptism’s for the dead for the first time. So we did divisions again with Elder Arce and we went to the temple together to see them. They are doing great ah such an amazing family! So stoked to see them.
When we went into the bathroom, guess who walks in? Erick! My convert from Teculutan! We talk about exploding of happiness! He and his wife came to do baptisms also!!! I can’t even begin to express how happy I was! I honestly thought they were inactive, but they have plans to be sealed in April of next year. They can be sealed 1 year after their baptism. So in April!
I was up in the clouds all day…so happy! To see the converts from San Jorge and from Teculutan. They are doing so great. I am doing so great! I love it out here. I love these people. This Gospel is amazing. It changes lives and gives us meaning to life, gives us direction, something to live for, something to die for. I am learning new things every day. Now ya can see why I had to write it all down before because there is no way I could have express all that with how short time I will have. Just know I love everything I am doing out here. It’s not all cherries and roses but hare work pays off. I can testify to that with this family. They are a tender mercy that God gave us and now we have a lot of possibilities coming up. We just need to get a couple people married and then they are set for baptism. Pray that they can get the papers figured out. I miss you guys!! A missionary came home this week in our ward and he totally had the deer in the headlights look and still does. I’m laughing because I know I will be totally worse! I won’t even know what to do with myself. All I know show to do is be a missionary! I have forgotten everything else. I love you so much!!! Elder Call

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