Monday, August 6, 2012

Guess What Flooded?

So special shout out to Lexi Glauser! I doubt she reads this, but THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! Did Nana get my letter? Can you send me a copy of the photo of us together? I sent one to her, look on snap fish to see which one. And then I can print it off here, I think that would be the easiest. So honestly this week was probably one of the busiest! So much happened. Monday wasn’t p-day, we wrote you guys then came home and worked like normal it was horrible! 14 months of p day on Monday you get used to that little break! Tuesday full of contacting and genuine missionary work. That night we ate with a lieutenant in the Guatemalan Army! So it was on his iPhone that I could find out where we are, but I think I gave you the coordinates of his house? I don’t remember but I think maybe our house? All the gated communities look the same from space!!! But we are pretty far away from the city, where we live is like a secluded rich area, the majority of it is pretty Nice! The area is called the residenciales of San Jose Pinula, Las Margaritas is one of the gated communities, we live in front of those. But I don’t know how it appears online! So Wednesday we went to EL TEMPLO!! It was so awesome! We had to be there at 6 AM, so it was a very early morning! Then after we went to the zoo! Won’t explain too much because you can see everything on snap photo! (your welcome...)
then after we were starving because we didn’t eat breakfast, so we went to a mall by our area that has all your major classic fast food, McDonalds, Burger King, Subway, Taco Bell, but somehow we ended up at Applebee’s! We all had talked about it but we were joking, but then we went! I had a steak one of the best ones ever!! SO GOOD! Best one I’ve had in the mission by far! And I think the first salad I have eaten in over a year.
Thursday was normal day full of work work work!! Friday CONFERENCIA DE ZONA!!! We went to Montufa and had a zone conference there, I really liked that President talked about the mission like a University that is why it is so hard, the Lord is preparing us and giving us experiences for our benefit. He knows where we are at, who our mission president is, our area, our comp and the problems we are going to encounter. He knows everything and is preparing us! During the message the thought came to my mind "the lord wants to mold you, so be moldable." I love it, it isn’t always roses and cherry blossoms out here, it is super hard, but with a good attitude and a willingness to give into what the Lord wants, we are going to change to become better! Saturday was HORRIBLE!! It rained the hardest it has ever rained, and so Saturday morning we woke up swimming! Our house flooded!!

The drain in the back clogged up, so it all entered the house through the back door. So we spent all morning taking out the water and cleaning, we left at noon to work, left the windows open to dry it out, well it rained again... only harder.... so when we got back it was flooded but this time worse, and all the rooms and bathrooms! and the window ... open...above my bed.... ya it was soaked, but luckily the mattress protector kept it dry so it wasn’t too bad,

ya well totes out of time!!! I love you all thank so much for the love and support!! Not only in the mission but in my life!! I love it out here, I have never worked this hard before! We are working hard I love it! I love this gospel, I love my savior, and the atonement that he did for us, I am learning more about it because I don’t think we can ever understand it completely what he did for us. But I am so grateful for it. I am so grateful for you guys! I love you and miss you! Elder Call

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