Monday, November 21, 2011

Crazy Week!

Haha boy was this a crazy week, I feel like the week went by so fast, but yet at the same time so much happened. So Tuesday I lost my mission plaque, which sucked I felt so naked, s owe decided to go look for it the next day, but that night it DOWN POURED! I think that was the hardest I have ever seen it rain. So we were teaching a lesson in this one room house with tin sheets for the roof, and it starts raining and it’s hard to hear, then just exploded in rain, and we couldn’t hear a thing! like literally, I couldn’t hear myself talk or my comp or them, so we just waited, for the rain to stop cause we didn’t want to go out walking, but after 40 minutes it was time to go home and it hadn’t stopped yet, so with sign language (which I know) we signaled that we will return another day, so the street didn’t exist no more, it was a river, there was no way around it, so we waded through a foot of water to our house the whole way back. Once we got onto the main road it was only like 8 inches of water, it was crazy we were soaked literally, my shoes took 3 days to dry from that, but it was awesome, seeing that much water.

Haha funny story this week is we started this new goal to sing all the hymns, so in every lesson we sing a hymn started with number 1 and just the next one...unless we don’t know it, but while we are singing I will randomly stop so Arce sings a solo, and I will act like I’m lost, so he has to continue singing, I’m such a mean comp, Haha but it’s so fun!!

Has Chase mentioned anything about me seeing him? so I took out the Christmas money, and then I figured you guys would like to contribute to a little something for chase, so I took out some money for him also, plus the fee that they charge so that’s while it was a little more than normal.

This last week was our district conference, which is like stake conference but we aren´t a stake yet, but it was via satellite which was so sweet! Elder Holland and Pres. Uchtdorf spoke, Holland can speak Spanish! Who knew! He opened in Spanish then switched to a translator then bore his testimony in Spanish, the spirit was so strong, I loved it, well least for me. We were in charge of our Branch (the conference was 2 hours away) which was a little stressful, because we had 25 people confirm ya I’ll be there, but the bus was only for 16 so we were stressing out, well throughout Saturday night and Sunday morning everyone but 9 people cancelled, so we took 9 to the conference from our ward, and 0 investigators which is frustrating, ugh but oh well it was really good!

So to answer your questions in the email, yes that is the book! I’m not sure about getting the packages, because there is order in everything so even though we are in the capital the packages have to go through our leaders, but I will check. This Thursday we have divisions with the assistances! Which I was kinda nervous for, but they are missionaries just like us, so there is nothing to be nervous for, but they are staying with us because Friday we have zone conference in Chiquimula, which I am stoked for! Oh and happy thanksgiving! They don’t celebrate it here! But I’ll be thinking of you guys! But anyways maybe the assistance will bring the package this Thursday if they have them! The videos you can up load them if you want, I thought it was a rule, or it is a rule that missionaries can’t take videos but whatever I’m not sure. You can do whatever you want!

This week I studied a talk by Bednar called "The Tender Mercies of the Lord" and I want to share a little of what I learned. the lords tender mercies are the very personal blessings, strength assurance guidance support that he gives us, it is not limited to that, there are a lot more things that it is. But an example is as we face the challenges of this life the gift of faith and the ability to face challenges with cheerfulness and self confidence are examples of the tender mercies. And we receive them by faithfulness, obedience and humility. We think that they are real but not for us, that they happen to others but not us, but this isn’t true, God is ready to give them to us, he doesn’t pick and choose who gets them, in D and C 121 34-35 it talks about this, that we determine who is chosen to receive it. I know that the Lord gives tender mercies to those who need them and when we need them especially. I have seen it and experienced it personally in the mission. I know this church is true. Jose Smith (Haha I forgot how to spell Joseph?) but I know he was called of God to restore this gospel, I know this because of the Holy Ghost. This church is amazing, God is amazing and so ready to help us, He has blessed me with such a wonderful family! I love you guys. Hey look in my sent for the email sent Nov 17 those are photos we sent to the office for the slide show, but included is the baptism we had! I hope you enjoyed the other photos! Much love
Elder Call

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