Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19, 2011 Thanks to everyone that wrote me letters!!!

Hey yañ! (no idea what that means) well I didn’t get a email from you today but it’s ok cause that should give me more time to respond, and they said I could probably come print one off tomorrow so still send one. And I will print it off and read it later. I received a lot of emails from friends; it’s so good to hear from them! But just let them know I can’t email back, I can only email family in the CCM, so I will write them all a letter! Tell everyone thank you for all the love and support!! And tell Julie thanks for the email.  So I am emailing today a day early because all the Latinos left for their missions this Monday and Tuesday, and all the North Americans got to go out on a culture field trip. Haha oh boy am I not in Utah anymore!! It is so crazy here! AH I am so stoked to go out and just get to work!

so I saw houses that literally look like the ones you see in movies like slumdog millionaire or the houses in brazil, or in blood diamond (did I just refer to two R rated movies?) if I did I saw them on TV or just heard about them.... but ya straight up ghetto sad sad day, it is so crazy how poor some of the neighborhoods are, I got plenty of pictures that I can send you.  But then we went to a mall and it was nicer than any mall I’ve ever been in!

so I will start from the beginning, this morning we first went to a giant 3d mad of Guatemala and they have these towers that look over it all so we can see everything and where we are and where our mission is, it was really cool, and he explained how the Book of Mormon ties into it all, it is some crazy stuff! These people are the Laminates!! So EXCITING!! AH! Then we went to a market, this place was HUGE three stories of just little dickens festival stores, so cool I bought two sick Guatemalan Soccer jerseys and a poncho shirt thing which I am so stoked to wear! They had a fruit market and a meat market with straight up cows! Haha super awesome. I got my shoes shined there for 3 Q's! Super cheap that’s like 40 cents, and I hate shining shoes so I want to go there every week. Then we went to a museum thing of this ancient city which is connected to a huge mall! Where we got to eat! I ate at subway got a Pepsi (is that a sin?) then I was still hungry so I ate at Dominos! Ah man a Hawaiian pizza never tasted so good; all in all I spent about 270 Q's which is like 35 dollars ish on everything so I feel good. While we were in the mall I honestly felt like I was in the US straight up it was weird they had all these American stores and restaurants, like an IHOP! And CHILES! But ya, it was weird to be in the world but not of it, definitely tested my faith made me not feel homesick but miss it a little, walking into the Nike store! But I didn’t need anything; I wanted stuff but didn’t need ;)

I don’t know if you could tell but I love it here! It’s not UTAH for sure but that is what makes me love it! I love the people here I just want to bear hug them and ah!

Ok I got your package in Friday the 15! And oh man was I stoked!! You guys seriously have out done your selves, I couldn’t have asked for a better package! You packed it so good. It was AMAZING! I am rationalizing it (wrong spelling but saving the candy to make it last 3 more weeks) but I love it so much! And the PENS! How did you know I liked the Pilot G"-05/07's? You guys are awesome thank you so much! It truly made my month here!

Well Elder Choy left today for my mission SUR, he goes to Peru but doesn’t have a visa yet so he is temporarily in my mission. 

Dad your letter number 4 was so good, idk what made it so good but I loved it, and I love receiving letters! It truly makes things so much better! The down side of going out is that you realize how much Spanish you don’t know! Haha but it will motivate me to work harder learning Spanish.  I am so stoked to get out! And DO WORK!! WOOT WOOT. We get to go to the temple tomorrow; it was closed for the last two weeks, so ya I am excited for that.

Well the weather here is super nice a steady like 73-78 all day every day, I truly feel bad for you guys suffering in the heat, while I am here in paradise, and it rains so much! I love it! Basically every day around 3-5 in the afternoon and at night. Well I am out of time but just know how much I love you guys and how much I love it here! Super stoked to be here if you couldn’t tell and miss you guys but am glad I am here! Good luck to you all this week and ya... I love you!!

Elder Call

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