Monday, July 16, 2012

New Home!!!

FAMILY!!!! Holy Cow this last week feels like so long ago and FLEW by. So to start off I am in San José Pinula 2 is the name of the area, the town is San José Pinula. It is in two parts a normal city then a butt load of gated communities! Ya, I am in one of the riches areas of Guatemala! My area is the gated communities which sucks because we can’t enter in to them to work! So we can only work through the members which is great but also bad.... I am behind the temple about 30 minutes into the mountains! And it is a BARRIO!!! That means a ward!! We have a full established ward! It is awesome!!! IT is freezing here, literally I think like 60{s so going from Zacapa to here has been crazy! that’s like 100´s to 60´s it is a huge difference at least for me!! I am dying!!! I am going to so search for a jacket in a Paca (thrift store) today, and if I can’t find one I will probably buy one at WAL MART!!! Ya that’s right! We have everything here!! This zone is the richest one in Guatemala so we have basically everything here. IT rains a ton also! The house direction is casa 14 O (that is oh, not zero) residenciales Girasoles 1, residenciales de San José, San José Pinula. We live in a gated community a red house that says 14 0 hahaha don’t know what more info I can give. So about my comp... His name is Elder Ayala from Mexico, and I am training him!! Super crazy, we opened or white washed an area and training! Basically what happened to me when I entered with Elder Arce. It has been really difficult this last week because the other elders didn’t leave us with anything! But we are working hard! I am doing basically everything, but now we are getting him caught up and into the missionary to use internet there are 22 missionaries and only 4 computers so I don’t have a lot of time, so my letters will not be as long. What you can do to help me is to send me two emails, 1 with the things urgent that you need me to respond that same week, or info that I need to know right now. And then the 2nd one will be the normal that I will print off and read later, because here really there is like no time! So I don’t know what else to say, we have a commodore for lunch but for dinner we eat with the members a different one every night, so that is fun and good to get to know the families! This ward is very young a ton of young couples with TONS of kids the primary is huge!! The attendance is like 120 around there, we don’t have to do anything here Sundays, we just help with gospel principals and then with mission prep, but it is amazing I love here! Elder Arce is my zone leader, hahaha things are so fun with him, and we are going to be great friends for the rest of our lives. We are going to try to do divisions next week.... probably breaking the rules but... it will be fun! They have APPLEBEE’s here!!! how crazy is that? There is like a mall here that has everything, then Wal-Mart then Applebee’s outside by Wal-Mart it is going to be amazing! But I promise I won’t spend any money unless I really need it.... We saw a bus wreck this week! it was super crazy! Everything here is just SO DIFFERENT from outside the capital, but I love it, it is a very fast paced life style. Our house is good has 3 rooms, and a huge living room, and a small kitchen, I’ll probably take a video then send it with the memory cards that I still need to send hahaha. So as far as teaching the other missionaries didn’t leave us with anything, so we are doing a lot of contacting and trying to find new people to teach! this next week will be a great solid week of work, which will be good. I love you all! And will try to write better letters because now we don’t have as much time as before. Only 1 hour to do everything. But it is possible :) I love you all and thank for your support! Elder Call

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