Monday, September 19, 2011

Love Those Emails!!!

Hey! Ah I love reading your emails!!  And first off I can use the money? You probably shouldn’t have told me that, but I will use it as I need, probably just to buy bug repellent. Elder Arce won’t be my comp at Christmas. Changes are every 6 weeks. Changes are this Wednesday, and we find out tonight who is changing they call in the night. We won’t be changing though because we are training so I will stay two changes at least in this area. And with pres. stay he mentioned he wants each missionary to be in the same area of 6 months or 4 changes which is something new and different so we will see how that goes. We think after 2 changes one of us will change cause you are usually always with the same comp for 2 changes at the most. So by Christmas I will probably be in a different area too. Who knows?  So this week was super long!! I don’t know if it was because it was the last week of the change but I was super more tired than normal!
So last Monday after emailing we went to a member’s house for FHE, in Zacapa because we went to the capital the next day. But anyways turns out it’s the family of MISS GUATEMALA!! Ha-ha and turns out MISS UNIVERSE was on that night!! So we had FHE, then prayed for her, then watched a little or all of it, (probably wasn’t good) BUT we had to "support" her.  So once she got eliminated the family wanted to finish it, but they also wanted a blessing of comfort, so after we gave them a blessing! So ya ha-ha but MISS GUATEMALA!!!!
Yes, Even Miss Guatemala will kiss a frog
if he might the One!
So I was thinking a little more and for the package, phase 10, Uno, Reese’s and fast breaks! and JELLYBELLYS!!!! I need some duct tape, but not a lot just like a yard of it. And a couple Ziploc bags, sandwich and gallon, but only like 5 each.

Oh gosh it was bad this week. We are having lunch at our commodore, and they lit a candle because it was dark and after we are just chilling and me being me, I start playing with the fire, with my napkin and I had it crumpled up, and it burns very slow when it is crumpled up, and when I undid it, it looked like a snow angel because there were four holes, so I put it like 6 inches above the flame and then it BURST into flames, and went like everywhere, and so I am frantically trying to put out the 5 different fires around, and Elder Arce is laughing and the other person is laughing way hard too, so ya I almost burned down the house.

Do you guys have any questions? This week as far as the work was hard. We have a very hard area. We had a golden investigator! He just loves everything about the church. Found him Saturday and didn’t teach a thing just talked and invited him to church and he came the next day! So he was super golden, he received his answer about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, and wants to share his testimony. So we were so stoked!! (Notice I am talking in past tense) We will be teaching Chastity. He has another wife and child in the capital, and is only living with this women. (This is VERY common in Guatemala) so he needs to get a divorce which usually takes months but sometimes can take years, so we were pretty bummed about that. We will still work with him but he won’t be baptized soon. Besides that we are trying to find new investigators because we have no progressing investigators which is hard, no one will keep their commitments or pray! AH! But it’s ok we will succeed.

This week I am trying to focus on having more Faith in Christ. (It’s a Christ like attribute) ha-ha jk you know that but ya just putting all my trust in him. Which is hard but also easy at the same time (doesn’t make sense I know) but hey I have nothing to lose out here so this week I am going to try to do that, and work on that more.
Tell Hicky (Hermano Hicken) to tell the priests that missions are amazing! (obviously) but to prepare I wish I read the Book of Mormon more. It is honestly so great, before I didn’t read it at like all, I read every day because of that deal with Uncle Jay but I didn’t REALLY read it, I didn’t understand it all and I was tired most of the time.  So I know how hard it is to read but that will really help.  Also tell them to pray always. 1. it’s a commandment. and 2. IT’S AWESOME and the Lord will truly help. I will give more advice next week but I am out of time. LOVE YOU GUYS!!! I honestly think of you guys ALOT which is bad but good? It’s hard sometimes not going to lie but I love you guys!! And can’t wait to be reunited with you!!!

Hey so really quick I had a dream about after my mission! and you guys gave me the JEEP! How crazy was that! p.s. how cool would that be?

I can view your pictures they are great! The sport scores are great! Thanks! Anything about lLance Armstrong? Tell Nana I love her!!! Dad your letter, you sound great! Keep working on the Spanish! Mom, I love you! Dad, I love you! Something I was thinking about (I think a lot) every email we should send one memory we have had of each other (It will make me miss home but whatever). I have forgotten so many things, but I love the memories we have. The mustang in Idaho, or bowling and throwing the shoe at Bo! Just things like that. Well love you guys! Really I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Elder Call

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