Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Anything Goes In Guatemala!


Hey so if you have been keeping up with your world news (which I know you have) then you would have heard about the 1/2 anchor wildfire in Guatemala near Zacapa.... Ya that was near my town!! That was my city! Ha-ha jk fun fact I feel like I am camping, I am always sweating and there are always fires, like little ones in the street or in people’s yards, always fires! It’s weird.

Oh and good news! We found another paved road here! Ha-ha jk, so I have come to learn that here in Guatemala anything goes, literally. During the 26 people in a van I thought that, literally 26! Or with the 17 missionaries in the back of a pickup, or when our investigator fired his gun in the street just to show it off to us. Ha-ha and oh my goodness! Idk if this is email appropriate but women breast feed I swear just for fun here because that frequency is not needed! I swear all the time they are, in front of whoever, during a lesson or a meal, no importance! Oh man that has taken two weeks to get used to and probably will take two years or NEVER to get used to it!!!! Fetch, but ok in all seriousness this has been a crazy week, Friday especially. Well to start it off President Stay paid us a visit to see if our house was clean, and luckily the hermana's before us kept it clean so we didn’t really have to clean or worry about anything! So no worries there.  this week I’ve been struggling with just being here and taking it seriously, idk if seriously is the right word, but just being 100% into it, because I can’t understand a lot, most of the time they can’t understand me, and when we got here we had nothing to work with. So we have had to find our own people and get new investigators. but Friday our labors were starting to pay off, we went on exchanges and I went with the branch president up to a different city (village) that is in or area, called San Juan, to visit a family that isn’t coming to church, well 300 people aren’t coming to church but any who, Ya the family neither of them have jobs and they don’t have money to survive, along with a couple other problems, it is super sad how some people live here, it makes me thankful for everything I have here and even before and after I am so blessed! But that was the first time I felt the spirit super strong, I promised them that they need to come to church which was super hard cause they can’t even afford to live let alone the bus. But I promised them that the lord would bless them, the branch president is going to talk and see if there is anything we can do for them well the branch when I say we. And Elder Arce on his exchange had success all three of our families said they would come to church! So we were super stoked, Saturday I was expecting the same success but nada, all our appointments fell through which is rare. Cleaned the church, and dad would die with how they mop; I won’t go into details but oh man! Ha-ha I would like to give a special shout out to all my Papa Murphy peeps for helping me keep my mopping skills up to par. 

Well Sunday no one came to church that we were hoping for :( and attendance was 16, pretty low... so we have our work cut out for us! Most the time I love it here! Ok some items of business, tell nana I love her! I have a picture of her and me and I show everyone! Mom don’t delete the emails put them in folders when you are done with them, idk why I know I won’t read them, but just for now. Dad hey! Well I am just like you; my first area is a little town or village way out in the middle of nowhere. And what you said was true, p days and district meeting are the best. I love you, and miss you but try not to think about home.  I have a question…how did you stay motivated in your mission when you were out in the middle of nowhere? I won’t lie there are sometimes when I think this sucks and I don’t want to be here, but luckily not very often. Mainly just that first week, things are getting a lot better, but still how? Love you guys!! Do you have any questions for me? And is western family really sending me some more peach rings? If not that was a mean joke mom! Next week we get to go to the temple on Wednesday, so I will email on Tuesday after district meeting around noonish. But that might change so don’t freak out if not :)  I don’t know what else to write I didn’t keep a paper of things I wanted to write throughout the week so I don’t really have anything. I feel bad because that was kinda a lame email, and I would be mad if I received it.  Ha-ha jk but just know I love you guys and think of you often which is probably a bad thing. But I love you, and every morning our comedor is always listening to American music which I love! (Is that wrong) I can’t help to listen, and it makes me stoked for the day!

So today for p-day an elder broke his shoulder which was pretty crazy! And needs surgery. Any updates on Elder Oakey? I am in his zone, his zone was my zone! Well I am out of time, love you all!!!! And let me know what you want in emails because I am new to this whole thing.

Love you…Elder Call

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