Monday, August 8, 2011

Kindergarten Graduation, Now on to College

August 8, 2011
Haha I love how you said it’s like graduating from kindergarten and now into college! I’m kinda nervous won’t lie!!! Our teacher emailed Monday because we told her to! Cause I wanted a letter haha then she told me you emailed back, mom you would!!! You were the only parent to email back!! Haha but esta bien. So I have bought a couple ties here, 9 or 10 to be exact but hey whose counting.... they are so cheap here on like 2.50! And they are really cool I’m considering saving some for after my mission! But we will see. Go I got a letter that was sent July 19th on August 3rd, I think that is the longest it has taken to get one! And then I got a letter sent on July 29th on august 4th, so go figure... but I am so grateful for all the letters thank you!! The love and support from home has been sp great!! Thank you all. 
So my body decided to stop pooping last week, remember my hallow leg with eating? well ya its not hallow anymore.... I loaded up on so much fiber and nothing, then I brought out the prunes... haha oh man it was a fun night, but everything is all good now.  It is national car alarm month in Guatemala I guess, because there are so many car alarms going off!! During the night, during the day, basically whenever! I swear that is something different then in the states.
They are only giving us 15 before we head out so this will be short but wish Alex a happy birthday on the 13th!!! And her anniversary on the 9th? I think if my memory serves me right? Idk, this Spanish is making my memory go.  But ya wish her that for me. 
Send me the movie plots of a couple of the good movies like more than it was good; tell me what it was about!! you can ruin it for me I don’t care;) just a little extra reading here and there, if not it’s no big deal.
Well going out into the field tomorrow, I am kinda nervous just because of the unknown, but as of right now I am calmed! I figured its something I have to do so why freak out about it, and there are 50,000 others doing it right now, why can’t I?   We watched the Gordon B. Hinckley movie and the Thomas S. Monson movie and oh man watching that has made me want to be such a better man!! Gosh, so I am stoked to get out!!! I am so excited to find out where I will be and who my comp will be! Packing was good I got everything fit into my suitcases and all is well! I still have a little candy that I am saving for the field so packed that and a billjian ties! I think I have a little too many haha but I love them!  Well I don’t know what else to write, I am stoked to be here! Stoked to get out! And ya I’m a little nervous but whatever I know I can do it (hopefully) and the Lord will help me.  I love you guys!! Just know that, I miss you guys but these two months will fly by, think about it though, I am already a twelve of the way done! Love you guys and wish me luck these next two days and next two transfers!! Love to you all…Elder Call

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