Monday, August 20, 2012

How In The World Are Ya?

FAMILY!!!! How in the world are ya? Where in the world are ya? I’m in Guatemala did ya know that? I’m in Zone one of the capital, the center of the capital! I love it, (don’t worry we are just using internet here). SO this week FLEW by, ever since I have been training I have felt the time has flown 10x,s faster, and it seems there isn’t not enough time in the day to get everything done. In our area especially, no one is home during the day, and only during the night from 6-9 is when all our appointments are, and in those hours we are running around trying to visit as many people as possible, also during the day there are people to find teach and contact, but more during the night we are BUSY!! So Tuesday we were contacting in a residencial ( ya I don’t recommend it, the police here don’t like us, BUT they do like snickers....) and don’t know how we ended up there, but the first house we knocked on, the lady told us how she was wanting to talk to us but didn’t know how to get in contact with us, her uncle had been teaching her and telling her about the church and she was really interested and wanted to know more, don’t know how but BAM miracle. So also another cool experience we had was with a member family who the mom is inactive because of her job, but they live in really really poor humble conditions, but honestly they are truly happy, you could sense it, feel it and see it. They have true faith in God, they had everything but then her husband left them so she had to start over, and she put her faith in God and is moving forward. She was never mad at God for everything that happened, but kept her faith, they are truly happy even though they have close to nothing. Do we have that type of faith? If our life took a 180 turn would we still have the faith to continue on trusting in God? It is also like an example in 3rd Nephi, when the believers in the time right before Christ came, well the non-believers put a date that if Christ didn’t come by that time all the believers would be put to death? Would we have the faith sufficient to continue on believing? I would like to think that I would, we have things so good right now, all you that are reading this, because you have a computer to read this on, you have internet a home, if we took all that away would our faith stay? Because this family had that happen, and they kept their faith, it really touched me this week, really made an impression on me, and I don’t even think they tried to. So why do I love Guatemala? because when we are contacting under a nice breeze a guy walks by yelling COCOs COCOs so we buy a coconut each for 3 Q`s... ya that’s like 36 cents, so we continue contacting with a coconut in hand... I love Guatemala! So Friday... crazy day!! we did divisions with Elder Shipley so he could say goodbye to a family in my area, it was supposed to be that we all four went and had a dinner that my comp cooked, but they had some appointments in the AP`s area so I went with elder walker. But I actually ended up going with Elder Bruderer (yamy CCM comp!) they came up to Pinula to get me, then we switched and off into an adventure... We had to go to the office because he had some things to finish up (change week is always the busiest) basically I helped him and solved all the problems he couldn’t figure out! ya no big deal... no just kidding, but really so basically we did that the whole night, but holy cow I don’t think I have ever had so much fun, there are 4 missionaries in that house (the only house like that in the mission) it could get a little crazy there, but we had such a fun time, Elder Walker and Parmer are great elders it was so fun. Then the next morning we did the work out video called insanity, it was crazy! I am still sore from it today, CRAZY, well totes out of time, I love you all, have a great week, I am so grateful for all your love and support for the thought and prayers and emails and letters and packages, thank you so much. I truly love it out here, helping other people find Christ it’s amazing. Till next week. -Elder Call

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