Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Holy Crazy Week!!!

Ok holy crazy week!!! It was even faster this week, it flew by!! I’m scared at how fast the time is going. So last Monday we had dinner with the nephew of the area president, (well ex in august he got changed to go to Utah) here we have dinner every night with the members, so we are in excellent hands! I love it! We also did divisions this week!! But with ELDER ARCE!!
Bahaha it was so chill. It was truly so fun to do divisions with my trainer again. We both have changed so much but good changes. It was just like old times only better. It was a good break to get away from training to relax and just work. We were laughing like the whole time. So while in divisions we were cleaning the house, and I was sweeping out back, look in the video I don’t remember but you can see how dirty out back was with all the leaves and stuff, also can you see a broom that was against the back wall? so I was using that broom, which was actually a metal pole with a broom head jimmy rigged onto the end, well I was sweeping and the pole snapped right on my finger! Cut it pretty bad! Look at the photo it was crazy,
because something like that hasn’t really ever happened to me, but I am so glad to have been brought up in the emergency setting and with the knowledge you gave me mom! And that you sent me off with that first aid kit, I have used that sucker so many times thank you! So I cleaned it and bandaged it right up. So while in divisions we went into a lesson with a recent convert didn’t really have a plan, and we started with one scripture got talking, then went to a different scripture then connected like 6 scriptures it was such a cool, fun lesson I love doing that just being able to connect the dots and maneuver the lesson where we want it to go. So last week I didn’t tell you about our family of oro (gold) the husband contacted the other missionary’s in the city and we then went and contacted them, they are so ready for changes they want to put their lives into order and just do the things that God wants them to do. but have a problem with the Sabbath day and also they aren’t married, but we are going to get them married and then help them get their life in order! Mom did you buy missionary’s lunch again? because we were in the poorer part of our area contacting and a guy comes up to us and asks if he can buy us a coke, so we agree he buys us a coke and a little pastry each and them walks off, it totally made my day! So I thought that you must have just bought lunch for missionaries there or something! Alright totally out of time! Sorry but I love you guys, this week was a little baggy, I don’t know why but I miss you guys! I love you so much but I’m loving it way too much out here! I am reading Jesus the Christ right now, and it is such a great book! I love it, I love learning so much more about our Savior but in more details, this church is amazing, it is Gods church, he is at the helm, he is leading us and guiding us through a prophet today, I am honesty so grateful that I was brought up in the church, there are a lot of lost people, here that need the church they need God in their lives and that is what we are doing we are saving people, I wish I could tell you all about them all! But there just is no time! I love you so much please know that if not anything else!!! I wish I could just sit here all day and tell you all about our days and the miracles we see every day and just how great serving a mission is, but we got things to do! We are going to the temple this Wednesday!! And then a zone conference this Friday, a busy week but it is going to be GREAT! The photo is a flour tortilla that I made!
hey mom, ok what do you think about this, you can be honest, we are allowed to have itouch’s here, Arce has one and I really want you to send me mine it is amazing to use to study, because it has basically all the books and manuals. Could you possibly copy all my music and videos off my itouch and put it on my hard drive and then send me mine with some church things? I would tell you what I want and also there is Wi-Fi here in the church so I could also download some church apps. What do you think? We will talk more next week. Is anyone using my itouch? Take care I love you!! Elder Call

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