Monday, November 28, 2011

First Transfer

Oh my goodness! This week has been such a crazy roller coaster and has felt like a year not even joking. Like I don’t even want to write about it because I don’t even know where to start! Sorry if this is everywhere and all over the place, I got 4 hours of sleep last night and am super tired. (I’ll explain more later).

It was fun to read your guys letters about Thanksgiving. Haha dad you crack me up, mom why did you not get a video of dad dancing? That would have been the ultimate video!!! Alright so since writing last Monday, I found out that we are being transferred. I am now in El Progreso, Jutiapa which is still outside the Capital, but it is more west and south, I think? You can look it up on a map. It is like going from Enterprise, Utah and then to the Big Apple! This place is huge!! Well we only have like 2 hours of being here, but it is huge!! And civilized, mas o menos (somewhat).

So we had Zone Conference Friday it was amazing! I have learned so much and got super stoked or restoked to just do work! And half way through lunch is when we found out our new area.  We were super stoked we are still going to be together. I am here to testify that President Stay is a man! He is such a stud, and he receives revelation for us and for the mission. Saturday we just said good bye to the members and took some pictures, the same with Sunday. We both gave a talk which was good; I talked about the relationship of obedience and receiving blessings. And said goodbye to the rest of the members and then packed.  We packed and cleaned the house until late! And then we had to get up at 4 AM to take busses to where we are now!

So Saturday and Sunday was a complete night and day difference, I have seen the bottom of the barrel, and then journeyed back up to the top. I have seen the mercy and forgiveness of the Lord through other people. The atonement and repentance is real, and is available to all of us, all we need to do is USE it! It’s there waiting for us, free of charge.

So we have set some goals and are super ready to just destroy this area with missionary work and just blow it up! They haven’t had a baptism for a long time but we are about to change that. The branch here has about 25 people here supposedly. That’s about what we had in San Jorge, we had 28 people there yesterday.

Well I didn’t write that as well as I wanted to but I hope you understood everything. Oh goodbyes suck! I didn’t realize how much of an impact we had in San Jorge; you were right mom just love the people and everything else will just work from there. My mind is now blank I don’t know what else to write because so much has happened but I think I explained it all. This week was just a really hard one emotionally, but don’t worry because everything is BUEÑO and we are super stoked to just go to work here.

So Thanksgiving was nonexistent for here, it was just another day here. I ate a hot dog sandwich which is a hot dog sliced up, and mixed with avocado and cabbage with bread; and beans and eggs for breakfast. Nothing special, I like the food here though.

So when we arrived here today the house was a DISASTER! So we went to town on that thing, it was so disgusting, there was trash and just junk and dirt everywhere, I don’t think the missionaries there before ever cleaned it, but now it is pretty clean, we rearranged everything. It is 2 stories, it is literally a house, for the two of us, it’s huge! But we basically just put everything up stairs, so we don’t have to go very far to do anything.

Next week I will go to visit Chase and I am so stoked to see him! That’s the best part of me and Arce being together still is we can go together!  Dad in response to your comment of our pila (water well) being dirty, I found a dead lizard in it. And in our new house, we don’t have any sinks only one pila (water well) downstairs, so that will take some getting used to, to brush our teeth and do everything else with just one well, not too stoked about that, but whatever. The drive here was so beautiful, Guatemala is so beautiful! I love it here; we went up to Ipala which is in the mountains so I felt like I was driving through Cedar or Bryce Canyon it was awesome! And 4 buses later we are here!

So a couple memories is Mom and your candy drawer either at Dixie State or in your locker you always had some sort of goodies, I thought of that because members say that about me, I always have candy or a cough drop (which is candy here) or things of that sort, and Dad don’t really remember why I thought this but the night of homecoming that black or dark blue shirt you had, I liked it. You looked good in it.

I have attached a slide show that a Hermana here made for us it was really cool, probably doesn’t have any meaning to you but thought you might like it.

I don’t really know what else to say, let me know if you have any questions. Sorry I am super tired while writing this. But I will end with I know that God is in this work. The spirit is teaching the people we are just the means of which it enters into others. One of our investigators that we had thanked us for everything (as everyone else did) and then said we have changed his life, if we never knocked on his door he would have never found this church, he would probably be off drinking or doing something worse than attending church. That struck me, because I had written this area off, I didn’t really think we had results, but sometimes the results are silent, because it is not us that is converting it is the sprit, I now have a stronger testimony of that, of the holy ghost, sometime we may think we aren’t doing anything or succeeding, but we are we are the instruments in God’s hands, and it is the sprit that does everything. I am stoked to be out here in the mission, it is changing my life, helping me see things I didn’t see before. I love you guys and am so grateful for everything. Do not worry about us, we are great, we are loving life and ready to do work here!

Elder Call

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