Monday, September 5, 2011

Bat Attack!

Wow what a week, this week looking back feels like a month! I will start with Tuesday the beginning ... (makes sense) so I emailed you guys then we did a comp switch me and elder Roberts went and taught English, then we went to his house, and just chilled because we had to leave at 3 am for the capital, and my comp and his comp returned and then we had a grand old fiesta! Haha at 3 we woke up and left and it is so crazy the difference in the city a night and day difference! Literally get it? Haha oh this mission is getting to me, I am making lame old people jokes, but really during the day the streets are crowded ridiculous, but now it was like a ghost town I loved it. I forgot my razor so I didn’t shave for three days! I thought it was just going to be one day but ... I’ll get there, we got to go to the capital and go to the temple the usual I LOVE THE TEMPLE!! Super chill and just awesome, ate at Wendy’s I LOVE WENDYS!! Super good and just awesome. Then we returned but the bus ride took like 5 hours I don’t know why a lot of traffic and it was raining super hard, but by the time we got back to Zacapa their wasn’t a bus going to San Jorge so we spent another night in Zacapa, oh man the mattress I slept on you would have died, I saw it and I considered not sleeping that night, but prayed I wouldn’t die and went to sleep, it was the best night sleep I have ever had, I guess I was super tired! And I didn’t even get attacked by fleas!! I guess their aren’t fleas up here because it is so hot, only in the capital, every missionary I’ve talked to said every bed has fleas in the cap. So I am excited?.... NOT!! But I am saving those flea collars to wear :) like a dog. So Thursday I looked like a cave man, for not shaving for 3 days, before I would go like a week without shaving at college, or like 2 weeks, I was such a goon, why didn’t any one slap me and tell me how ridiculous I looked?!?! Oh well that was my old life.

So this week has been super good, biggest thing I’ve learned is attitude is everything, I’ve always known that but haven’t always applied this. But now I apply this everyday and it makes life so much better! This is how life is, life is unfair, what is the point of worrying or stressing or being mad over a little thing that won’t matter in ten minutes or in a month. It just isn’t worth it. So also this week I have gained a greater appreciation for this gospel! It is so great!!!! Ah, I honestly love it so much; it is so great, this email is more scattered then usual because I didn’t take notes this week about what I wanted to write, so sorry about that I feel like Elder Emmett when he sits down his mind just goes blank! Also I just don’t have any time!

A couple questions and comments, I only get mail every like 6 weeks so I will let you know once I get your package!! Super stoked for it!! And pictures today we didn’t leave San Jorge so next week we will email in Zacapa and hopefully there I can mail pictures, I know you are dying for some pictures so I will try super hard to send them next week!!

Story of the week and subject BAT ATTACK!! So we are sitting doing our usual studies and all the sudden my comp jumps up and runs into the bathroom, well I guess there is a bat in there! A live huge giant bat in OUR BATHROOM!! He grabs his sandal and starts trying to kill it, little innocent Chad is standing there not knowing what to do, and the bat is attacking his jugular trying to kill him (not really) it’s an epic battle, well the bat lands on the wall and Elder Arce just rails the crap out of it with his sandal, so its on the ground squirming for life, and he grabs our broom and with the stick starts massacring it!! (I guess he hates bats?) Well ya it was crazy! A lot more happened this week but I don’t have any time! Super sorry for the lame email, I would be mad if my son sent me this email... next week I will start trying to send more info about my days and actually missionary work and all that jazz   :) The church is true! I love it with all my heart. I found a saying that I love “The savior spoke to his disciples as he faced his crucifixion and as they faced fear disarray and persecution. In his last collective counsel to them in mortality, he said. "These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer: I have overcome the world." John 16:33. I love that! That goes with attitude and the gospel! Ah I love life, I love it here and I love the gospel…it’s everything! Why be angry or mad about things that don’t matter...all that matters is the gospel! Well I love you guys and love your emails! Send me whatever you want I print it off and read it all!!! Oh and this week is with Elder Roberts! This Thursday to Saturday so pray for me haha jk things will be great!! Oh and 2 Nephi 32: 7 describes my feelings here!! With the people not accepting the gospel!

I communicate with pres through email once a week, it’s through the email in my inbox from Elder Arce, I can’t remember your other questions sorry I will answer them next week. Love you all sorry I am so lame, but I promise next week will be better …  :) I love you and have to sign off now, but I think of you guys daily and will write you better next week love you!!

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