Monday, September 10, 2012

Flying By Faster and Faster!!!

FAMILY!!!!! Oh wow, honestly I say this every week, but the weeks are going by faster and faster, because this week FLEW by!! So we have a family that is progressing so much! I have never seen a family so READY for the gospel. They have received many spiritual confirmations that what they are doing is true. They are having a hard time with the Book of Mormon, because they were Jehovah Witnesses. So they went to go and remove themselves from their records and what do you think happened? Obviously they trashed talked against us and filled their minds with a whole bunch of doubts!!! GRRR!!! So we are trying to help them move along, but we have something that they don’t... the spirit. If it wasn’t for the spirit they would have fallen by now, but they know that it is true, we just have to help them along and help them. So the testigos (Jehovah Witnesses) say that they need to go to a meeting to remove themselves, but it will be the sister with the 3 leaders of the church, so they would destroy her with doubts and rumors about our church, so I offered to go with her.... to help defend her.... so now we have a meeting with the 3 top leaders of the Jehovah Witnesses and our investigator in her house..... Ya, I’m a little nervous to say the least. When the thought came to my mind I was fighting it, screaming in my mind "are you mad?!?! Crazy?!? what are you thinking Elder Call" but I knew that it needed to be done and I know that the spirit will help us, so I will let you know how it goes, we aren’t there to fight, Our main purpose is just to get her off of their records, nothing more and nothing less, I don’t want to fight, we aren’t here to fight, the spirit of contention is of the devil so don’t worry we won’t fight. But I will defend what I know to be true. So umm, happy 15 months!??! What?! Time is flying by too fast, I don’t like it. So we are still seeing little miracles every day, God is truly in this work helping us, it’s his work and I know that to be true. IT is raining basically everyday now all day every day, September is really the rainy season! But it’s not a huge downpour, although, sometimes it is just a light rain all day! Kinda gets old real fast. We changed our commodore this week (it is always awkward changing commodores) but now we are eating with the grandparents of the ward! And honestly I love it there! She treats us like her kids and spoils us! And cooks SO GREAT! And so healthy! I love it This week we watched the restoration video 3 times, I love it, every time I feel the spirit strong, I am so grateful for the restoration, I am so grateful that we have the Book of Mormon, that we have a book that contains the plentitud del evanglio (don’t know how to say that in English) that we have living prophets in the earth today. They are remodeling the computers where we usually use internet so we have to travel into the capital to use internet and the bus was late so our time is shorter than normal. Sorry this is so short but just know I love you guys so much!! I truly miss you all so much. The photos are of our golden family!!
And also CHUCHOS!!! (dogs!!!) There are so many here…gotta love it...
LOVE YOU...Elder Call

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