Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hola from Provo

Mom and dad, I will not lie I was a little shocked and disappointed that I didn’t have an email waiting for me with lots of questions! You better have not already forgotten about me yet. Umm for future do we want to do individual emails separately to each of you or together?
Thank you for all the letters so far! I love getting them they really are great. And for all the love and support it’s been great.  I have seen so many elders here that I know which has been way fun, Jamison has maybe lost weight? But I have only seen him once.  I saw paco this morning for the first time; we are on opposite schedules so I will basically never see him but we talked for a good while today which was good.  I felt bad for my companion.
MY COMPANION! His name is Elder Ryan Penfold, and he is from northern California.  He is very motivated to work and is super great.  The first day we were both quiet and just kinda did whatever, but now I’ve loosened up but he is still kinda quiet.  Idk he is super chill and a great kid.  He totally reminds me of the kid off of the movie I am number four, with looks, minus the longer hair. And he doesn't look like he is pissed off all the time too which is a good thing.  Umm for a week and a half I will be Sr. Comp. then in a week and a half we will switch so we both get to be it. 
The first day I wasn't really too over whelmed I never really have been, I guess it hasn't hit me yet? Well I know it hasn't because in gym time I saw two elders dressed and I thought well there are the missionaries, then I remember wait we all are missionaries.  I get super super frustrated with the language. We are on a pilot program which is better but harder, and our teacher only speaks Spanish, no English which I can barely understand.  Most of our district spoke some Spanish before coming here so they understand more than me.  MY comp is pretty good at Spanish.  I will get it eventually it has only been four days.  We have set goals to learn it better.  WE taught our first investigator yesterday in all Spanish which was way cool, we teach her again tonight. So we are preparing for that.
The food here is alright.  It is packed full of preservatives which is alright because it is hard to feed over 2000 elders 3 times a day, but I can literally feel myself getting fatter as I eat it.  I will take a bite and feel it.  For gym I play four square a ton, which you may think is an elementary game but it is not! It is a very intense game with fully grown men. 
Mom no wonder my suit case is so heavy, you LOADED it with batteries when you said you put some in I was thinking about 5 or 6 but not Costco’s entire stock!  Umm there is a red timer in the upper right hand corner which counts down from 30 so it is very stressful, so I need to start wrapping up.
Well a couple items of business first.... 1. My hand blister is giving me so much trouble.  It will not heal I feel like, granted it only happened a week ago Monday but GRR!! Haha I also think it won’t heal because it is right on my right palm which is what I use to shake everyone’s hands with.  It has soaked through many band aids already onto others hands.  Haha they don’t even have a clue.  So do you have any more band aids? The good kind with the four different prongs kind of a thing that wrap around surfaces really good? And the other heavy duty band aides that aren't plastic but like actual canvas? If you do could you send some more? If not I can go buy some here.  If you guys need package ideas snack foods, things that I could throw in my backpack for in between activities would be great, like jolly ranchers or LIVE SAVORS, but I’m not necessarily asking for them.  :) 2. Write me an email through dear elder, so I can already think about what I am going to write and what questions to answer because this timer thing is stressful.  3.  Thanks for the letters I love them! Hopefully you got my hand letter I sent Wednesday.  I will probably write more letters today.  Thursday is my p day here, but we got today also for some reason? 4. Shaving stinks my face has way bad rash, 5. I hate shaving. 6. I love this our zone leader told us this" we only have 2 years to go 100% and eternity to ponder about it" so don’t worry about me life is great here, keepin my nose to the grindstone.  7. I have broken a rule, no gum is allowed, but I sometimes ya... 8. There is a norovirus going around called like gastro intestinal something so we can’t shake hands or anything! Well times up love you!
-Elder Call

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  1. hahahahahhahahahah ohhhh Chad. Jan, this blog looks great! haha i don't know what you were saying, i might need some help from YOU getting Jamisons a little more organized!!!......gastro intestinal hahahahhaha fantastic hahaha.