Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Can You Believe I'm In Guatemala!

Wow so I received that email and was over whelmed that thing was so long!! Haha but I read through until the blog updates.  Well first off thank you dad for those letters I got two of them Monday! It was so sweet, and I also got one from Bo, he's a stud love him, you can tell me that if you see him. Dad thank you for the advice I really think that will help, and I will take implementing that into everything.  I don’t remember what I wrote on July 6th so if I was negative or down I’m sorry, things are completely different now! I love it here! It’s the best.
 I figured out how to enter! I have to hit alt then 013 so tell Alex that it is not as easy just to hit random buttons.
But anywho yesterday we were supposed to go out to the plaza and prosolite (spelling) but I guess that there was a huge riot there yesterday haha! So we didn’t get to go to the plaza instead we got to just go down the street we are on, which is like a busy highway, so me and elder Choy went out and oh my goodness am I in trouble!! Because they were not speaking Spanish, the first guy I went up to him and just went for it, then he replied and I just looked at Choy and he just soared! he would look at me to come in but I would just shake my head because I was so lost, then I would hear a word I recognized and then I would testify haha a little two liner here and there, but ya after that I would start it, he would take over, and then I would testify we placed two Libros and got 4 peoples info to hear from the missionaries more, it was way fun but after I was so tired! And that was only for 2 hours I can’t imagine a whole day of doing that. Oh and half way through of doing that it just started down pouring! Like DUMPED! it rained so hard on us, luckily I had my umbrella so I busted that out and we huddled under a tree with that by the street but then a river started flowing through the street (ya that’s how bad it dumped) probably the worst since I’ve been here, and cars started slashing the water up onto us so then we just gave up and walked back to the CCM I was dry, but I think Elder Choy got a little soaked, IDK because I shared my umbrella! BTW the Ecco shoes are amazing! I am so glad we got those they held up so well out there, my feet were perfectly dry! And everyone else’s weren't so HA! In their face. I get crap for them because they are like the heavy duty all terrain shoes and I’m just sitting inside all day. It’s like having the BF Goodrich mud-terrain around town and never takes them out, but oh when I take them out they wreak havic!
So the weather is perfect here it is seriously like a dream here in the mornings, it’s usually clear skies and the temp is always just so nice! ALWAYS! Then in the afternoon a storm blows in and just dumps, it doesn’t even blow in, it just takes it sweet time, just a slight breeze its perfect! But ya then it dumps!
So the food here is interesting, I have had some of the best and worst things here.  The juice is amazing I have had like every single kind of juice possible, pineapple with lime is my favorite! By far it was so good, but ya we have had so crazy juices with ruits that they don’t even have in the USA, WHO KNEW?!?! But the food here is hit and miss, sometimes it is way good and sometimes ya... refried black beans look like the most nasty stuff in the world, but they taste so good, I love them! Oh and they have ice cream novelties here, for every meal just a big freezer full of them, that’s why I am gaining weight! DAD would die, they are so good!  Oh man a couple are even better then American but for the most part America still wins.
So all in all if you take anything away from this just know that I love it here! Can’t speak Spanish! And love the people! I just want to wrap Guatemala up in a giant bear hug, but... ya that would be viewed as weird so I won’t, I am so motivated to just do work and learn, but don’t get me wrong this is still way hard I’ve never been challenged or pushed like this ever before in my life, and the days are long and hard but still just super stoked! Dads letter helped about not taking things too seriously and just love, so ya. I love you guys! And hope all is well on the western front, we watched the testament Sunday and I love that it is super good! Ah!!! Love it and I want to be like those prophets and like Holland and just stand in all things and testify of the truth, I never want people to question that I know. 
So a couple questions if my calculations are correct the tour de France is going on right now? UPDATES! Send that in a different email so I don’t waste time reading it I will print it off, and FIREWORKS?!? How is that new law? Sounds sketchy, I miss fireworks, anything else going on? I will probably take some money out we are going to the market next Tuesday and just out on the town! We will eat and shop and bargain and get mugged!! I am so stoked, every shop has a guard here with a shot gun it is so crazy! There are so many different guns here and so many people wit them, EVERY STORE has a guard with guns it is so crazy. Well LOVE YOU GUYS and love everyone, tell people they are letting me down by not writing me!
Love you
-Elder Call-

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