Monday, June 13, 2011

Yet another letter...handwritten even...3 in less than 1 week?

Dad and Mom,
     How is it going? I love you first off. Everything is going great in here. Everyone asks if I’m overwhelmed and I never really was overwhelmed. If anything the only major emotion I’ve had would be frustration. I get so frustrated with the language because our teacher only speaks Spanish, which is all the time, no ingles. I am picking up a little with it, but I will get it. Our teacher’s name is Heap. He just got off his mission 4 months ago from Chile. Well NBA finals are tomorrow (Sunday). You should let me know about it and how it goes. Its weird not having a Supervisor all the time, everything is on our own. We only have a teacher 3 hours every day, but that is it.
     So after the curbside drop off me went and got my picture taken, then I went to my room and dropped the stuff off and went to the classroom. It’s on the 5th floor of a new building. It is pretty small and there are 12 elders which is a ton. Met my companion, he is kind of quiet but not totally. I never know what he is thinking; he doesn’t get my humor…so he probably thinks I’m weird. Afterwards we went to a devotional with the Presidency.  There I saw Elder Wade what is always a pleasure. I feel bad for my companion because he doesn’t know anyone in here and I know quite a few, always running into people I know. P-day is Thursday just FYI…It was super hard to wake up this morning (Saturday) but the other days haven’t been too bad. It doesn’t even feel like a Saturday. I’ve lost track of the days basically. The day feels like a week and the week feels like a day. It’s weird how it goes. Let me know about the band-aids and feel free to ask any questions. I don’t know what I’ve told you or what you know and I feel like I have forgotten something. I want to write good letters/emails so give me some tips on how I can improve, but don’t bother mentioning my handwriting. I already know its horrible or my spelling I already have forgotten what little I did know of how to spell. (Believe me I have corrected this before posting….haha) Don’t worry about me, life is good. I love you guys!

Elder Call

P.S. I got your hidden letter you sneaky person…thank you for sharing your testimony. I love you guys!

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