Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Last week before he leaves

Well this certainly has been an emotional rollercoaster ride this past week (at least for the Mom!)...Chad spent A LOT of time with friends and very little time getting ready...but once we got Jamison Miller off on his mission Mom was able to get more of Chad's time and attention. We spent a fun Memorial Day with just the three of us up in Zion's National Park and went on a fun leizure hike to Upper Emerald Pool. It was such a beautiful area. Brooke and Jan had never been there.

Tuesday June 7th was spent getting suitcases packed and weighed...he is allowed 50 lbs per bag and the MTC has another 8-10 lbs that they will be giving him in Provo...his bags weigh in at a whopping 47 lbs and 49 1/2 lbs...I think he is going to have to get creative to get his bags under weight! Just want to thank everyone that has dropped by to offer their love and support! We love you and appreciate you!!! President Richards came by our home this evening and set Chad apart as a missionary. He gave Chad a beautiful blessing that will be a source of strength for him throughout his mission. He goes under the watchful protection of our Heavenly Father. This week has been a week of a lot of reflection for me. I have reflected upon Chad and his life to this point and the many wonderful blessings that have come his way and will come his way...Go in Peace Chad and Return with Honor!!!

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