Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Haha Estoy En Guatemala

Oh man what a week! In your email a lot of stuff has happened! That’s crazy! I feel like I am in a whole different world. Oh wait ... I AM!!! Haha to answer your question that I READ in your email... YES! I read your emails, but usually I just glance through them, and then print them off. I don’t have time to read and write. So yes I do…  ;)
Well my week went like this, Monday after emailing you guys a bird pooped on me, mostly on my comp but a little splattered onto me. So we are teaching this family, FM. Rodas. They are the bomb no lie! Every time we are there we just talk about everything and they ALWAYS feed us! And it’s one of those times when I don’t have to worry about my insides. Oh and they give us coke! It’s a mission rule we can’t drink caffeine, but if it is a gift we can’t say no.... so AH best day of my life!! I love coke, but I never knew it, the dad in me is coming out. Speaking of that I am gaining weight! I guess I am eating well down here haha! They use so much corn oil whatever it is called, but whatever it means I’m healthy right? I would rather gain then lose I guess.
So we taught a drug lord this week! No big deal! Well sort of, SHE her husband was murdered I guess?!? but she distributes tobacco to "slaves" and then they roll it for her, the n give it back and she distributes it to "people" she says only tobacco but I know there is something else going on, they are loaded! It is easily the nicest house here. She is super nice which is funny. So we as missionaries are here for 2 reasons, one is to share a message about Jesus Christ, and the other is to help people with whatever they need. THEREFORE... if she ever asks for our help with "stuff" we are obligated to help her.
Another tough case this week as a branch presidency is long story short this man got in a fight ...blah blah, almost killed a man in the neighborhood, and so now the man wants to kill him and his family. What do you say do that?!?!?! "I don’t know if love one another works in this case. 
I have made many friends here in Guatemala. For example Eric, he is a gecko, he lives in our bathroom. We also have rats as friends, I share my bread with them, well actually I gave it to them... I didn’t want it anymore. And a huge spider!!! Luckily it was dead, and half of its body had been eaten by an even bigger spider that lives in our outside bathroom. Well did elder arce killed it today.
so you know how they say when you listen to bad music, or how you shouldn’t and often the excuses of people is "I don’t know what they are saying I just like the beats" well the MTV of Guatemala is usually on the TV at our comedors house, and for once I can actually say I just like the beats because idk what they are saying.
Sunday was the elder call show, I conducted gave a talk and I taught both blocks of the primary and YM YM. I would rather do anything else then teach primary! They intimidate me!
So Sunday afternoon when we were visiting or trying to find some of our 300 less actives I got super frustrated and super sad. Half of them have moved to the US, and the other half don’t want anything to do with the church. I am super frustrated with them because they don’t know what they are missing and what they are messing with. GRRR and with our investigators I just want to shake them and yell LISTEN this is important!!!! Ah so I am motivated to work harder to love them and be patient and just love.
The whole week I always look forward to emailing home no joke every day I think about it so much!  Um how are my letters what do you want better more of less of? Or what? also I need some advice, I teach the primary or YM YW or Sunday School or all three every week, what is some activities I could do or lessons or how could I teach them, or activities how can I make my lessons fun and cool I guess is what I am asking? It is on whatever I want it to be on so basically I can do anything. Some advice would be good, I had another question but I can’t remember it right now.
I think of you guys so much, no lie... it’s probably bad how much I do but whatever:) hey sometime could you send me some pictures? I want more pictures of the family, especially the ones with us at Zion’s right before my mission, and some more of cam I have like none of him, and just whatever you think I would like, oh and grandpa call and grandma call if we have any? And the pictures of angels landing with chase right before my mission. Either now or Christmas or whenever. Also my line of priesthood authority. I know that’s a lot if you can’t its no big deal. I am stoked to be here, randomly throughout the day I just think what then? I’m in Guatemala! It still hasn’t hit me I don’t think? Haha well tomorrow we are going to the capital. And next week we are going on exchanges and I am receiving elder Roberts. Only problem is elder Roberts is in my group in the CCM so two gringos who can’t speak Spanish together alone for 3 days! PRAY FOR US!! Haha I will admit I am beyond nervous because it’s my area so I am in charge, but I will remember what dad said it’s only for 3 days it will end eventually so I will make it through it. Tell Nate through Paul Stevenson on FB that I sent him a letter and to be expecting around Christmas. Ha well I love you guys I love it here and I love this gospel! I am reading the general conference address from May and they are honestly so great! I don’t know how I didn’t catch all this last time! Well love you I really do, and think of you often, I LOVE YOU!!!!

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