Monday, August 27, 2012

Week of Miracles!

GOOD MORNING REXBURG!!! Oh man what a crazy week, probably one of the greatest of my mission, things are just getting greater and greater. So this week was the week of the changes so a new change and new possibilities! Honestly we don’t have much time, they are remodeling the computers in the stake center, well the room there so we have had to go to the capital to use internet and we don’t have much time. This week just full of miracles! a lot of contacting and a lot of lessons, one of our investigators that we found with elder Arce when he came to my area, well we taught him the Book of Mormon then we came back and he wasn’t there so we never went back because usually they are lying to us and don’t want to listen to us, but we found his son one day and told us to come they will be waiting for us, and that they want to talk to us. So my comp went with a future missionary, and he read 2 Nephi 31 that talks about baptism and why it is important, and he (over the past couple weeks) was thinking about it, and it hit him how important it is, he was baptized as a baby catholic but he doesn’t like that he didn’t have a choice or say in it, so basically he flat out told us he wants to be baptized for someone that has the authority (that was restored through Joseph Smith) honestly these occasions are rare when people can connect the dots so fast and also a lot had to do with the spirit. (The spirit is key!) So we are going to help him and prepare him. We are also working with a brother and sister, trying to help them see the importance of everything, the brother always comes to mutual and also an activity we had Friday of playing soccer. We shall see. I want to share one experience that will probably stick with me all my life. We were in divisions, I was with a member who is preparing to serve his mission in Mexico (there are 4 future missionaries in our ward) so we are always visiting with them to help train them and get there emociones up! We had been contacting for 2 hours straight, it was very hot, won’t lie I was done, mentally I had clocked out, we had 20 minutes left before we met back up with Elder Ayala, and I said lets go to a tienda (corner store?) to buy a soda or something to get my energy up, so we are walking and we pass a side street, and I have a strong feeling to go up there, so half a block later I say we got to go back. So we turn around and the first house we knock on!.... nothing.... I won’t lie I was expecting something, but it’s all good we continued on, we skipped a whole bunch of houses then randomly knocked on one, I don’t know why that one but I ask the lady if she knows who we are, and she says ya the people that don’t drink coffee (coffee is literally a part of the culture here, it is not only accepted but if you don’t have your coffee you aren’t Guatemalan) so she asks us a couple more questions of the law of chastity and basic beliefs when her neighbor dropped off a piece of tin, I don’t know what to call that, here they are called laminas, so we jumped on that and took it in for her, so that’s how we got in, then we get talking and she was a Jehovah Witness but not anymore, and has a ton of questions for us, I love being able to answer questions it is honestly the best feeling ever. But to save time we had a GREAT visit, then we returned Sunday and had an even better lesson, the last comment she had even before we mentioned baptism was that I am addicted to coffee, and I imagine in order to be baptized I have to quit drinking coffee. So we have a couple things to help her (morecaf) it’s a coffee made from cereals. But honestly walking away from these 2 lessons have left me humbled, and surprised. After the first visit I was so humbled and just happy to be here. This is why I am here, to help people come unto Christ, but it’s not me, I am only a tool, (dad remember laughing about that at the family reunion?) but really being here giving two years to help the Savior is the best thing I could have done, I love it here, it’s not always roses and cherry’s it is hard, but its time like these that we look for, to have the spirit work through us to help others. I love it out here, I love working with the spirit, I am trying to do that more, (obviously because without it we are nothing! just a little gringo far away from home) we are working hard, trying to set up a good base for Elder Ayala for the rest of his mission, I am changing a lot of things, mainly improving our communication and also patience... that’s my stumbling block right now that I am over coming! (I feel like that’s been it for my whole mission, but I can notice a huge difference.) Welp I love you all so much, please know that, I am so grateful for you guys in my life, I don’t tell you guys enough but I am so grateful for you, every one of you and the influence that you have had in my life. Well hope you have a great week, tell nana I love her and miss her. Much Love! Elder Call

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