Monday, September 17, 2012

Always a CRAZY WEEK!!!

Umm hi family!!!! I am so sorry but I feel like that every day I come to write, it always is so short!! It’s because the busses are horrible and we are always late... and today was worse than ever, but I am writing you guys first so you should feel somewhat special. Umm this week WAS CRAZY!!! So much jammed packed into it. If I don’t get to write more I will just explain the photos! 1. We have a HUGE lot here where they are going to build the church in our area in like a year or two, well a whole bunch of grass and mountainous things were growing there so we did a huge missionary service project with 10 missionaries and we helped cut it... but we are gringos and can’t use machetes so we didn’t help that much... but me on the other hand soy chapin, y si puedo usar un machete, entonces ayude mucho... as you can see that is a huge pile we had like 5 of them that size!
2. I GOT FRIED!!!!! I put sunscreen on my nose but not on my neck....
3. We were contacting / walking in the streets and we found some baby chicks.... only WITH COLOR!!!! So obvious we bought some, I played with them during my lunch hour and then we gave them away to some Indianas that live next to us, they enjoyed them and put them with their other chickens. They were awesome!
4. We cut... prepared... cooked... and ate cactus!!!! It was gross, not gonna lie, it has more mucus than dad with his allergies... but it was awesome!
5. That is us with that family that we are going to baptize! Familia P…they are awesome and just soaking everything up and just loving the gospel. And the other guys are future missionaries in our ward. They are all waiting to leave on their missions; they help us out a bunch!!!
Ok well there you go I am so sorry these emails have not been the best!!! I even made notes today so that I could write a really good email... but a lot of things happened that are out of our control!!! But it’s all good because we are DOING AMAZING!!! We reached our goal of 20 lessons with members and 22 without! Which is like unheard of, I wouldn’t believe it if hadn’t done it! But we did! WOOT WOOT I love you all and have a GREAT WEEK!!!! Love…Elder Call

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