Monday, October 22, 2012

The Plan of Salvation Is Amazing!!!

Hi Family, Well not going to lie this was probably one of the hardest weeks in the mission for me. President called Wednesday night. When ya see a missed call from president you know something is up, we thought it was for my companion because he is a little punk sometimes, but when he told me you had called I knew. But I felt at peace I didn’t feel sad. But the rest of the week probably was the longest week ever. I think what made it so hard for me was being away from you guys knowing that everyone was together and sad, and there was nothing I could do. It still hasn’t hit me I don’t think that Nana has passed away nor do I think it ever will. I was studying a little bit and in a talk given by President Eyring in May 2012, the last conference, he is talking about the sealing power and when we are sealed together he says “And that same sociality which exist among us here will exist among us there only it will be coupled with eternal glory we do not now enjoy.” (D&C 130:2) We are so lucky to be sealed together as a family and have the knowledge that we can be together again one day with Nana and Grandpa. They won, they made it through this life worthily. Now it is our turn to obey the commandments and live our lives in a way that we can return to live with them. So another thing that made this week very hard is I am still very sick, I have a cold and a cough that sounds worse than an old dog! And it just won’t go away. The members here are amazing! And have given me so much medicine. Sometimes too much! In the house I have like 7 bottles of cough syrup. Well all of them now empty and nothing seems to do the trick. Maybe this week will be the week I get better! It is very cold here now and the weather is crazy it is very cold at night, super-hot from 8-2 then it rains and then it is freezing again. So I think that is why…also my vitamins ran out like 2 weeks ago and that’s when I got sick. Maybe I was used to the vitamins and then none…who knows! But we are still working hard. Don’t worry! So with this companion, Elder Mejia we are having a blast. We are always laughing together and always having fun. I don’t think I have ever had this much fun with a companion. He is super funny. I have some sad news. Elder Ayala went home last week to Mexico. Turns out his nerves in his arm were freaking out and it started moving on its own. I am going to write him and see what’s going on. But my posterity in the mission has now died! I need to have another kid so my posterity will continue!!! Oh man so Saturday we visited a family who lives on the edge of the forest and their whole backyard is a huge valley of pure forest! It was breath taking! Well a pine tree fell so they were cutting the log and then we helped them carry the logs up a huge steep hill. It was so tiring. Well we were in our missionary clothes, but we still did it. Got filthy, but it felt great to help them! Well this is a brand new week with brand new opportunities. Let’s take these opportunities and make the best we can of them! I love you all so much and am so grateful for the plan of salvation and the knowledge that we have. It has made Nana’s passing away so much easier and peaceful. We taught the plan on a little more profound level to Carolina and Sandra her daughter and it makes me so happy! I love the plan of salvation. I love this church and I you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elder Call

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