Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bad News!

     Hey family! How’s it going? Well not much really happened this week.... well ok a lot happened this week. Well I will first start out with the bad news... but I will give you 5 bad things. 1. My mp3 got stolen. 2. I’m coming home. 3. I broke my leg. 4. I ran away and am now writing this at a member’s house. And, 5. My camera got stolen..... Ok well I gave you 5 bad things but only one is true, but I gave all 5 so it wouldn’t seem so bad! My mp3 got stolen... which is fine because I knew it would just not 3 weeks into Guatemala.  They hire some outside cleaners to come and clean, and I had it under my pillow and they must clean good to clean under my pillow:) but esta bien, porque it had church music on it so they will become converted. (Or just throw it away) jokes on them though, I still have to chord to charge it and to change things on it! Ha-ha don’t worry about sending me another one, it will just get stolen again.       This last week I’ve been sick with a cough, but that’s only it a cough, nothing else like fever or throwing up, I had the worst stomach ache this week cause we had to take some pills for the worms inside our bellies, and there was an epic battle going on inside my belly for a couple days, they just wouldn’t die, but eventually they did.
      I got a haircut this week and I look like a naked mole rat, I hate haircuts but you already know that. Oh and to trim everything they used a real live razor! Like one dad uses to clean windows and such! Super sketchy! But they freakin know what they’re doing cause I look good!
     Well this past week the old Latinos left, and old North Americans to their missions so we got new Latinos and new nortes, and we down sized! I no longer get a Latino comp! It’s pretty stupid I would have loved to have another one, but it has brought our district together cause we now eat and do everything together.  And we taught some of the new nortes and they teach us, and MAN! I didn’t realize how much I had learned! Because they were horrible! Ha-ha granted it was their first day so they actually did really good, but they like worshiped us cause they thought we gave a perfect lesson, but in two weeks they will know how bad we really were! The language is coming slowly I still have so much work left to do! And am super nervous but yet super stoked to get out to the field. I can’t think about it or else I get too distracted and stoked!
     Well Sunday you taught your lesson and I taught mine... in Español, they randomly called on me and Elder Bruderer so we had to give it.  Thanks for the package! And thanks for sending another one! But now stop it! It is expensive!!! But I sure do love them. 
     Umm dad the last letter I got was number 5 I think, so hopefully the other ones will come soon.  This is weird I now have nothing else to write about.  The CCM is taking its toll on me, I have gained weight and now look like a shorter dad, it’s actually kinda cool! ha-ha umm every night I go to bed at like 1032 ish or lay in bed and some nights not all the time but some nights I think about you guys! So ya think about me then and then we would be thinking about each other at the same time! There is nothing like time here in the CCM, the days feel like weeks but the weeks feel like days they just fly by. It’s crazy I will be in the field in two weeks!  Oh FYI 1. We get to email the Tuesday we go out, so not this one but the next one. So just be ready for that, so it doesn’t surprise you again, and 2. I sent a bunch of letters today! None to you though because I get to email you guys!
     Well I am out of time, I love you guys just know that.  I am still stoked to be out here! It is hard to still be in the CCM and stay busy. Dad you know your favorite movie Groundhog Day? Well be jealous because I am living that movie right now!!! Minus the killing myself and being able to be out in a city. That is how the CCM feels! But I still love it! Mom how is the new helicopter? Super jealous! And love you guys.  Can’t wait to hear from you next week and don’t worry about me.  Oh real quick I did the Temple today in Spanish! Super sweet! Well love you guys!
Elder Call

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  1. aw hahaha chaddy boy you are AWESOME!!!