Thursday, June 16, 2011

First P-Day

first off thank you for all the love and support its been great! i am the most loved elder here, haha (this is where i would say jk)Haha well we cheated the system today, ok im kidding about being the most popular, but thank you all for the letters prayers and support. so we cheated the system.... we went and printed all of our emails today, then you hit restart and it shuts down the computer and resets your time, so i am well prepared this time.  Usually if you log out then you automatically lose 5 minutes off the time but i am starting out with a full 30.  first off dad spell checker takes too long, and ever since i began studying spanish my emglish as gonne down hill, pelling and speeking.  I forget words now! ok ill stop missspelling words now:) Well first off i am sorry but i guess i sent the wrong impresssion last time with my letters i dont even remember what i wrote.  time is backwards in here, The days seriously feel like weeks they are so long, and the weeks feel like days, i have already been in here over a week now, and it feels like yesterday i was the new missionary standing there with a red dot on my chest looking lost and helpless.  but now we own this place! but anywho sorry for sending the wrong impression i love it here, life is great!  I mean of course i am going to be frustrated witht the language we have only been here a week, by day two we were teaching an investigator in complete spanish! i still feel like i am way behind but Trevor Thompson just barely started teaching in spanish and he is two weeks ahead of me, it is because of this pilot program they are trying out.  Dad they have what they call here SYL which stands for speak your language and we are supposed to alwasy be speaking on spanish as much as possible. which we need to step up on.  But it is hard! but i know that the lord has called me to learn spanish for a reason and he will help me.  Once i get to Guatemala (i leave in 12 days!!!) how crazy is that? but once i get down there i will learn it so much faster.  Ok mom dear elder delivers fridays and saturdays, so you can write then also, well to ANYONE they deliver everyday but sunday, and whatever you write saturday night and sunday they weill deliver at 9 am on monday.  The mail gets delivered at least 3 times a day maybe more but that is what we have seen at least.  So ya dearelder everyday but sunday.  My hand is basically almost healed, it is crazy how fast it has healed, thats the Lord working in small ways, but one day it just scabbed over and now it is Bueno.  Mom keep me posted on the new helicopter for sure i am stoked to hear all about that!!! Umm shaving is getting better, i no longer get irratated where my shirt rubs my neck.  K what is the most manily form of showing love? well i did it, we got a new district in yesterday, and i had or i got to teach a kid how to shave, it was the most manly form of charity/love ever, it was great.  Mom if you knew they didnt allow gum why did you let me take a costco case of it with me?!?! should i send the gum and batteries back?  I can only write emails on thursday so i will reply then, but dont worry im not done writing.  That is too bad about the HEat losing i really wanted them to win, but Dirk deserved it i guess, it was his turn.  ok sorry this email is scattered i just wanted to get all the items of business taken care of now to answer your 13 questions..... 1. my pillow is awesome, the ones they give to use here suck, they are flat and nasty. 2. They give out sheets and blankets to use here also, so every single elder here has the same color of sheets an blankets, so dont worry i didnt have to put up with the embarrassment of haveing black and red sheets... that would have been horrible, i am greatful i didnt have to go through that ordeal. 3. Absolutly no music is allowed here, which has been tough but i have kept my mp3 player put away until i get to guatemala. 4. today is technically my first p day, so we have alot of personal time for whatever we need, we are going to write letters, do laundry, get my suit dry cleaned, shop (they have a store here kind of that has whatever we would need, everything is regular price and then missionaries get half off of basically everything its great) i need mouth wash and some nail clippers the ones we got cant cut through squat.  but i am greatful i have them and you got them for me, thank you so much for all that you do!  and has far has leaving the grounds, only to the temple on our assigned time frame, so in a way yes but not really. 5. Gym... we get gym everyday but our p day and sunday, and the time are varied through out the day, some at 6 am and others at 730 pm, they are all different.  Yesterday i decided to try and run a 530 mile because i just dont feel healthy, so i started out and was on target for the first couple laps then i slowly slowed down and lets just say that i didnt get it haha.  But for the rest of the day i was super tired so i vowed to never do that again, and i will jsut stick to my four square, which i dont mean to toot my own horn but i am good, if there was a final four for four square i would be in it.  6. spanish i reconize alot of words now, i can remember some here and there, but it is still coming. 7. hand is great! 8. i got the package monday like the day you sent it, it came super fast i was surprised, thank you so much! it was wonderful.  but as far as sending me stuff to guatemala... dont. just loving me and supoporting me is plenty. 9. i will write in a letter because i only have 5 minute left. 10. no i haven't met elder anderson. 11. i always am running into people, my companion probably is so annoyed with me for stopping, but ive seen Jamison a ton always a pleasure, elder thompson, always a treat. Clayton always a privlage,and ryan is joyful when i see hem, we are leaving the same day, and we usually eat together. i will explain how that works in my letter. 12. i think it would be cheaper just to buy whatever i need here then have you send it, but i think i am set! they take care of us here. 13. money... now the old chad would say yes i ahve no monies and need some, (sad face) but the new Elder call is great! i have plenty they give us money to buy stuff with i will explain in the letter i am out of time. but do you need money? can i help you out
!??! i lvoe you guys and will go write a letter right now.
-Elder Call

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