Monday, July 2, 2012

I Want To Read Emails All Day, They Are So Great!

Oh man! I wish I could just read emails all day they are great! But the bad thing is that I have to write back, HA! jk I love writing.... That is super crazy about the wild fires, I honestly was just reading about wild fires this morning in Mormon 8:29 ha-ha in foreign lands, welp the US is pretty foreign to me right now. But that is so crazy that so many are going on, what’s the update are they controlled? And how did they start? If I had to leave in a heartbeat I would grab money and I think that’s all that I need here, cause I always carry a copy of my passport with me, and Book of Mormon (obviously) but ya we also have a 72 hour kit under our beds so I guess I would grab that also. But here we don’t have too much to worry about as far as things to grab. Mom, send me photos of the inside of the trailer! I want to see it up and working. Also ya the baptisms were over a long process of time cause they have to attend church at least 3 times to get to know the branch and to also to receive a confirmation about the church, but they kinda just happened I don’t know, a lot happened in the last week, we were finished preparing them, sorry I forgot to mention but it was like a subtle thing until the last week then they EXPLODED and were baptized. Boots NO, I am good with my shoes, and as far as clothes, don’t send me anything I am great and will end my mission with the clothes I brought. And honestly a towel is a towel, I don’t think it is worth it to send a microfiber towel when my 100% cotton towels work just great! HOWEVER, I would love some new Q-tips, the kind that we use. The ones here are horrible and cheap plastic that bend before they even get inside your ear. Elder Pierce had some and they were amazing! Yes, I did go back and do divisions again but to help them find a new commodore and we found one that was perfect! But then 2 days later they said they did the math wrong and that it would be double than what they told us. So they are still looking. We are also on the prowl, things ended kinda nasty with our old commodore this last week, so we are looking for a new one, then we will go back and try to make things better with our old one, (my comp has quite the mouth, but also she was CRAZY! So it is good that we are out of there…I just didn’t like how it ended). That is crazy about Nate Myers and Wyatt Shepherd getting their calls, congrats to them! That is so awesome!!! I am blown away at how many people are getting married! I can’t believe it. Oh those missionary moms emails…Mom… I hope Lance Armstrong comes out clean; it would be a shame if he got stripped of all his titles. What is this annual girl’s trip? That sounds like bogus! And just an excuse to go on vacation, wow me, Dad, Cam and Ryan will start our own tradition then to just counter you girls. Some pocket size photos would be awesome, the people here are real visual learners it helps a bunch, so that would be awesome. I don’t need anything, just your love and support, you guys are great! So this week was pretty normal, I feel like things have gone a little slower with Elder Lagos wrapping up his mission things have definitely slowed down since the baptisms. So right now I am just focusing on getting him home worthy and great. Saturday we gave service to this one guy, he is moving and also moving the store house of his company, it is a pool supplies store, so they have these huge bottles of chlorine that weigh 110 pounds so we moved those like all day, 6 different trips! From here to Rio Hondo which is just a little down the road towards Zacapa, it was very tiring! We are starting to visit a new village that we have never gone to, so that is giving us something new to do and helping us continue working hard which is great. I can notice a huge difference on the days that we actually work, vs. the days that we are kinda moping around looking for things to do, one more week! Changes are July 11th, so things are starting to wind down here. We got talking the other night, about how hard this area is, and of the things that we have learned, we both agree that we have learned a ton and that this area has been a hard one, (well I’ve only had 2 but still) so here is my list of things that I have learned. Some of the things off the top of my head is communication, without we can’t have any relationships, when things start going south we can’t expect changes unless we communicate. It’s so easy but yet so hard at the same time. Patience, with ourselves and others, we are all learning. Humility (these are all related) we need humility to acknowledge that we are probably wrong and how we can help solve problems. Service, I LOVE IT! Love for everyone, that has been a huge thing, we never know what people are going through. I have learned that here, so the best thing we can do for them is just love, and forgiveness. That is the center of the Atonement. We CAN receive forgiveness, and if we can receive it, we should also be able to give it. It is such a waste of this life to be caught up in the drama of being mad at others. We have helped a couple of people forgive others over some SERIOUS stuff and it is honestly so beautiful and awesome. I don’t expect anyone to understand, these last 6 months, but they have been some of the hardest, with this area and comp, but I have learned so much. I am so grateful for everything that I have learned. I hope that I can keep it and also apply it into my own life. Also, I have learned life sometimes is hard, but there is nothing we can do about it, SO JUST LIVE! and make the best of things. "Don’t sweat the petty, pet the sweaty!" Also, when all else fails, we can always turn to this Gospel and to our Savior Jesus Christ. I love it out here, I love teaching people about bringing souls unto repentance and seeing a change in their lives. There is honestly not a greater feeling than that, and I mean that, it’s tough out here, but when you can see the changes that people have made and knowing that you helped them, and they are now closer to God than they have ever been before, and are doing it correctly, there is not a greater feeling than that. IT’s tough out here, but it is also very rewarding. I love you all, thank you so much for your love and support…that is the best you could give (or maybe a Reese’s Fastbreak candy bar). I love you all, and I miss you guys! But sorry, I love it out here!!! Much Love, Elder Call

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