Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Haha Estoy En Guatemala

Oh man what a week! In your email a lot of stuff has happened! That’s crazy! I feel like I am in a whole different world. Oh wait ... I AM!!! Haha to answer your question that I READ in your email... YES! I read your emails, but usually I just glance through them, and then print them off. I don’t have time to read and write. So yes I do…  ;)
Well my week went like this, Monday after emailing you guys a bird pooped on me, mostly on my comp but a little splattered onto me. So we are teaching this family, FM. Rodas. They are the bomb no lie! Every time we are there we just talk about everything and they ALWAYS feed us! And it’s one of those times when I don’t have to worry about my insides. Oh and they give us coke! It’s a mission rule we can’t drink caffeine, but if it is a gift we can’t say no.... so AH best day of my life!! I love coke, but I never knew it, the dad in me is coming out. Speaking of that I am gaining weight! I guess I am eating well down here haha! They use so much corn oil whatever it is called, but whatever it means I’m healthy right? I would rather gain then lose I guess.
So we taught a drug lord this week! No big deal! Well sort of, SHE her husband was murdered I guess?!? but she distributes tobacco to "slaves" and then they roll it for her, the n give it back and she distributes it to "people" she says only tobacco but I know there is something else going on, they are loaded! It is easily the nicest house here. She is super nice which is funny. So we as missionaries are here for 2 reasons, one is to share a message about Jesus Christ, and the other is to help people with whatever they need. THEREFORE... if she ever asks for our help with "stuff" we are obligated to help her.
Another tough case this week as a branch presidency is long story short this man got in a fight ...blah blah, almost killed a man in the neighborhood, and so now the man wants to kill him and his family. What do you say do that?!?!?! "I don’t know if love one another works in this case. 
I have made many friends here in Guatemala. For example Eric, he is a gecko, he lives in our bathroom. We also have rats as friends, I share my bread with them, well actually I gave it to them... I didn’t want it anymore. And a huge spider!!! Luckily it was dead, and half of its body had been eaten by an even bigger spider that lives in our outside bathroom. Well did elder arce killed it today.
so you know how they say when you listen to bad music, or how you shouldn’t and often the excuses of people is "I don’t know what they are saying I just like the beats" well the MTV of Guatemala is usually on the TV at our comedors house, and for once I can actually say I just like the beats because idk what they are saying.
Sunday was the elder call show, I conducted gave a talk and I taught both blocks of the primary and YM YM. I would rather do anything else then teach primary! They intimidate me!
So Sunday afternoon when we were visiting or trying to find some of our 300 less actives I got super frustrated and super sad. Half of them have moved to the US, and the other half don’t want anything to do with the church. I am super frustrated with them because they don’t know what they are missing and what they are messing with. GRRR and with our investigators I just want to shake them and yell LISTEN this is important!!!! Ah so I am motivated to work harder to love them and be patient and just love.
The whole week I always look forward to emailing home no joke every day I think about it so much!  Um how are my letters what do you want better more of less of? Or what? also I need some advice, I teach the primary or YM YW or Sunday School or all three every week, what is some activities I could do or lessons or how could I teach them, or activities how can I make my lessons fun and cool I guess is what I am asking? It is on whatever I want it to be on so basically I can do anything. Some advice would be good, I had another question but I can’t remember it right now.
I think of you guys so much, no lie... it’s probably bad how much I do but whatever:) hey sometime could you send me some pictures? I want more pictures of the family, especially the ones with us at Zion’s right before my mission, and some more of cam I have like none of him, and just whatever you think I would like, oh and grandpa call and grandma call if we have any? And the pictures of angels landing with chase right before my mission. Either now or Christmas or whenever. Also my line of priesthood authority. I know that’s a lot if you can’t its no big deal. I am stoked to be here, randomly throughout the day I just think what then? I’m in Guatemala! It still hasn’t hit me I don’t think? Haha well tomorrow we are going to the capital. And next week we are going on exchanges and I am receiving elder Roberts. Only problem is elder Roberts is in my group in the CCM so two gringos who can’t speak Spanish together alone for 3 days! PRAY FOR US!! Haha I will admit I am beyond nervous because it’s my area so I am in charge, but I will remember what dad said it’s only for 3 days it will end eventually so I will make it through it. Tell Nate through Paul Stevenson on FB that I sent him a letter and to be expecting around Christmas. Ha well I love you guys I love it here and I love this gospel! I am reading the general conference address from May and they are honestly so great! I don’t know how I didn’t catch all this last time! Well love you I really do, and think of you often, I LOVE YOU!!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Picture of President and Sister Stay With Elder Chad Call

First Contact From President Stay

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Anything Goes In Guatemala!


Hey so if you have been keeping up with your world news (which I know you have) then you would have heard about the 1/2 anchor wildfire in Guatemala near Zacapa.... Ya that was near my town!! That was my city! Ha-ha jk fun fact I feel like I am camping, I am always sweating and there are always fires, like little ones in the street or in people’s yards, always fires! It’s weird.

Oh and good news! We found another paved road here! Ha-ha jk, so I have come to learn that here in Guatemala anything goes, literally. During the 26 people in a van I thought that, literally 26! Or with the 17 missionaries in the back of a pickup, or when our investigator fired his gun in the street just to show it off to us. Ha-ha and oh my goodness! Idk if this is email appropriate but women breast feed I swear just for fun here because that frequency is not needed! I swear all the time they are, in front of whoever, during a lesson or a meal, no importance! Oh man that has taken two weeks to get used to and probably will take two years or NEVER to get used to it!!!! Fetch, but ok in all seriousness this has been a crazy week, Friday especially. Well to start it off President Stay paid us a visit to see if our house was clean, and luckily the hermana's before us kept it clean so we didn’t really have to clean or worry about anything! So no worries there.  this week I’ve been struggling with just being here and taking it seriously, idk if seriously is the right word, but just being 100% into it, because I can’t understand a lot, most of the time they can’t understand me, and when we got here we had nothing to work with. So we have had to find our own people and get new investigators. but Friday our labors were starting to pay off, we went on exchanges and I went with the branch president up to a different city (village) that is in or area, called San Juan, to visit a family that isn’t coming to church, well 300 people aren’t coming to church but any who, Ya the family neither of them have jobs and they don’t have money to survive, along with a couple other problems, it is super sad how some people live here, it makes me thankful for everything I have here and even before and after I am so blessed! But that was the first time I felt the spirit super strong, I promised them that they need to come to church which was super hard cause they can’t even afford to live let alone the bus. But I promised them that the lord would bless them, the branch president is going to talk and see if there is anything we can do for them well the branch when I say we. And Elder Arce on his exchange had success all three of our families said they would come to church! So we were super stoked, Saturday I was expecting the same success but nada, all our appointments fell through which is rare. Cleaned the church, and dad would die with how they mop; I won’t go into details but oh man! Ha-ha I would like to give a special shout out to all my Papa Murphy peeps for helping me keep my mopping skills up to par. 

Well Sunday no one came to church that we were hoping for :( and attendance was 16, pretty low... so we have our work cut out for us! Most the time I love it here! Ok some items of business, tell nana I love her! I have a picture of her and me and I show everyone! Mom don’t delete the emails put them in folders when you are done with them, idk why I know I won’t read them, but just for now. Dad hey! Well I am just like you; my first area is a little town or village way out in the middle of nowhere. And what you said was true, p days and district meeting are the best. I love you, and miss you but try not to think about home.  I have a question…how did you stay motivated in your mission when you were out in the middle of nowhere? I won’t lie there are sometimes when I think this sucks and I don’t want to be here, but luckily not very often. Mainly just that first week, things are getting a lot better, but still how? Love you guys!! Do you have any questions for me? And is western family really sending me some more peach rings? If not that was a mean joke mom! Next week we get to go to the temple on Wednesday, so I will email on Tuesday after district meeting around noonish. But that might change so don’t freak out if not :)  I don’t know what else to write I didn’t keep a paper of things I wanted to write throughout the week so I don’t really have anything. I feel bad because that was kinda a lame email, and I would be mad if I received it.  Ha-ha jk but just know I love you guys and think of you often which is probably a bad thing. But I love you, and every morning our comedor is always listening to American music which I love! (Is that wrong) I can’t help to listen, and it makes me stoked for the day!

So today for p-day an elder broke his shoulder which was pretty crazy! And needs surgery. Any updates on Elder Oakey? I am in his zone, his zone was my zone! Well I am out of time, love you all!!!! And let me know what you want in emails because I am new to this whole thing.

Love you…Elder Call

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

You Live In St. George and I Live in San Jorge Too!

FAMILY!!! Hey how’s it going? So I started writing two other people but then I decided I better write you guys first... so well raise your hand if you live in St. George?!?! (You should all be raising you hand) but I am too!!! I am in San Jorge! Which is a small little town outside Zacapa which is like 4 hours from the capital towards Porta Barrio, and it is fetchin hot!!!! Goodness and yep you guessed it no AC. Seriously this is like a tiny village!! I am straight up roughing it.  There is only on paved road the rest are dirt roads! It’s so sweet. first couple days I was like '' I am straight up living the missionary dream, I am out in a small village with some of the nicest people´´ I have dreamed about doing this my whole life, just roughing it, but only problem is now I actually have to live that dream.... I won’t lie it has been rough those first couple days, not speaking a lick of Spanish. My comp is Latino, elder Arce from Costa Rica, he is super sweet! A hard worker and just ready to bring success to this area.  This area has been struggling with success for a long time now, so hopefully I can turn it around and start doing work!! Well the branch has 20 members give or take, least that’s how many were in attendance Sunday. Supposedly there are like 150 in actives that just don’t come and haven’t for a long time for some. Oh and you guessed it well you probably didn’t cause the thought didn’t even cross your mind, but I am 2nd counselor in the branch! Hahaha and my comp is 1st.  So with that we basically run everything.  I had to teach young men’s and women’s Sunday but they told me like 2 minutes before! So ya luckily I had my notebook from the CCM with a couple talks and I pulled something together.

Did I mention it is hot!! This is the hottest city in our mission, we have a fan in the house and tomorrow we are going to buy another one so we can each have one when we sleep.  Haha ok so funny story. we were waiting for the branch president who is always late, but then all the sudden my comp freaks out and jumps up and starts picking some leaves off a tree then eats it! I was like is he loco what’s going on. Well I guess they taste good, so yep you know what I did, I picked a bunch of leaves off a tree and threw them in my mouth! Haha they tasted like lemons you would honestly like them! Don’t judge, but during it I thought my family would think I’m crazy. 
Ok so Sunday afternoon it rained and just down poured we were teaching a lesson during and after just the street was literally a river, they weren’t lying when they said that happens literally a foot of water rushing down the street. so my comp wanted to wait for it to reseed which is understandable, but once it was down to like 2 inched I wanted to go, because I wanted to test out my shoes, and my umbrella, well apparently his shoes has holes in them because he’s been out 11 months already, and he left his umbrella, so I go to test out the Ecco Trek 5´s and they held up great! But poor him he was soaked after and it was all my fault! But we had already been at that house for two hours with the lesson and waiting. So we went and changed well he did and we went on our way in the rain.  I loved it! Just being out in freakin GUATEMALA!! Haha

Oh ya its way hot!! But also you weren’t lying when they said they have mosquitoes, I have counted over 40 bites, but it’s only me! And I use repellant!! I don’t get it, all over my feet cause I didn’t sleep with socks my first couple nights, (don’t worry you will learns these things, and don’t feel bad, I didn’t know either) and my elbows and arms, I use a lot of it, and I am getting some permetheran for everything and will just soak my room with it, because another problem we have is spiders there are so many! Only a couple big scary ones but mostly ones that spin lots of webs cause they are everywhere!

I saved my peach rings you sent me for the field, and opened them this week and oh my goodness!! I don’t think I have ever tasted such goodness in my life! And not even because I am in Guatemala in the middle of nowhere by myself surrounded by people that don’t speak my language and eat leaves, but it was just a genuine batch of peach rings, so if you want to call western family and let them know that I was satisfied with my peach rings. 

Alright before I forget, don’t worry about the mp3, my comp has an iPod that he bought from a white missionary and it has lord of the rings which sooths me at night, and McLean and just the usual, and I will try to buy it from him in 12 weeks. So I will for sure be in this area for 12 weeks but probably 4 and a half or even 6 months 2 to 4 transfers, but for sure 2.  This is good so I can get to know the members and actually try to get the work going. When we got here they didn’t have any investigators or nothing! So we had nothing to go with and didn’t know anything because we are both new here.  So it has been a fun week.

Ok truth time, first couple days I thought numerous times I want to go home this sucks , it is hot I hate bugs and I’m almost out of peach rings, an there is no way I can do this, but honestly now I love it here! It is great I have gotten used to the heat it’s not too bad anymore it is tolerable, and my Spanish is exploding out of nowhere! I love it, we have a comedor for breakfast and lunch, and for dinner we don’t eat.... well my comp wanted to do that but I said no, no way, so I usually just get a bag of chips and some cookies from the tienda or corner store here, because there isn’t a grocery store here! Haha

Well I think I have covered everything I wanted to cover. I will try to upload some pictures. oh today for p day we went up to chiqmula or something like that and played soccer with our zone all 16 of us haha then went to this huge store, it is like DI or a thrift store, only it is all the stuff from the thrift stores in the us that no one wanted, so it is the best of the best in ugliness which is just up my alley! So I was in heaven and had to remember that I am on a mission and can’t buy everything so I limited myself to one tie and Hawaiian shirt! It is like bright fluorescent red with crazy flowers over it! It is so awesome I love it! And for both were only 3 Q´s which is like 36 cents! Woot woot!

Oh right a spiritual thought of what I have learned because I am on a mission and all... haha joke I LOVE IT HERE! but umm this week one think I have learned is not to judge people, because we had no investigators we had to do a lot of contacting, and of the people I thought would talk to us, wouldn’t and the people I thought wouldn’t talk to us we actually got in and had really good lessons. (let me tell you what a lesson consists of with us, my comp does all the talking then will stop turn to me, and if I am paying attention (sometimes I just can’t handle all the Spanish and zone out but only for like a minute or two) but lesson... then I do all that I can, turn to him and say si, then he fixes whatever I just said haha)) But ya there are some of the nicest chillest people here and the sooner I humble myself thee faster I can help them! Because I truly want to even if I made it sound like I don’t want to I love it here!

Well I have written a lot and if anything just know I love you and think about you guys a lot (in the night obviously, and not during anything else). Well do you have any questions? Elder Call

Monday, August 8, 2011

Kindergarten Graduation, Now on to College

August 8, 2011
Haha I love how you said it’s like graduating from kindergarten and now into college! I’m kinda nervous won’t lie!!! Our teacher emailed Monday because we told her to! Cause I wanted a letter haha then she told me you emailed back, mom you would!!! You were the only parent to email back!! Haha but esta bien. So I have bought a couple ties here, 9 or 10 to be exact but hey whose counting.... they are so cheap here on like 2.50! And they are really cool I’m considering saving some for after my mission! But we will see. Go I got a letter that was sent July 19th on August 3rd, I think that is the longest it has taken to get one! And then I got a letter sent on July 29th on august 4th, so go figure... but I am so grateful for all the letters thank you!! The love and support from home has been sp great!! Thank you all. 
So my body decided to stop pooping last week, remember my hallow leg with eating? well ya its not hallow anymore.... I loaded up on so much fiber and nothing, then I brought out the prunes... haha oh man it was a fun night, but everything is all good now.  It is national car alarm month in Guatemala I guess, because there are so many car alarms going off!! During the night, during the day, basically whenever! I swear that is something different then in the states.
They are only giving us 15 before we head out so this will be short but wish Alex a happy birthday on the 13th!!! And her anniversary on the 9th? I think if my memory serves me right? Idk, this Spanish is making my memory go.  But ya wish her that for me. 
Send me the movie plots of a couple of the good movies like more than it was good; tell me what it was about!! you can ruin it for me I don’t care;) just a little extra reading here and there, if not it’s no big deal.
Well going out into the field tomorrow, I am kinda nervous just because of the unknown, but as of right now I am calmed! I figured its something I have to do so why freak out about it, and there are 50,000 others doing it right now, why can’t I?   We watched the Gordon B. Hinckley movie and the Thomas S. Monson movie and oh man watching that has made me want to be such a better man!! Gosh, so I am stoked to get out!!! I am so excited to find out where I will be and who my comp will be! Packing was good I got everything fit into my suitcases and all is well! I still have a little candy that I am saving for the field so packed that and a billjian ties! I think I have a little too many haha but I love them!  Well I don’t know what else to write, I am stoked to be here! Stoked to get out! And ya I’m a little nervous but whatever I know I can do it (hopefully) and the Lord will help me.  I love you guys!! Just know that, I miss you guys but these two months will fly by, think about it though, I am already a twelve of the way done! Love you guys and wish me luck these next two days and next two transfers!! Love to you all…Elder Call

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nothing Great Comes From Easy!!!

          Well where to begin? This week was a weird different one for me, idk if it is the CCM getting to me or just idk but my head just wasn’t all the way in it this week. Then I was like I need to get my act together! and I was listening to some conference talks (they didn’t steal my card with all the talks on it) and we just got a computer in our class room this week and so every night we would listen to a conference talk and I was listening one night to Pres. Uchtdorf’s about the road to Damascus, the one you gave a lesson on mom! But any who, I just had a change of heart Sunday…I was super nervous for the field because it’s just simply the unknown, the language and just everything…like you said the first few months of a mission is constant change…once you get comfortable with one thing you have to change and move on. But after listening to that talk, I was just was super comforted and I know it will be hard but hey nothing great comes from easy.  And I’ve noticed how I’ve never really been pushed to do anything challenging or hard in my life. So then I got thinking (this is all over Sunday to Tuesday) that since I’ve never really been faced with a REAL challenge before (I say real because I’ve had trials and stuff just nothing like really challenging…idk I hope you kinda get it)…but I realized from reading that talk that as I entered the mission field I concluded one stage of my life and began another. To this point I have had the protection and close support of family and church leaders and teachers, now I’ve moved into a new phase of life on my own. I am essentially on my own and from this point on I am fully responsible for what I do and most importantly what I will become. So I am really trying to work on the kind of person that I am, and will become.  Just some food for thought I guess. I am super stoked for the field, nervous but that s expected… it’s the unknown. I will email next Tuesday so be ready for that! Right before I go to the mission home!! Ah I can’t think about it or I get too stoked and too distracted!! haha           So I was just thinking about that a lot this week and just a lot of thoughts going through my head, sorry… so this week a killer thunder storm or storm I guess ripped through the city! and at night I’m sleeping and thunder must have struck within a block because it shook the whole building and made all the car alarms go off in the parking lot! freakin ridiculous!!! and I couldn’t go back to bed that night so I just watched the lightning and it is way crazy here! it like goes way across the sky and fans out. and the clouds here travel so fast! nothing like the states.  ugh so I got shafted out of time so I have to hurry and close, but we got to go out and proselyte just me and bruderer! it was so crazy I will tell more later I guess, so I got the package Thursday six days after you sent it! I LOVED it thank you so much!  it will be tough but growth can’t come by taking the easy way remember that! super stoked! I got letter 8 today and a letter sent on the 19th from Chelsea took forever so I will reply today. Love you guys!!! Sorry Alex I was going to write you but no time ... again. Love you!!
Elder Call