Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nothing Great Comes From Easy!!!

          Well where to begin? This week was a weird different one for me, idk if it is the CCM getting to me or just idk but my head just wasn’t all the way in it this week. Then I was like I need to get my act together! and I was listening to some conference talks (they didn’t steal my card with all the talks on it) and we just got a computer in our class room this week and so every night we would listen to a conference talk and I was listening one night to Pres. Uchtdorf’s about the road to Damascus, the one you gave a lesson on mom! But any who, I just had a change of heart Sunday…I was super nervous for the field because it’s just simply the unknown, the language and just everything…like you said the first few months of a mission is constant change…once you get comfortable with one thing you have to change and move on. But after listening to that talk, I was just was super comforted and I know it will be hard but hey nothing great comes from easy.  And I’ve noticed how I’ve never really been pushed to do anything challenging or hard in my life. So then I got thinking (this is all over Sunday to Tuesday) that since I’ve never really been faced with a REAL challenge before (I say real because I’ve had trials and stuff just nothing like really challenging…idk I hope you kinda get it)…but I realized from reading that talk that as I entered the mission field I concluded one stage of my life and began another. To this point I have had the protection and close support of family and church leaders and teachers, now I’ve moved into a new phase of life on my own. I am essentially on my own and from this point on I am fully responsible for what I do and most importantly what I will become. So I am really trying to work on the kind of person that I am, and will become.  Just some food for thought I guess. I am super stoked for the field, nervous but that s expected… it’s the unknown. I will email next Tuesday so be ready for that! Right before I go to the mission home!! Ah I can’t think about it or I get too stoked and too distracted!! haha           So I was just thinking about that a lot this week and just a lot of thoughts going through my head, sorry… so this week a killer thunder storm or storm I guess ripped through the city! and at night I’m sleeping and thunder must have struck within a block because it shook the whole building and made all the car alarms go off in the parking lot! freakin ridiculous!!! and I couldn’t go back to bed that night so I just watched the lightning and it is way crazy here! it like goes way across the sky and fans out. and the clouds here travel so fast! nothing like the states.  ugh so I got shafted out of time so I have to hurry and close, but we got to go out and proselyte just me and bruderer! it was so crazy I will tell more later I guess, so I got the package Thursday six days after you sent it! I LOVED it thank you so much!  it will be tough but growth can’t come by taking the easy way remember that! super stoked! I got letter 8 today and a letter sent on the 19th from Chelsea took forever so I will reply today. Love you guys!!! Sorry Alex I was going to write you but no time ... again. Love you!!
Elder Call

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