Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Two Short Emails...A Bonus!!!

Umm hi family! Just another week that FLEW by! We are now in the last week of changes and what a week it will be! Let me give you a sample of a few of the things that we have going on! Tuesday o sea tomorrow! Divisions with Elder Arce for the last time because he has completed his mission, that will be a fun but hard time! So many memories of San Jorge and we have both grown and progressed so much in the mission! Also Friday we are going to have baptisms!!!!! We are going to baptize FAMILIA P!! They are just the smartest people so ready for the Gospel, when they say people are waiting and prepared for the Gospel that would be them. We were literally guided to them and now they will join the flock and be baptized members of the church this Friday. 5 of them!!!! A family, how awesome is that!?!?! We have grown so close to them and they are so ready for this change!!!!! Then Saturday, our converts from San Jorge are coming to the temple to do baptisms for the dead for the first time! So that means that we get to go and join them!!!! So me and Elder Arce will join them and get to spend time with them in the temple, should be an awesome day and an awesome experience. Ok now about this last week. Monday we went bowling!!!! and I actually surprised myself as for how well I did, I was at 121 with 2 more rounds to bowl but then our time ran out so we had to stop.... but look at how great my form was!!!
Wednesday we had an interesting experience.... we knocked on a door and out came a "prophet" a guy who thinks he is a prophet and said we are off the devil, and our work is in vain, we listened to him for like 5 minutes trying to leave and he wouldn’t let us leave!! Then he started attacking us, so then we just walked away, it was pretty crazy experience. Hey I might write more but my comp got in a car accident like a year ago, and now his arm is asleep so he is using a neck brace and we are doing a whole bunch of tests today so I probably won’t write more. LOVE YOU!!! HI family, oh man, I won’t lie I am sick of never having time to write, the last month it has been because our stake center is under construction so we have to go out of our zone to use internet, and today my comp is DYING!!! Let me explain, like a year ago he got in a car wreck but nothing too bad happened, but then 6 months ago he got in another car wreck, and tweaked his neck a little, and for like the last 3 weeks his arm has been asleep and he lost his feeling in it, so we went to a neurologist last Thursday and now he has to use a neck brace, and today they did some more tests, so we have been running around all over the capital for all sorts of problems but now we are done! And we are finally finishing writing don’t have much more to say..... We are doing great, working hard! I love my iPod it makes things so much easier to study and I love everything that it has!!! Thanks you so much again!!! We have gotten soaked this last week! But everything is still holding up great! I just want to share a thought I liked this week "don’t take too much council from your fears" -James E. Faust I really liked that has been my focus this week, working on pushing myself, whether it be with my fears or obedience or just self-progress I am trying to push myself even more out here trying to reach a new level here. I love it out here it is so great! But I now need to go! I love you guy’s thank you for all your love and support

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