Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Two Things I Learned Last Week

Hey so just in reply to last week’s email and a little of this weeks. Dad do you realize that they don’t have any addresses where we live in San Jorge. An address is 20 meters after the green house on the principal street! Ha-ha so ya…Mom my pants are fine, I am just gaining weight in the belly area, but everything is good, my shirts included! With emailing Pres. it is just me and him, so I can write whatever I want to him, but the stats of my comp and me are the same. I love the friend’s updates they give me something to read at night!! So I guess the Lord didn’t want me to have peach rings, I got the package, but then I left it at the bus stop! I was pretty upset, but it was only peach rings, oh well.... and I don’t think there is an actual Mormon rule against caffeine? That isn’t why we can’t drink coffee, because chocolate has caffeine, but last week we went to the capital to visit President and that was brought up, and he said if Coke is offered to us we can drink it. So it’s not a problem. Christmas list... I honestly don’t need anything, if anything just money but then again I am perfectly fine. So save it for when I get back, for laser hair removal, because the Guatemalan food has honestly made me so much hairier, all the sketchy food I am eating. They use oil like it is water here, and I’m not even kidding every meal!!! Ok I just played a mean joke!!! Mom I got my package and my mp3 and I LOVE IT!!!! Thank you so much that was so great! I honestly love it so much!!!!! That was the only thing I wanted for Christmas and you sent it!!! It is so great! I’m sorry for playing a mean joke. But I had too…I loved it so much!!  So for Christmas I haven’t really thought of anything, I can get everything here. I would like Photos! I did put bug spray on the list but I can get that here now I found. It’s expensive but everything from the States is. I would love like a 365 day calendar maybe with motivational or cool facts or something like that, but I don’t need one. Maybe some vitamins, because I don’t trust buying those here. Money, but I am good. Let me know what you think and if you are still going to send a package. Let me know and I will think of some things. Some candy I can’t get here cause I can get a lot of things here! Question what is grape fruit extract and worm wood? Some missionaries said that helps with worms. Also, is there a pill that will kill everything in your stomach that I could take after I eat something sketchy? And also is there a pill that I could take that would dump all the extra oil I am eating? Kinda like an anti fat pill? Probably not or else people would be taking it!!! Happy late anniversary!! Hope it was everything you hoped for and wished for! Oh and guess what? In the capital there is an Applebee’s!!! Oh how cool is that! I miss Lake Powell. I saw a thing on a TV while we were watching about jet skis and it made me miss it so badly!! Divisions were this week; they went really well, the Lord really blessed me, because I can speak Spanish!!! Well at least to survive and make it through all of our appointments. So let me hurry and tell you about a typical day. We wake up at 630 everyday, we are supposed to exercise but usually I write in my journal (maybe this is why I am fat?!?) (Not that I am fat, because they use oil like it is candy) but then shower at seven. That is something I hate! The water is SO COLD! And during the day it would feel good, but here in the mornings it is 70 or 80, so not hot, so the water is freezing, I have never taken more than a 3 minute shower. Something I’m still not used to.  Then we have breakfast at a commodore, 2 minutes from our house at a member’s house.
Then at 8 we have personal study. I study at my desk with my fan, and my comp, he studies in the other room, then comp study, and we usually study PMG and we watch these mission training videos, well actually there is an actual program that is brand new for everyone. So I learned two things this last week. 1. Why we don’t read newspapers, and 2. Guatemala is dangerous! I learned them both from reading newspapers. There are so many deaths and such, its crazy! I am grateful that San Jorge is super chill! So yesterday the 11th was the elections here. We have been on lock down for 70 hours now!! Super dangerous out there! Ha-ha just kidding! And don’t worry, I was a good boy and voted, I voted for Manuel Baldizon. I feel good about my vote, I feel like he will do good, He won and Otto something won to, so now they will run against each other for president! I’m kidding we can’t vote! But Google Baldizon, he seriously looks like superman. We did however have to be in by 6 pm on Sunday night, but things were so chill in San Jorge, but in Zacapa things were crazy I guess.  Well the pictures took so long loading that I don’t have any time now, sorry but at least you got the photos! (I hope) I miss you guys I won’t lie but I love it out here! Things are great. Let me know if you have any questions and also what I can do for you. Oh side note 2 things; I got the letter from Bristol’s so thank them, and I sent one back, and also I gave two blessings this week!  I was scared out of my mind and I did it in very broken Spanish, but hey I DID IT!!

I found out that San Jorge is the hardest area in the mission, as far as everything, a lot of problems; we have lasted longer than the last 10 missionaries! So that is good right? I think we will stay here a long time because we are (I think) making progress, so ya. Dad you cursed me by saying your mission is buggier then mine, now you cursed me with a scorpion in the house! It was with Elder Roberts and he was terrified so I had to catch it and kill it, and it was a good sized one too!
We are going to the capital again tomorrow (yes that is 3 times in the last 3 weeks) for a mission conference. Another 5 hour bus ride, this time we are leaving at 5 am, but I like it, it is something different from our daily routine.  Question if you sent me a gift card to McDonalds could I use it here?

Divisions went really well, by the third morning I realized it doesn’t matter if we have different interests or taste we are both here for the same reason. All of our lessons went very well! Dad also glad to hear you are relying more on the Lord, he is there for us, we just need to have the faith to put our trust in him! And another thing the talk by President Eyring about opportunities to do good reminded me of the time we did service for Sister Jewkes on Christmas, I am so grateful we did that, and I am sorry I didn’t want to do it at first. I love all the memories we had together. Mom with the Mustang to Idaho! I thought about that when I was hanging out the bus (because there were too many people) with the wind on my face reminded me of that. And I thought of random things like going to Denver for the Jazz game, thank you for all the different memories both of you!! I love it here and it has made me realize how much I love you guys!!!! And how blessed I really am! Life is great. Well I am out of time but hope you enjoy the pictures! I love you and sorry this week was very scattered! If you have any questions reply back and I will answer next week. Love you guys so much!!!  So I am going to switch over and do general emails now....love you!

This is what's left of the bat after the attack!!!

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  1. Aww Chaddy thank you for the pictures!! They were fun to look at. You don't look like you've gained that much weight. You hide it well :)