Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Where To Start?

Oh wow... so where do I even start? ... FROM THE BEGINING... OK Well I have been having problems with allergies lately it is super weird, so I busted out the Benadryl…that thing works wonders…but if you remember back to Canada ´03, Benadryl makes me super loopy, I took it and it just knocked me out all morning, I just laid in bed not sleeping but not awake either it was super weird. So I headed off to Guastatoya for divisions this week. That area is so amazing! The members are amazing and very supportive and really want to help out, and the area is advanced and I felt like I was on vacation it was amazing. The best part was Elder Benitez, he is from Paraguay and he is such a stud, honestly one of the best missionaries in the mission hands down, if every missionary was like him Satan would be out of business. He is 22, he spent the first 3 years working to save up money for all the material things and also for his mission, it was always his goal, he says he never felt tired during his work because of what he was working for. He is such a spiritual stud and has made such a sacrifice to be here. He reminds me so much of Preston, I honestly felt like I was with Preston for 3 days, it was such a blast, probably one of my favorite missionaries in the mission. I would love to be his comp one day, it would be an honor. So in divisions we worked and we worked hard, and I loved it! It was like waking up from a dream to come back to Teculutan...(I still love it here though)…We had to give service one day, help a young widow move but I didn’t have service clothes. So what did we do? We went to a paca! It’s like a thrift store but so much better! Everything comes from the US from the thrift stores and it is SUPER CHEAP! I bought me a full outfit (see photo) for 5 Q´s, ya that’s like 60 cents, I love it here! When in doubt BUY!!
That was until Thursday. Friday don’t remember what happened Saturday we gave more service but here in Tecu, we had to remove a huge cement block but HUGE! You will see photos one day, we needed help and none of the missionaries in the district were answering the phone so we decided to go to Estansuela to bring the missionaries to help us. So we did, they weren’t doing anything so brought them back with us to help. (you will probably read in elder pierce´s blog about him being mad at us for dragging him into it, because it turned out to be hard service) we spent like 5 hours there and didn’t even make a dent in the thing! It is full of rocks and we had a pick ax and a sledge hammer that was heavier than me. Jk, we took out about 10 % but still it was so hard, so much harder than what I thought it would be! So yesterday we went to go visit a member that just joined the army in Zacapa it was so crazy to go into the base and see how it is like there, it was interesting...definitely isn’t the US army that is all I will say, but it was awesome to see him, we brought him a whole bunch of treats and snacks, he really liked it, I figured I received so much support in the mission and MTC and it is a similar feeling being there (away from family, friends and the world) so we wanted to give back so we did through him. Also while there I ran into Estaurdo from San Jorge, I don’t think I ever talked about him or Familia Rodas, but he was our main investigator in San Jorge and it was like seeing a best friend after a long time, he ran up to us and we talked for a little, (because while in San Jorge I couldn't really speak that well) but it was awesome!

Today we went to the water falls again, but this time with a different crowd because everyone in the district is new and has never been, so that is the photo just messing around hahaha and also that is a tuc!

Those things are all over our area they will take you wherever you need to go! 

I am almost done in the Book of Mormon, this week I was reading in Ether 12:12 and 27 two of my favorite scriptures, we need faith, and in 27 if we are humble the Lord will help us make our weaknesses our strengths! Talk about change and improvement; I am really focusing on that in the mission trying to improve myself and make some changes to become more like our savior Jesus Christ. Because that is how we will ultimately end up like, or that is our goal to become perfect. What things can you change? More patience? Being kinder? Being able to handle situations better? This is all one big school and we are all learning, so let’s apply what we are learning! I love you! Well I am going to end now, change calls come tonight, and changes are Wednesday, we will see what happens. There is a slight possibility that Lagos and I stay because he doesn’t go home until the 18th for school! Who knows what will happen but I am stoked to see what this next little bit will bring me! I love you and thank you so much for the love and support!
Love You
-Elder Call

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