Monday, October 29, 2012

A Little Different Kind Of Week!!!

Hi family... well this week was a little different than the rest of them lemme explain.... Did I tell you I spoke last week in church? they told us the night before (which is a lot of warning for missionaries) ovio I talked about the obra misional, and how they as members can step it up then I gave a couple ideas, and something we want to put into practice is family home evenings with them and they invite their neighbors and then we give a small little message and then we play and eat, so they can see that we are normal people, because there are many false ideas here about us! So I was a mom, dad and wife this week. My comp had his Gall bladder taken out Friday..... It all started Tuesday he had 3 bad pain attacks (took me back to my kidney stones and the attacks that I had, it HURT SO BAD) so he called the nurse and she put an appointment for us the next day, we went to our appointments that day and he was fine. Wednesday we went to the emergency room of one of the best hospitals here and they take out his blood then the doctor says they could take it out right then and there, but we decided it would be better Friday because Thursday we had zone conference. so we went back to our area (it’s like a hour - 2 hours depending on traffic) that night we visited Carolina, (our recent converts) oh man they are such amazing people that were truly prepared for this gospel, they will always have a place in my heart as I have grown to love them! AH! They are awesome. But Thursday was our zone conference, it was very good, they taught us a better way to contact the people, and also how to use the spirit better in our lessons. I love zone conference they are so great!
(Sorry I am flying through our week because we have a doctor’s appointment in like 15 minutes!) so we brought clothes for a couple days also for the weekend, and after the conference we went to the white house (the mission house) the assistants, elder pierce, and elder matias live there, the thing is in the back there are like 20 beds there so that is where we stayed, it was so fun being with elder pierce again he is such a stud. Well the surgery went great, he was out in like an hour, and I had to stay with him in the hospital all Friday, and then we got out Saturday! and went back to the white house, a week of a lot of sleeping, studying and basically caring for him, I’m such a good comp, I’m such a stud, I made him some mustard chicken last night that was BOMB! I don’t mean to toot my own horn but it was good, and I took great care of him. He was in great hands, AND the Lord blessed him with a speedy recovery. If everything goes well this doctor’s appointment we are going back to our house tonight, and then I can start working with the members (one goes with me, and one stays with him in the house) I am so sorry but we now have to go to the doctors!! I love you all so much this week was great, not much in the work, but it was a different kind of work giving service to my comp, I am so sorry but I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!! Elder Call

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  1. It is so great to see that Elder Call is being a stud out there in Guatemala. I miss him and the mission so much. Hope all is going well.

    -Daniel Shipley