Tuesday, September 4, 2012

?So does your computer have these upside down question mark¿

Wow ok mom you are crazy!!!!!!! I got the package and it is amazing!!! You really go all out, thank you so much mom!!! I got everything the iPod is everything I hoped for thank you so much! Really ah I loved it!!!! That was my Christmas right there; I now don’t need anything else until I return home! so we don’t have much time, and today I relaxed and read most of the emails completely and just soaked it all it, it was very relaxing not feeling stressed or rushed, but now I fell rushed to hurry and write home!!! Ah!!!!! ?so does your computer have these upside down question mark¿ didn’t think so¡¡¡¡¡ or that either!!!! Bahaha Pictures.... 1. Nothing like a hick bbq in Guatemala!!! Totes love it
2. That plant is the plant that nana always has for Christmas! Starts with a p but I don’t remember what it is called. It is huge!!!!! How crazy is that, the plant where the red flowers come out and everyone uses it for Christmas!
3. We helped some people move... (Nothing like Guatemala) yes we ended up stacking more on top of that pile.
So this week have been an increase of miracles from last week, we are working hard and are seeing the results! We have a lot of investigators that are progressing and the one family that we found last week that I told you about will be baptized this month. With them it is a pure miracle, seeing everything that is happening, truly guided by the spirit, they were addicted to coffee and now they have quite it, attending church, praying receiving answers to their prayers! They went and talked to the leaders of the Jehovah Witnesses to tell them they want to be taken off of their records. Honestly they are the nicest most amazing family ever, they made us lunch yesterday after stake conference!!!! We had stake conference yesterday and boy was it crazy, it was packed!!!! Like in the states, and I think only in this zone would they have English translators available! It was very good and our investigators loved it. Honestly we are working hard here and seeing results. I am loving it out here, I feel like I am learning something new every day, adding something new to my testimony. I love this gospel, it is so amazing, I love that we have the authority and power of God here on the earth again. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon, that we have something to help us in our daily lives; it is like a roadmap for us. I am so grateful for your guys my family and friends. I loved the photos you put on the iPod, I am so grateful for such a wonderful family that Heavenly Father has blessed me with, I don’t think you guys know how much I truly love you guys I miss you guys so much but I love it out here, 9 months left, it will fly by, and before we know it I will be home, the thought scares me. But for now I am going to focus on what’s going on here. I love you so much and sorry it is so short today! But totes love you guys and know that everything is way better then ok here! Hope everything is going well back home! Love, Elder Call

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  1. Hey this is Jess (I was Chad and Jamison's AFY counselor a couple of years) I was hoping to send the boys a little something in the mail. I have Chad's address, but was wondering if you had Jamison's and if I could get it. If you could just e-mail it to me that would be wonderful. My e-mail is jessicalarson22@gmail.com.