Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mayan Ruin Site

Hi Family!ª!!ªª!!ªª

So how is everything going? I too had withdrawals this week and wanted to talk or email!

Ok before I forget I up loaded or am up loading right now photos and I can’t upload videos (I have a lot!) so I will still be sending the memory card home I guess but this can be a little teaser. So we are emailing a little later today because we went to Quirigua a Mayan Ruin site. I sent you 2 photos of that.

It was pretty sweet funny story of the day was that in the tourist jewelry shop where they have jade for sale, well it is very expensive like 500 dollars for a little bit, and one of the Elders says in English "even if I was rich I wouldn’t buy this crap" then two minutes later the store lady speaks to us in perfect English. He sure felt embarrassed. It was funny! So a couple items of business dad can you look up Che who he was and what he did, supposedly he was a revolutionist from Argentina but everyone has a sticker of him and I want to know what he did. 

So I need to explain for when you see the photos there are 2 of Selena Gomez, well the young women here gave us each a photo of her for Christmas. So that is why there are pictures of her. Mom can you scan the music Pirates of the Caribbean "the medallion calls" we have the book in the piano bench, I want to practice that song a little I can remember a little of it but then my memory of it just stops and so I am stumped. This week for the most part we worked hard! Which was a miracle! We had a few bumps in the road but we are trying to finish this change and his mission strong.

How are you guys with your reading of the Book of Mormon? We too received the teachings of President Smith and are leaning about Him, the church is the same here as there!! It’s crazy how organized this church is. New Years was crazy here! And I took tons of videos of it, and of the sketchy bombs that cost .60 cents it’s a good thing we can’t buy fireworks or else I would spend all my money on that!

So we have 2 investigators that have a date to be baptized, I hope everything goes well with that, she went up to Barrios for a surgery so we haven’t heard from them for a week so we need to visit them. We don’t have much time left and I feel rushed and don’t really know what to say. Last night we saw a little bit of a concert of Andrea Boteli, he has such a beautiful voice! We are going to do divisions this week, and I will stay here in the area, and also we have interviews with President this Friday, he will be coming to Teculutan! It is hot here! You can see of the photos I sent of 97* in the shade! That was in my bedroom on my bed, and the others I placed in the sun and it shot up!

It’s a weird feeling with it being the holiday season and it way hot. So I just checked and I uploaded 112 photos so enjoy!!! I still want to send you guys the videos so I will send the card soon.

We made the gingerbread train and cookies this week! With the cookies I was dying! We are not in the States with the luxury of cleanliness!

But everything turned out good, and the gingerbread train was a hit! It was so fun to decorate; I think I had more fun than everyone else.

I didn’t include a spiritual thought for this week so just think for this week of how blessed we are to have this gospel in our lives, I was thinking about how blessed I truly am to have this all I’m my life. It is everything to me and for you guys too I’m sure. But sometimes we get so caught up in life and forget about what is most important and where our priorities should be. I don’t know I could be just rambling but I am so grateful for this gospel and for a loving family that loves me and I love them and we can return and live together after this life. Love you all and have a good week!!!

I sure do love you guys do you know that?!? Thank sister Jewkes for the email she is such an amazing person! I can’t wait to be older... and just be like her. So I am rambling now because I have no idea what to write. I guess I will end now and I can because I uploaded a butt load of photos! So hope you enjoy them and love you!

Elder Call

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