Friday, June 10, 2011

First Letter

I was so surprised when the mail came today and there was a hand written letter from Elder Chad that was quick mail service! Here's what the boy has to say (no spelling or punctuation changed): "Well I made it through Wednesday it is now thursday morning yesterday was crazy! after you Dropped me off I went through registration and got my picture taken. I look like a goon! Ha but its ok because no one sees it. So far I have seen so many elders I know. but not elder Miller or Clayton but It was only a half Day here. So I bet I will see them today. Well My p day is Saturday, so if you get this before then email me some questions you have and I can email ya back with LOTS of detail cause ya said something like that. Scatch all that...I just saw Elder Miller....Oh I looked into it further and I and I think my p day is actually Thursday? but this Saturday we also get some prep time? So we will see what becomes. Lots of studying time today oh my companion. he is great he reminds me of the kid off of the movie I Am Number 4. but with shorter hair obviously he is kind of quiet too like in the movie, but he Doesn't look pissed off all the time Well I should be getting back to study time and I will be wirting you guys soon enough either saturday or next Thursday Love you. Elder Call
P.S. I am wearing a purple striped tie.

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