Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I can't believe I'm in Guatemala!!!

Hey! so i guess we get to write you today to tell you that everything is great..... bahahha jk everything is AMAZING! what the heck im in Guatemala??!?!?! i still hasnt hit me yet but the CCM is way nice! and small, its basically all one building, three floors, chapel and caferteria on the first floor, guys on the second floor, and hermana´s on the thrid floor and class rooms.  Well a little experience for you today, while waiting to board my plane to Guatemala they over booked the flight, so they offered to buy our tickets for 600 dollars, so i was thinking about taking that and waiting for the next flight, because tickets are like 500 i think so make a profit right?!? well my companison didnt like that very much so we jsut stayed in line and the stewardess comes ups and asks where we are sitting and i hand her my boarding pass and she walks back to her computer and types and hacks away veriously for a little then comes back with a new boarding pass for us, seat number 4 c, for those of you that arent frequent fliers that means FIRST CLASS!! woot woot, some how we got bumped up so ya i flew first class the whole way to guatemala, with pillows and blankets, (you usually have to rent those now) and tons of water (which you only get one in the loser seats, also they had to buy their snacks, i got a full on breakfast, granola bagel with cream cheese jam or butter, (they gave me all three, i got to pick from there) and yogurt and fresh fruit! is was awesome, oh and not to mention the room up there was unreal, so much room! Well then we got off and flew through customs with out a problem i exchanged my money all 108 (if there is anyone reading in Guatemala, i dont carry that on me at all times so if you try to mug me for it and i dont have it it will be in my room os check there after) sorry i am trying to type really fast and the keyboards are different because I AM IN GUATEMALA!!! i am assigned a new companion Elder Bruderer he is white from center vill, and then they just assigned me a Latino compainion for whenever we are in groups so like meals and meetings, so let the fun begin.  I promise i wont get frustrated though, i will learn it eventually, we are right next to the temple! so we get to go this friday.  oh and we are in the same time zone which is a good thing.  I cnat figure out how to return so this will be just one long paragraph.  Once we arrived here they let us eat breakfast, the cafertieria is small compared to the one in provo but that makes sense! then we take a nap until one when we went to class and started our day! it has been such a long day and i am still falling asleep! i cant wait to sleep tonight.  During our nap we had our window open cause thats what you do in Guatemala (dont worry you will learn soon enough how we do things) but ya i would say mid 70´s and it stopped raining from a 3 day rain so beautiful day, but i swear people here honk all the time! atleast every 5 minutes i would wake up from people honking! and its not your normal USA honk, it is a musical song that flows out in some pattern, and its always a different pitch, i am happy it woke me up but then i would instanly be mad becuase i just got woken up, so be careful and dont let it fool you! our p day is wednesdays i guess so that is when i will be emailing, and we cant sent any emails to any one but strictly family, but it only takes 10 days for a letter to get here! and they say that it is pretty reliable so i will right some letters soon, i can for sure only write on p day though in the mtc we wrote whenver but not here, oh and we can only take pictures that day too? so ya kinda weird but whatever i will obey;)  my address is     Boulevard Vista Hermosa (new line) 23-71 Zona 15 Vista Hermosa 1 (new lien) C.P 01015 Guatemala (new line) Ciudad de Guatemala...... so ya  fyi, It still hasn.t hit me that i am here in a different country but when it does im sure it will be hard, but i will always stay stoked! so dont worry, even when i am down or depressed or home sick or want to come home i will thnk of the Joy of the Gospelñ that i am sharring and why i am here! so dont worry about me;) love you guys DO WORK! -Elder Call  
Well love you guys! be strong, cause i will be strong if you do!!!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Letter Chad wrote to a friend giving him mission advice! He copied this to us...

June 23, 2011

So I leave in 5 days for Guatemala NBD, as for advice, you asked at a great time in fact I don’t think you could have asked at a better time. I have been doing a lot of thinking lately.

  1. Missions are hard, you usually only hear about the great stuff but they are hard also, best / hardest 2 years.
  2. You need  to truly know why you are out serving ya can’t be out serving for anyone else but yourself and the Lord. Know why you are serving.
  3. No matter where you get called there is a reason why you get called there. Every mission is still a mission for the Lord, whether it is in Boise, Idaho or Madagascar. A mission is a mission and you will be serving the Lord and have so many spiritual experiences and there will be people there only you can convert.
  4. The Lord will / wants to mold you so be moldable.
  5. Don’t do things and not learn from them, learn from everything.
  6. Be positive. It is so easy to get down and be negative but don’t. You are a representative of Jesus Christ.
  7. Honestly, the first couple of days you may feel inadequate, especially if you are trying to learn a new language, but you are adequate. The Lord knows what you are capable of, so trust in him.
I don’t mean to scare you or sound too serious, missions are great and so much fun. These are just a couple of my thoughts over the last couple of days. I came out with the wrong attitude, I had a mediocre testimony expecting that I could do this all on my own and it wouldn’t be that hard. But wrong attitude! Come in with an attitude of humble, willing to work, and just stoked to serve! I really wish I had learned the scriptures a lot more! Which is kind of hard to do, and study “Preach My Gospel” chapter 3 obv because that is what you are teaching all day every day. And just come out with a testimony that ya know! Everything else besides that doesn’t matter, that is the most important thing. One more thing that is kind of hard for me is forgetting my self. I’m working on it though. I’m super stoked for ya to get out here! Don’t let this letter scare you, it’s not meant to scare. Missions are dope! Just remember:

  1. Preach My Gospel
  2. Scriptures
  3. LOVE. If you have love ya can do anything that will make up for lacking in # 1 & 2. Love for the people and this gospel.
I love you and am so stoked for ya and to be out serving!

Elder Call

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Super Chill

haha well this email will be super chill not alot really going on or to write about, i now know how Kolby feels when he writes the shortest email ever home.  But dont worry this one hopefully wont be that short. Well first off thank you mom for sharring all the blogs of my friends with me, but it has gotten out of control, when i recieve 6 dear elders just full and i have no idea which one goes where, there is a point and we have past that point, so please no more, HOWEVER what you did on the 21st was great! you labeled them saying who and then what they said and you gave a short summary of whats been going on that was great! but if that is too much work esta bien, no worries. Umm first item of business is this whole suitcase dealio, Elder Penfolds mom called delta and its only 50 dollars if your over weight, not saying im planning on that but still better then 150 and they said you can have 2 suitcases carry on and backpack, so call them if you want and look into that.  However i dont want to see you guys at the airport, sorry.  I just cant.  but you can drop things off at the MTC, like a duffle bag if needed or ya i will make weight though, even if i have to leave stuff out, like hangers, the MTC has super light hangers that i think i might just switch out mine with, and down size my absorbing JR. into a small bottle which they have here.  What do you think? if you want to drop off a small bag for my carry on, maybe facebook sean? and have him do it? IDK who else you know up here that could but idk what you guys think of that.  Should i just leave stuff out? or i can mail stuff out if you want.  But things im leaving behind would be like hangers or pills, or ya, so let me know what you want me to do.  They do have scales here for us to weigh our bags. I have to get some immunizations today, my hep A and B idk why or what but somewhere along the line someone screwed up, so i need more.  It will cost 97 dollars. Does insurance cover that?  A phone card ... i haven't seen any in the MTC for sale, so ya i can just use a pay phone in LA to call you guys, its NBD, and im sure i can buy a phone card in Guatemala! i leave in 5 days!!!! how crazy is that? Back to suitcases and stuff, you can call the MTC and explain my situation of being over weight (in luggage) and see if you can pick up some stuff i leave for you, or drop off a duffle bag n such, and then just get back to me with what you want to do, its hard becuase i wont be able to email or write you back before i leave.  So the conversation is now soley onesided. Next item of business (dont post on blog) what do you recommend? Well now that all items of business are over and i have alot of time left i guess i am forced to write some words of wisdom here....

-Love Elder Call

haha ok jk, ya i just pulled the fake goodbye, but hey i just got a great idea, i will save 10 minutes to email you back tonight, so dear elder me RIGHT NOW or for sure before noon and then i will get it by six tonight and can write back tonight around class time. Real qucik cause now i have to save time I am going through a change of heart here, Im not all the way done or through with it, but i am definitly transforming, its like the transformers from the movie by the same title, they are transforming and you hit pause in the middle of them changing, that is where i am at, i am starting to see the big picture and see that this is much bigger then me or you or us, im not all the way done i still have along way to go, but God put me here speaking spanish for a reason, and to do some specific things, i am so stoked to get out there and wreck guatemala (in a good way) i am scared i wont lie i can barely speak a lick of spanish, but i am so stoked, i am not going to be shy, i will share my testimony with any and everyone.  I have no idea what i am doing but i am just going to do what the spirit tells me to do, and not second guess things.  I love you all and will probably write you a letter today.  Thank you for all the love and support its crazy how much it helps i can truely feel the prayers working for me.  Dad i love you, i am going to miss you, i will miss being able to just joke around with you and the playful relationship we had.  DONT MEET ME IN THE GUATEMALAN AIRPORT!!!! oh gosh i can still picture seeing you there in a super chill hawaian shirt just total torrist holding a sign saying ELDER CALL, or better yet you are dressed as a limo driver with the super dope limo hat! hahahaha oh gosh i love you, and Mom THANK you for everything you are truly an amazing woman, i want to be just like you the type of person you are when i grow up (well minus the female childing bearing parts) but still YES! i love you and will write you back tonight if i get the dear elder back!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Nice Father's Day Card with Pictures Too!

A nice father's day card came for Brooke...WOW do they teach these boys in the MTC manners and gratitude or what!!! was a really nice card plus it had pictures as well!!!
Always a treat! Elder Christian Clayton
My roomies from L to R:
Penfold, Call, Anderson, Jensen.
My companion Elder Penfold and me.
Our whole district
All our district name badges!
Elder Slater...
reminds me of Elder Logan Terry!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

First P-Day

first off thank you for all the love and support its been great! i am the most loved elder here, haha (this is where i would say jk)Haha well we cheated the system today, ok im kidding about being the most popular, but thank you all for the letters prayers and support. so we cheated the system.... we went and printed all of our emails today, then you hit restart and it shuts down the computer and resets your time, so i am well prepared this time.  Usually if you log out then you automatically lose 5 minutes off the time but i am starting out with a full 30.  first off dad spell checker takes too long, and ever since i began studying spanish my emglish as gonne down hill, pelling and speeking.  I forget words now! ok ill stop missspelling words now:) Well first off i am sorry but i guess i sent the wrong impresssion last time with my letters i dont even remember what i wrote.  time is backwards in here, The days seriously feel like weeks they are so long, and the weeks feel like days, i have already been in here over a week now, and it feels like yesterday i was the new missionary standing there with a red dot on my chest looking lost and helpless.  but now we own this place! but anywho sorry for sending the wrong impression i love it here, life is great!  I mean of course i am going to be frustrated witht the language we have only been here a week, by day two we were teaching an investigator in complete spanish! i still feel like i am way behind but Trevor Thompson just barely started teaching in spanish and he is two weeks ahead of me, it is because of this pilot program they are trying out.  Dad they have what they call here SYL which stands for speak your language and we are supposed to alwasy be speaking on spanish as much as possible. which we need to step up on.  But it is hard! but i know that the lord has called me to learn spanish for a reason and he will help me.  Once i get to Guatemala (i leave in 12 days!!!) how crazy is that? but once i get down there i will learn it so much faster.  Ok mom dear elder delivers fridays and saturdays, so you can write then also, well to ANYONE they deliver everyday but sunday, and whatever you write saturday night and sunday they weill deliver at 9 am on monday.  The mail gets delivered at least 3 times a day maybe more but that is what we have seen at least.  So ya dearelder everyday but sunday.  My hand is basically almost healed, it is crazy how fast it has healed, thats the Lord working in small ways, but one day it just scabbed over and now it is Bueno.  Mom keep me posted on the new helicopter for sure i am stoked to hear all about that!!! Umm shaving is getting better, i no longer get irratated where my shirt rubs my neck.  K what is the most manily form of showing love? well i did it, we got a new district in yesterday, and i had or i got to teach a kid how to shave, it was the most manly form of charity/love ever, it was great.  Mom if you knew they didnt allow gum why did you let me take a costco case of it with me?!?! should i send the gum and batteries back?  I can only write emails on thursday so i will reply then, but dont worry im not done writing.  That is too bad about the HEat losing i really wanted them to win, but Dirk deserved it i guess, it was his turn.  ok sorry this email is scattered i just wanted to get all the items of business taken care of now to answer your 13 questions..... 1. my pillow is awesome, the ones they give to use here suck, they are flat and nasty. 2. They give out sheets and blankets to use here also, so every single elder here has the same color of sheets an blankets, so dont worry i didnt have to put up with the embarrassment of haveing black and red sheets... that would have been horrible, i am greatful i didnt have to go through that ordeal. 3. Absolutly no music is allowed here, which has been tough but i have kept my mp3 player put away until i get to guatemala. 4. today is technically my first p day, so we have alot of personal time for whatever we need, we are going to write letters, do laundry, get my suit dry cleaned, shop (they have a store here kind of that has whatever we would need, everything is regular price and then missionaries get half off of basically everything its great) i need mouth wash and some nail clippers the ones we got cant cut through squat.  but i am greatful i have them and you got them for me, thank you so much for all that you do!  and has far has leaving the grounds, only to the temple on our assigned time frame, so in a way yes but not really. 5. Gym... we get gym everyday but our p day and sunday, and the time are varied through out the day, some at 6 am and others at 730 pm, they are all different.  Yesterday i decided to try and run a 530 mile because i just dont feel healthy, so i started out and was on target for the first couple laps then i slowly slowed down and lets just say that i didnt get it haha.  But for the rest of the day i was super tired so i vowed to never do that again, and i will jsut stick to my four square, which i dont mean to toot my own horn but i am good, if there was a final four for four square i would be in it.  6. spanish i reconize alot of words now, i can remember some here and there, but it is still coming. 7. hand is great! 8. i got the package monday like the day you sent it, it came super fast i was surprised, thank you so much! it was wonderful.  but as far as sending me stuff to guatemala... dont. just loving me and supoporting me is plenty. 9. i will write in a letter because i only have 5 minute left. 10. no i haven't met elder anderson. 11. i always am running into people, my companion probably is so annoyed with me for stopping, but ive seen Jamison a ton always a pleasure, elder thompson, always a treat. Clayton always a privlage,and ryan is joyful when i see hem, we are leaving the same day, and we usually eat together. i will explain how that works in my letter. 12. i think it would be cheaper just to buy whatever i need here then have you send it, but i think i am set! they take care of us here. 13. money... now the old chad would say yes i ahve no monies and need some, (sad face) but the new Elder call is great! i have plenty they give us money to buy stuff with i will explain in the letter i am out of time. but do you need money? can i help you out
!??! i lvoe you guys and will go write a letter right now.
-Elder Call

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mission Plaque hanging at the Ward

A rough day

June 12
Mom and Dad,
Well it’s Sunday night. Today and a little of yesterday has been a roller coaster of emotion for me. Saturday was good, I was just super tired and then today I was burned out. I was so tired and we had so much time off studying that I was burned out and in a way bad mood. I kept it inside and didn’t express it to anyone but just so sick of all the rules. There are so many rules here. I can see a reason for all of them but just so sick of them. Like no gum, or music, or we have to stay in our classroom, I can see why they have them because missionaries in the past have ruined it for all of us. But then in an interview today with our branch president, I asked how could I feel the spirit more because I’m doing everything, studying hard, being obedient. But I thought I wasn’t feeling it a lot, and he said that it’s not always the warm and fuzzy feeling. It still guides us to do things that we may not even notice the effect it could have, but people are watching you so that was good. Then at the devotional tonight the administrative director of the MTC spoke and I just had a total change of heart of why I’m here and that it’s not my time, it’s his. After the devotional we watched the movie “Legacy” and oh man the elders in here are deprived they went crazy when anyone would kiss. I hope I don’t ever get that desperate! But during the movie I had the spirit touch my heart and I just felt such a love for you guys. I don’t miss you guys. I mean don’t get the wrong idea here, but I sincerely and truly deeply love you guys! Thank you for everything that you have done and will do for me. One of the parents died in the movie and I thought of you guys and a tear may or may not have come to my eye. I love you guys and want you to know that. Today was rough but things are “muy bien” now. Life is good. I’m in the Lords errand now and not my own. The spirit is so strong here and works in weird ways. I leave here in 16 days and I’m kind of way excited to leave. Love you guys and will write some more.
Elder Call

P.S. I broke the rules to writ this J

Monday, June 13, 2011

Yet another letter...handwritten even...3 in less than 1 week?

Dad and Mom,
     How is it going? I love you first off. Everything is going great in here. Everyone asks if I’m overwhelmed and I never really was overwhelmed. If anything the only major emotion I’ve had would be frustration. I get so frustrated with the language because our teacher only speaks Spanish, which is all the time, no ingles. I am picking up a little with it, but I will get it. Our teacher’s name is Heap. He just got off his mission 4 months ago from Chile. Well NBA finals are tomorrow (Sunday). You should let me know about it and how it goes. Its weird not having a Supervisor all the time, everything is on our own. We only have a teacher 3 hours every day, but that is it.
     So after the curbside drop off me went and got my picture taken, then I went to my room and dropped the stuff off and went to the classroom. It’s on the 5th floor of a new building. It is pretty small and there are 12 elders which is a ton. Met my companion, he is kind of quiet but not totally. I never know what he is thinking; he doesn’t get my humor…so he probably thinks I’m weird. Afterwards we went to a devotional with the Presidency.  There I saw Elder Wade what is always a pleasure. I feel bad for my companion because he doesn’t know anyone in here and I know quite a few, always running into people I know. P-day is Thursday just FYI…It was super hard to wake up this morning (Saturday) but the other days haven’t been too bad. It doesn’t even feel like a Saturday. I’ve lost track of the days basically. The day feels like a week and the week feels like a day. It’s weird how it goes. Let me know about the band-aids and feel free to ask any questions. I don’t know what I’ve told you or what you know and I feel like I have forgotten something. I want to write good letters/emails so give me some tips on how I can improve, but don’t bother mentioning my handwriting. I already know its horrible or my spelling I already have forgotten what little I did know of how to spell. (Believe me I have corrected this before posting….haha) Don’t worry about me, life is good. I love you guys!

Elder Call

P.S. I got your hidden letter you sneaky person…thank you for sharing your testimony. I love you guys!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hola from Provo

Mom and dad, I will not lie I was a little shocked and disappointed that I didn’t have an email waiting for me with lots of questions! You better have not already forgotten about me yet. Umm for future do we want to do individual emails separately to each of you or together?
Thank you for all the letters so far! I love getting them they really are great. And for all the love and support it’s been great.  I have seen so many elders here that I know which has been way fun, Jamison has maybe lost weight? But I have only seen him once.  I saw paco this morning for the first time; we are on opposite schedules so I will basically never see him but we talked for a good while today which was good.  I felt bad for my companion.
MY COMPANION! His name is Elder Ryan Penfold, and he is from northern California.  He is very motivated to work and is super great.  The first day we were both quiet and just kinda did whatever, but now I’ve loosened up but he is still kinda quiet.  Idk he is super chill and a great kid.  He totally reminds me of the kid off of the movie I am number four, with looks, minus the longer hair. And he doesn't look like he is pissed off all the time too which is a good thing.  Umm for a week and a half I will be Sr. Comp. then in a week and a half we will switch so we both get to be it. 
The first day I wasn't really too over whelmed I never really have been, I guess it hasn't hit me yet? Well I know it hasn't because in gym time I saw two elders dressed and I thought well there are the missionaries, then I remember wait we all are missionaries.  I get super super frustrated with the language. We are on a pilot program which is better but harder, and our teacher only speaks Spanish, no English which I can barely understand.  Most of our district spoke some Spanish before coming here so they understand more than me.  MY comp is pretty good at Spanish.  I will get it eventually it has only been four days.  We have set goals to learn it better.  WE taught our first investigator yesterday in all Spanish which was way cool, we teach her again tonight. So we are preparing for that.
The food here is alright.  It is packed full of preservatives which is alright because it is hard to feed over 2000 elders 3 times a day, but I can literally feel myself getting fatter as I eat it.  I will take a bite and feel it.  For gym I play four square a ton, which you may think is an elementary game but it is not! It is a very intense game with fully grown men. 
Mom no wonder my suit case is so heavy, you LOADED it with batteries when you said you put some in I was thinking about 5 or 6 but not Costco’s entire stock!  Umm there is a red timer in the upper right hand corner which counts down from 30 so it is very stressful, so I need to start wrapping up.
Well a couple items of business first.... 1. My hand blister is giving me so much trouble.  It will not heal I feel like, granted it only happened a week ago Monday but GRR!! Haha I also think it won’t heal because it is right on my right palm which is what I use to shake everyone’s hands with.  It has soaked through many band aids already onto others hands.  Haha they don’t even have a clue.  So do you have any more band aids? The good kind with the four different prongs kind of a thing that wrap around surfaces really good? And the other heavy duty band aides that aren't plastic but like actual canvas? If you do could you send some more? If not I can go buy some here.  If you guys need package ideas snack foods, things that I could throw in my backpack for in between activities would be great, like jolly ranchers or LIVE SAVORS, but I’m not necessarily asking for them.  :) 2. Write me an email through dear elder, so I can already think about what I am going to write and what questions to answer because this timer thing is stressful.  3.  Thanks for the letters I love them! Hopefully you got my hand letter I sent Wednesday.  I will probably write more letters today.  Thursday is my p day here, but we got today also for some reason? 4. Shaving stinks my face has way bad rash, 5. I hate shaving. 6. I love this our zone leader told us this" we only have 2 years to go 100% and eternity to ponder about it" so don’t worry about me life is great here, keepin my nose to the grindstone.  7. I have broken a rule, no gum is allowed, but I sometimes ya... 8. There is a norovirus going around called like gastro intestinal something so we can’t shake hands or anything! Well times up love you!
-Elder Call

Friday, June 10, 2011

First Letter

I was so surprised when the mail came today and there was a hand written letter from Elder Chad that was quick mail service! Here's what the boy has to say (no spelling or punctuation changed): "Well I made it through Wednesday it is now thursday morning yesterday was crazy! after you Dropped me off I went through registration and got my picture taken. I look like a goon! Ha but its ok because no one sees it. So far I have seen so many elders I know. but not elder Miller or Clayton but It was only a half Day here. So I bet I will see them today. Well My p day is Saturday, so if you get this before then email me some questions you have and I can email ya back with LOTS of detail cause ya said something like that. Scatch all that...I just saw Elder Miller....Oh I looked into it further and I and I think my p day is actually Thursday? but this Saturday we also get some prep time? So we will see what becomes. Lots of studying time today oh my companion. he is great he reminds me of the kid off of the movie I Am Number 4. but with shorter hair obviously he is kind of quiet too like in the movie, but he Doesn't look pissed off all the time Well I should be getting back to study time and I will be wirting you guys soon enough either saturday or next Thursday Love you. Elder Call
P.S. I am wearing a purple striped tie.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Very Emotional Day

Today was such an incredible day! We took Chad up to the MTC.

Of course it was very emotional for me, but there was such an calming cloud of peace that came over me after we dropped Chad off that I knew that this was the right thing for him to be doing here and now. The tears stopped instantaneously.

It was interesting, he gave us permission to read his journal after we dropped him off at the MTC on our way home and here are his thoughts and feelings:
"Well I'm on my way to the MTC and I'm writing this as we are driving up. Last night I was doubting myself thinking what if I can't do this or get scared but then this morning I woke up super stoked and I knew I was ready. I know it will be hard but I am ready. My last week was so fun, Monday I went to Zions with Sarah, Chase, KJ, Kylie, and Mike...we hiked Angels Landing, ate at Oscar's, got ice cream and then went and saw Thor on the IMAX for $8 in 3D. I truly felt relaxed and felt like I was on vacation. My farewell talk went very well I was pleased with how it went and the after party was way fun at the Millers."

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Last week before he leaves

Well this certainly has been an emotional rollercoaster ride this past week (at least for the Mom!)...Chad spent A LOT of time with friends and very little time getting ready...but once we got Jamison Miller off on his mission Mom was able to get more of Chad's time and attention. We spent a fun Memorial Day with just the three of us up in Zion's National Park and went on a fun leizure hike to Upper Emerald Pool. It was such a beautiful area. Brooke and Jan had never been there.

Tuesday June 7th was spent getting suitcases packed and weighed...he is allowed 50 lbs per bag and the MTC has another 8-10 lbs that they will be giving him in Provo...his bags weigh in at a whopping 47 lbs and 49 1/2 lbs...I think he is going to have to get creative to get his bags under weight! Just want to thank everyone that has dropped by to offer their love and support! We love you and appreciate you!!! President Richards came by our home this evening and set Chad apart as a missionary. He gave Chad a beautiful blessing that will be a source of strength for him throughout his mission. He goes under the watchful protection of our Heavenly Father. This week has been a week of a lot of reflection for me. I have reflected upon Chad and his life to this point and the many wonderful blessings that have come his way and will come his way...Go in Peace Chad and Return with Honor!!!