Thursday, October 25, 2012

October 22, 2012 Hi family.... umm sorry no letter today... which means this will probably be a little shorter.... ooppps.... So this week nothing really great happened, except for a whole bunch of things!!!!! Lemme tell ya 1. We went to PriceMart which is Costco, but here in Guatemala, (we had to go with members because they won’t let us in without a membership!) so I don’t know why but we bought 10 pounds of pancake batter,
and a butt load of hot chocolate, so we are great in that aspect. My comp always makes me pancakes in the morning I love it. Umm I am still a little sick, I took an antibiotic and that took away all of my sinus pressure, but I am still hanging in there, just a little cough. I am almost better! Umm so we are teaching this family, the man just barely got brain surgery, and he is pretty depressed, just doesn’t want to do anything, his therapy or nothing, so we are visiting him and making him stoked to live again! we talked about Nephi and how they were traveling in the desert and his bow broke, all his family gave up and started being angry with the Lord, but Nephi accepted his trial, an then ACTED, he made another bow out of a stick and then asked the Lord where he should go. SO that night we mainly focused on ACTING, and we made a contract that he signed that said that he would do his exercise every day, (he is a little rebel) we got him pretty stoked then we wrote him each a letter giving him encouragement. We are going back this Tuesday so we will see how it went. Umm so also we watched a movie with Carolina and her family called How Rare a Possession: the book of Mormon. I LOVE THAT MOVIE; AND THAT BOOK. the movie is about a Italian priest who finds a book of Mormon without a cover or intro, and he starts teaching from him, and he gets ex communicated, but he will not deny the book, after like 20 years he discovers that it is from the Mormon church then whenever he wanted to get baptized something happened like the 2nd world war, until 40 years after he finally got baptized!! I love the book of Mormon, it is such a great book, and I love reading it and seeing how the prophets and the people react to the trials that they all receive. I always feel the spirit when I read it, it motivates me to LIVE! I love it!!! You should all read it! Alright I’m sorry this letter is a little short, and scattered and I didn’t really say anything but just know I am doing GREAT!! And loving it out here and still alive. I love you all so much! Take care Elder Call

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