Monday, January 30, 2012

Udder Attack!

So first off I’m sorry, I was super sick last Monday, I was on divisions with Elder Castro my ZL in my area because his comp ended his mission also and went to the cap together, I don’t know what I had it must have been some food or something because it was only for one day I am all better now! But that day was by far the worst in my mission! I had boo (diarrhea) and throwing up AT THE SAME TIME! I didn’t know it was possible but I am here to testify that it is very possible. While I was in this situation I was trying to count my blessings and it could have been worse I could have had a runny nose also. So 2 weeks ago I said joking come visit me with Millers…DONT, I was stressed all week actually thinking you would come, I had dreams (nightmares) about it, and it was horrible. So please don’t,
So the biggest adventure apart from being sick 2 weeks ago was the subject box....udder, I straight up ate udder, yes that is right, luckily I didn’t know what it was until after, but I knew it was not something normal, so there were 2 pieces and what I did was I ate one, then I put the other on Elder Velez plate without him knowing, and he ate it right up, he eats so much more than me! Ha-ha it was quite an experience.
I saw in the paper that Huntsman dropped out of the race and is now supporting Romney, he must be doing great because a lot of people mention that a Mormon for a candidate for president nonmembers also! So how is he doing?
"I would hope that someone would buy my sons lunch in Guatemala" ha-ha Elder Velez couldn’t help but laugh at that, and told me to don’t get my hopes up ...were in Guatemala! But actually that has happened, a guy bought my lunch and while we were eating I was teaching him English, more of just that we were talking because he already knows it!
Ok so this week we did divisions Sunday until Wednesday the change meeting with Elder Castro. He is such a stud I wish he was my comp we really get along great. He has taught me some great stuff that I am trying to apply in my work now, more than anything the inspired questions and being in tune with the spirit. So I am staying in my area, and my new comp is........ Elder Lagos from Honduras he actually lives like 20 minutes from Elder Velez. And he has 18 months in the mission. We are getting along ok, but he is (how do I say this) ... a free spirit, he keeps me on edge a lot of the time. He doesn’t really care about the rules sometimes. But so far we have not had any problems and he is great, he can speak a lot of English so when I don’t know a word he helps me out which is awesome, he has a drive to work which is awesome to have! We both bring things to the table which is what we are supposed to do, he helps me with my weaknesses and I help him with his. He is a handy man, he knows how to fix just about anything and he has all his tools! Ha-ha I laughed but we aren’t going to change houses because he has fixed just about everything, now we are just waiting for permission to buy the other parts that we need and everything will be just like new!
Tell Kate I got her package and I LOVED it!! Thank her so much; ask her how did she know I was learning how to juggle? Also tell Miller's thank you so much for their package! It was honestly just what I needed the candy that they gave me! I haven’t read any of your emails because it’s a new rule that we use internet in the churches so we have to travel to Guastatoya which is a hour away just to just internet, and only for a hour so I wanted to write first then I will read with what time I have left, but we can still print so it’s all good! I found another memory card with pictures from Progresso Jutiapa with Elder Acre, (he is now the district leader) so I will load those to Picasa probably next week I think I can here (we will see) and before I forget Elder Jensen is now my district leader, he's a kool kat from Utah here in Guastatoya. So I don’t know what is up but it has been so HOT here, my cheeky's are getting burnt! And I’m using sunscreen! We are dying, these next 3 changes I am going to roast because it is only going to get hotter here!! And I don’t know if you have heard I haven’t heard but we have felt so many earthquakes, they are little ones but there have been so many this past week its crazy! It was my first time feeling it.
Ok story of the week! We were visiting a less active, and we get talking and she talks about a missionary in her other city Coban, and she goes and gets the picture it turns out to be none other than ELDER CASEY SPILKER! I was stoked to say the least!
Alright well to wrap things up because I don’t know what else to write, but can you send me millers address? I went to see the area doctor for my hand (he thinks it is ringworm or warts) (we finally decided on warts in a circle) and so I am putting duct tape on my hand but with the heat and sweat it will not stay, so I have the duct tape then the medical tape over it, it is ridiculous, but it will get better. But anyways I opened the package in the area office and I put everything in my bag and threw the package away so I don’t have the address for Miller’s.
I would tell you about our investigators but right now we don’t have a lot, that is what we are focusing on, that and reactivating everyone here. We have a baptismal date with one family, but then she got really really sick and went to the hospital in Zacapa to get an operation, so once she is better they would like to get baptized which is awesome! This week we are really trying to find families and find new investigators. Also the fair is going on (this fair puts San Jorge to shame!) it is huge I have never seen so many advertisements for beer, and it's the same beer company so I don’t know why there are so many it’s not like they are competing against another company! But the fair is huge here so one way or another people are too busy to listen to us, so pray for us that we can find more investigators.
I hope you are all reading in the Book of Mormon! I want to leave with a thought from President Uchtdorf in his talk “forget me not” with the relief society, he listed 5 steps that we need and related it to a flower with 5 pedals called a forget me not flower. But one of the pedals he told the story of Willie Wonka, and how when he announced the 5 golden tickets the children would buy the candy and if it didn’t have a golden ticket the candy bar was worthless when as before the candy was amazing! Let us not forget the small things of this life that make us happy or that we take for granted the small things that are often over looked. Don’t forget to be happy NOW! Things may not be perfect but we always have blessing that we can be happy for. He explained it better so go and read that talk! I love you all so much!! And hope everything is going well! With much love!
Elder Call
Mom did I forget to tell you...

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