Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wow, Where To Even Start!!!

Ok Joke... how do you dry something out in Guatemala? .... YOU DONT!!! haha wow where to even start?!? i feel stressed cause i want to write so much! but i have such little time, ive been keeping a list of things throughout the week of things to tell  you guys, the keyboards are different here kind of hard to figure out so bear with me, i am just going to just jump around and tell you as much as i can. Oh and i still haven’t figured out how to enter, no one has.  yet. Wow so i have mixed feelings here, the CCM is great, it is really so nice, a lot nicer then provo, i got a new comp elder bruderer instead of penfold and he is pretty cool, i miss penfold though he was the man, and a good comp, he is now zone leader here with his comp.  We are givin a norte americano comp and a latino comp, a latino comp we eat meals with him and group meetings with him. His name is elder Choy from Guatemala he is such a short guy, and by fare the shyest guy here in the ccm, he doesn’t talk much but i try to talk to him, he knows no english, not even a lick! there are some latinos here that actually speak really good english so they help translate. i started teaching him english in the afternoons which is way fun! so we get sports everyday, and there are two basket ball courts one for basketball and one for soccer, the first day we were totally separated north americans and latinos on the two separate courts and i went and tried to play soccer but got schooled way bad! haha the next day i actually focused and did a lot better. The rain here is so crazy, it will be clear and then just DUMP rain for like ten minutes and just rain so hard.  Today is actually the first really nice day. Sunny and all.  Sleeping i just sleep with a sheet, it is pretty warm and humid here!! so no blankets for me.  Ok so fast sunday i fasted a full 24 hours! Aren’t you proud of me!?! it was crazy and the lord truly helped me cause i never have done that before.  They asked everyone in centeral america to fast for the protection of the members here in centeral america.  and included the scriptures d & c 88:91 and first nephi 22: 16, kinda sketchy stuff, but honestly everything is so good here. we are super safe and not even ever scared. So we listened to a talk by elder holland and he is such a man, motivates me to be so much better. oh man i remember that was sunday and from that point on i am just super motivated to just do work! ok well i don’t have much time left so i am going to deviate from my things and just talk.... it was weird thinking about the fourth of july and what you guys were doing, i won’t lie i miss home, but i am not homesick, i am still focused and ya it gets tough here, super tough but I knew it wasn’t going to be easy.  With the latinos it was crazy how well we get along.  the first day we were separated but after that we get along super well which really surprised me, idk why because i was never racist or whatever but they are honestly just like me and you, i love them, and i love joking with them. i joke a lot with them, more than all the other americans, oh! i scored a goal yesterday agaisnt them, NBD haha my soccer buddies would be proud, i will be so good by the time i get back. during service saturday morning i got my first bug bite, from a mesquito i think, still hasn’t gone away, but i got some cream for it so don’t worry, but my first one! I’m stoked! we went to the Guatemala temple  friday because it is closing for two weeks which was super cool, as always, it was in english luckily.  Elder oaks spoke to us... haha from provo in April! but anywho he looks so much like uncle Jay and Uncle Alan its crazy how much they look alike.  The food here is so good! they do a good job switching it up and even feeding us american food, we had burgers and steaks, but also the straight up Guatemalan stuff like black beans and eggs with the sauce. the CCM is pretty small, it is weird just being in one building with food and meeting hall on the first flood, dorms on 2nd floor and class rooms on third floor.  I kind of get sick of it but it’s ok we go tracking next tuesday!! it is going to be super crazy we are going to their central park and just straight up tracking! wish me luck. Umm we can get dear elders here and they come twice a week here, so PLEASE send me some! i am dying not hearing from you guys and only being able to write once a week, i will write you a letter tonight and they say it takes about 10 days or a week to get to you guys so not as bad as what i thought.  They also play music here throughout the day which is something i love! and my music is great but the speakers aren’t loud at all!! but it’s ok i will look for some others.  I bought a Guatemalan bag today along with some american candy at this little store they set up every wednesday for us. But ya if anything know that i love it here! it is so great, and i wish i could tell you guys about everything but  i don’t have time.  This is really hard! but i love you guys and love it here, it’s not easy for sure, but that’s life and the lord is truly helping me, Only 5 more weeks here in the CCM! It’s crazy.! i love you guys! 
-Elder Call  love you!!!

Here is a picture taken upon their arrival at the Guatemala CCM (MTC) last week. Chad is 2 rows back and one person to the right of the CCM mission president. You can go the website to find more information regarding the Guatemalan CCM at

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