Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I can't believe I'm in Guatemala!!!

Hey! so i guess we get to write you today to tell you that everything is great..... bahahha jk everything is AMAZING! what the heck im in Guatemala??!?!?! i still hasnt hit me yet but the CCM is way nice! and small, its basically all one building, three floors, chapel and caferteria on the first floor, guys on the second floor, and hermana´s on the thrid floor and class rooms.  Well a little experience for you today, while waiting to board my plane to Guatemala they over booked the flight, so they offered to buy our tickets for 600 dollars, so i was thinking about taking that and waiting for the next flight, because tickets are like 500 i think so make a profit right?!? well my companison didnt like that very much so we jsut stayed in line and the stewardess comes ups and asks where we are sitting and i hand her my boarding pass and she walks back to her computer and types and hacks away veriously for a little then comes back with a new boarding pass for us, seat number 4 c, for those of you that arent frequent fliers that means FIRST CLASS!! woot woot, some how we got bumped up so ya i flew first class the whole way to guatemala, with pillows and blankets, (you usually have to rent those now) and tons of water (which you only get one in the loser seats, also they had to buy their snacks, i got a full on breakfast, granola bagel with cream cheese jam or butter, (they gave me all three, i got to pick from there) and yogurt and fresh fruit! is was awesome, oh and not to mention the room up there was unreal, so much room! Well then we got off and flew through customs with out a problem i exchanged my money all 108 (if there is anyone reading in Guatemala, i dont carry that on me at all times so if you try to mug me for it and i dont have it it will be in my room os check there after) sorry i am trying to type really fast and the keyboards are different because I AM IN GUATEMALA!!! i am assigned a new companion Elder Bruderer he is white from center vill, and then they just assigned me a Latino compainion for whenever we are in groups so like meals and meetings, so let the fun begin.  I promise i wont get frustrated though, i will learn it eventually, we are right next to the temple! so we get to go this friday.  oh and we are in the same time zone which is a good thing.  I cnat figure out how to return so this will be just one long paragraph.  Once we arrived here they let us eat breakfast, the cafertieria is small compared to the one in provo but that makes sense! then we take a nap until one when we went to class and started our day! it has been such a long day and i am still falling asleep! i cant wait to sleep tonight.  During our nap we had our window open cause thats what you do in Guatemala (dont worry you will learn soon enough how we do things) but ya i would say mid 70´s and it stopped raining from a 3 day rain so beautiful day, but i swear people here honk all the time! atleast every 5 minutes i would wake up from people honking! and its not your normal USA honk, it is a musical song that flows out in some pattern, and its always a different pitch, i am happy it woke me up but then i would instanly be mad becuase i just got woken up, so be careful and dont let it fool you! our p day is wednesdays i guess so that is when i will be emailing, and we cant sent any emails to any one but strictly family, but it only takes 10 days for a letter to get here! and they say that it is pretty reliable so i will right some letters soon, i can for sure only write on p day though in the mtc we wrote whenver but not here, oh and we can only take pictures that day too? so ya kinda weird but whatever i will obey;)  my address is     Boulevard Vista Hermosa (new line) 23-71 Zona 15 Vista Hermosa 1 (new lien) C.P 01015 Guatemala (new line) Ciudad de Guatemala...... so ya  fyi, It still hasn.t hit me that i am here in a different country but when it does im sure it will be hard, but i will always stay stoked! so dont worry, even when i am down or depressed or home sick or want to come home i will thnk of the Joy of the Gospelñ that i am sharring and why i am here! so dont worry about me;) love you guys DO WORK! -Elder Call  
Well love you guys! be strong, cause i will be strong if you do!!!!!

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