Thursday, August 16, 2012

HURRICANE!!! or Rain, Rain, Rain...

Oh man, so this has been cRAZUY out here! The time is going faster and faster every week, this week FLEW by. So where to start... HURRICANE!!! this week we have had so much rain and just DOWNPOUR, it rained so hard like every day, we got soaked a couple times, in the mornings it looks so clear so we left without umbrellas and we thought we would grab them after lunch, then all the sudden it just starts raining, but not your normal in the states rain, here it is as if someone switched on the facet and it just DUMPS!!! That has been pretty fun; it has helped us enter a couple of houses though. We cleaned up the house and got the patio clean and it hasn’t gotten clogged since, which means no more floods. :)
SO not too much happened in terms of huge events, I usually tell you guys of all the crazy things that happen out of the ordinary work. Monday we had a Noche de hogar (family home evening) with a part member family, they are awesome, a family of 5, we put some goals with them for the parents to get baptized, but requires that they get divorced and then marry which is very difficult here, but not impossible. So we are totes going to help them!! We are teaching a family that is very humble they live in the area down from us, I sent a couple photos of that area on snapfish, they are awesome, they have such a strong desire to change, and to turn their life around, the problem is work, neither of them have graduated one dropped out in like 2nd grade and the other in like 4th, so that makes it super hard to find a good job here, right now they are both working Sundays, but we are trying to help them improve their circumstances. Dad if your business could go international, to Guatemala and if you could offer work to all of our investigators that would be just great! :) Saturday we had such a great lesson! we found this guy contacting, he told us to come back later Saturday in the morning, (this was a couple weeks ago), we almost blew him off when Saturday came around because it didn’t seem to positive but I had a feeling to go, so we went and he let us in, he is a heavy addict of drugs and alcohol and has had serious problems for like 20 years, off and on, so we talked about the atonement and how it can offer him help and the forgiveness needed. Well we came back Saturday but this time we found the whole family, so the mom made us hot chocolate and then we taught them. We did a kind of connect the dots with scriptures we talked about how when we are obedient we will receive blessings, we used Mosiah 2. 22 where it says that all the Lord wants is us to be obedient. Then talked a little more about how we can be obedient to the things that he wants. We used a bunch of others but we ended with Joshua 24. 15 and committed them to make the changes necessary (horrible spelling!) they are such a sweet family, the spirit so strong in the lesson. Wednesday we had a trainers meeting with president, it went well, I realized that I need more patience... but that has been the story of my mission, but I left that meeting motivated to be better, and things have improved so much between my comp and me. So we helped a guy who works in a honey factory! He filters it cleans it then bottles it. It was so crazy!! We got to help him I wanted to write more about the process but no time! So I sent a photo of me enjoying my labors of honey!
Umm the busses here are crazy! I wish you could see them, they are decorated way crazy, and they speed as if they are running from the cops on a crazy getaway. But inside they have remodeled them so that the seats are a little more inward from the wall, so the isle is smaller, so 3 adults fit on a bench (it is a yellow school bus from the states) so they pack us in like fish, waiting to be eaten, they have 3 adults sitting down, then two people standing in the isle back to back, we are always standing because we always have such bad luck. The busses are so crazy!! But I love it! So I have only 10 months left now, I am freaked out, time has flown by so fast, I can’t believe how fast it has gone by, this is going to be a short letter, long story but we had to go on an adventure in the capital to find a chapel to use internet. We got here but the janitor needs to close the church so we have to go soon, sorry it’s so short, once I have my I-touch I can write a little on that during the week and then send it to you guys Monday when we write home! So just wait like 2 more weeks and the letters will get better. I want to close with my testimony, I don’t think I have ever expressed it fully, and probably won’t, but I know that what I am doing is correct, I have never felt such joy I can’t express it how happy I am here, it is hard, super hard, but helping people make changes, real changes, bringing their lives closer to God. I LOVE IT OUT HERE, This church is the only true church here on the earth!!! It’s amazing!! Guatemala is amazing, it is so crazy but that is what I love about, I wish I could tell you all about it, but there just isn’t time! Elder Call

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