Monday, October 8, 2012

Are We In A Spiritual Drought?

Hello family! Well can you believe that last week was the first week that I didn't print off my emails? So I didn't catch that in dad’s letter, maybe if I had printed it off I would have caught it! Well Alex and Ryan will be in my prayers this week, your right mom this is something that we can’t understand why it happens, but in the long run we will see why, I hope they are doing ok. But hey maybe I’m supposed to be there! Mom your such a stud! You are my hero that is so awesome your job!!! I love telling everyone about my parents and showing them photos! I am always showing my family off to everyone, everyone is blown away at how beautiful Alex is in her wedding! And how tall Cameron is, and how drop dead gorgeous I am. But mainly you mom in Haiti and then in search and rescue and life flight!!! I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!! So I love conference!!! And even more I love being in the richest area of Guatemala! People sure do spoil us! We have price mart in our zone which is like Costco, and the members totally bought us a whole bunch of junk food for the conference, but American stuff!!! It is amazing! Chips cakes grapes (that are CLEAN!!!) and juice, it was amazing!! I love it here; the members are amazing so loving and so fun. Umm so I guess I will tell you, we had changes Monday! So I now have a new comp, same area just elder Ayala left and I received a new comp, his name is elder Mejia, another comp from Honduras, from Progresso Lloro. The same area where elder Velez was from, it is really close to San Pedro Sula where elder Lagos is from. He has 6 months in the mission, and this is his second area. It was a little surprise, we didn’t think that we would have changes, but it was an option that I mentioned last week, so it wasn't complete surprise. I hate changes because always the first couple days are a little awkward, but now things are great! I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard with another comp, we are always laughing. We talk a lot more than any of my other comps before, so we are more open which is good, he needs to change a couple things though, so that is going to be our goal for this change is to help him improve a couple things. Dad I am so proud of you that you went to priesthood! I knew you would, and I was thinking of you during that session! We moved all the couches from the church lobby into the primary room to watch it, (you have to remember that we are still 20 year olds!) we had a butt load of snacks and it was amazing! I think conference is the event most looked forward to besides Christmas; the only thing why Christmas is better is because we get to call home! I can’t believe that have changed the mission age! That is so crazy, I don’t think I would have been ready by 18, not gonna lie, I wasn't ready at 19! I just kinda went with the flow and then got ready in the field! (Don’t follow my example)
no I just didn't know what to expect. But now they will prepare the teenagers to leave at 18 instead of 19, so they will be ready. When I get home everything will be so expensive!! I am now used to spending quetzals and 8 of those is one dollar! It is going to be super weird! So I am dying, I have had a cough for like 2 weeks now, I have taken so much cough medicine but nothing seems to calm it! It is super cold here now, and it is only going to get colder from here. For Christmas just let me know how much I should take out and I will take it all out at once and spend it little by little, because it charges me every time! My iPod is now hooked up and ready to go! I put most of the mp3 music on it, it is such a pain that the computers here don’t have iTunes, I want to put the rest of my music on it that the member couldn't, but oh well, I am more than happy with it!!! Yes president stay has his hands full always trying to change the culture of the mission to make it better, and so far he has make great changes! By the end of his mission this mission will be great! FAMILY! sorry this is a little short, I think I will just write letters like I did last week, it is better because I can write whatever I can, I hope you guys could read it. I am so proud of you guys and the family that I have. I am so blessed to have a family like you guys! ALL OF YOU! And my friends also. Everyone that is reading this I love you! Guatemala is the bomb! Missions are even better. Mom I have been thinking about your lesson for RS, and I promise I will respond next week! Sorry I am such a bad son, I don’t think I will do a video, but I will give you my testimony. I love you all, apply what we learned from conference, here are a few questions to reflect on this week from conference. Are we in a spiritual drought? If so what are you going to do to get out of it? IS being busy really a sign of superior life? Is your soul worth a nickel? Or whatever other sin you are going to do? And what are we thinking during the sacrament? Think of those questions and reflect on them and also the rest from conference and how we can apply what we learned and better our lives! I love you till next week! Elder Call

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