Thursday, June 23, 2011

Super Chill

haha well this email will be super chill not alot really going on or to write about, i now know how Kolby feels when he writes the shortest email ever home.  But dont worry this one hopefully wont be that short. Well first off thank you mom for sharring all the blogs of my friends with me, but it has gotten out of control, when i recieve 6 dear elders just full and i have no idea which one goes where, there is a point and we have past that point, so please no more, HOWEVER what you did on the 21st was great! you labeled them saying who and then what they said and you gave a short summary of whats been going on that was great! but if that is too much work esta bien, no worries. Umm first item of business is this whole suitcase dealio, Elder Penfolds mom called delta and its only 50 dollars if your over weight, not saying im planning on that but still better then 150 and they said you can have 2 suitcases carry on and backpack, so call them if you want and look into that.  However i dont want to see you guys at the airport, sorry.  I just cant.  but you can drop things off at the MTC, like a duffle bag if needed or ya i will make weight though, even if i have to leave stuff out, like hangers, the MTC has super light hangers that i think i might just switch out mine with, and down size my absorbing JR. into a small bottle which they have here.  What do you think? if you want to drop off a small bag for my carry on, maybe facebook sean? and have him do it? IDK who else you know up here that could but idk what you guys think of that.  Should i just leave stuff out? or i can mail stuff out if you want.  But things im leaving behind would be like hangers or pills, or ya, so let me know what you want me to do.  They do have scales here for us to weigh our bags. I have to get some immunizations today, my hep A and B idk why or what but somewhere along the line someone screwed up, so i need more.  It will cost 97 dollars. Does insurance cover that?  A phone card ... i haven't seen any in the MTC for sale, so ya i can just use a pay phone in LA to call you guys, its NBD, and im sure i can buy a phone card in Guatemala! i leave in 5 days!!!! how crazy is that? Back to suitcases and stuff, you can call the MTC and explain my situation of being over weight (in luggage) and see if you can pick up some stuff i leave for you, or drop off a duffle bag n such, and then just get back to me with what you want to do, its hard becuase i wont be able to email or write you back before i leave.  So the conversation is now soley onesided. Next item of business (dont post on blog) what do you recommend? Well now that all items of business are over and i have alot of time left i guess i am forced to write some words of wisdom here....

-Love Elder Call

haha ok jk, ya i just pulled the fake goodbye, but hey i just got a great idea, i will save 10 minutes to email you back tonight, so dear elder me RIGHT NOW or for sure before noon and then i will get it by six tonight and can write back tonight around class time. Real qucik cause now i have to save time I am going through a change of heart here, Im not all the way done or through with it, but i am definitly transforming, its like the transformers from the movie by the same title, they are transforming and you hit pause in the middle of them changing, that is where i am at, i am starting to see the big picture and see that this is much bigger then me or you or us, im not all the way done i still have along way to go, but God put me here speaking spanish for a reason, and to do some specific things, i am so stoked to get out there and wreck guatemala (in a good way) i am scared i wont lie i can barely speak a lick of spanish, but i am so stoked, i am not going to be shy, i will share my testimony with any and everyone.  I have no idea what i am doing but i am just going to do what the spirit tells me to do, and not second guess things.  I love you all and will probably write you a letter today.  Thank you for all the love and support its crazy how much it helps i can truely feel the prayers working for me.  Dad i love you, i am going to miss you, i will miss being able to just joke around with you and the playful relationship we had.  DONT MEET ME IN THE GUATEMALAN AIRPORT!!!! oh gosh i can still picture seeing you there in a super chill hawaian shirt just total torrist holding a sign saying ELDER CALL, or better yet you are dressed as a limo driver with the super dope limo hat! hahahaha oh gosh i love you, and Mom THANK you for everything you are truly an amazing woman, i want to be just like you the type of person you are when i grow up (well minus the female childing bearing parts) but still YES! i love you and will write you back tonight if i get the dear elder back!!!

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  1. Chaddy you are inspirational. You are going to make Guatemala a better place. Love you man