Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Phone Call

Dad do I still need to send emails to both your emails? Is that just so you receive more emails? Just a question and will keep doing so until you say so. So before I forget the three photos I sent today, one is of the coolest Christmas tree, that they have here, I have plenty of videos of it so you guys can see it when you get the memory card. The other one is of our little Christmas in the apartment. Thanks Mom I loved it! And the next one is for you Mom. Alex said you didn’t match yesterday at church so I sent you a picture of me today, in army green shorts and neon blue shirt that’s too big for me and crocs and yes you better believe I went out in public like that!

So I want to apologize for my call yesterday, I don’t remember a thing, and it went by so fast! The stupid lag sure made things interesting and funny at times. I’m sorry if I seemed negative about anything, cause I absolutely feel a love for Guatemala, I just meant to say that our apartment is dirty, but I love it here!!! Cam has a dog? What else is new? Do you guys really want a package? What kind of stuff do you want in it? And family vacation in a year and a half? Let’s start saving right now so it will be really fun!!  So Wednesday was our Christmas activity and we played soccer with 2 Zones and also there was a football so we started to play catch and then President Stay came and we played a game with President Stay, it was really fun. He is such a man! Then we had a devotional and watched a mission slide show, and also we watched a movie 17 miracles! So yes I’ve seen it now and it was so good! I am so grateful for the pioneers and the sacrifices that they did for us.

So the question about college has got me seriously worried now, I laid in bed today and just thought for a hour about it, (while Elder Velez was talking with his family) why did you have to ask that question! and also what I want to do in life, I kept thinking and trying to pick a job that will go in line with the church also, I’m thinking librarian, zookeeper (with Cameron, we made a promise) a national park ranger, (maybe when I’m older) something with business but I don’t know what! Or how to even begin thinking about what to do because I love everything!!! So after stressin about school and jobs I decided I DONT WANNA GROW UP!!! I’m extending my mission and never coming home. hahaha just kidding I’m stoked to come home (but I’m not baggy)!

I loved the mini master mind game, it was so random but it is so fun! We played it for like 2 hours on Christmas day. So I read your email and I didn’t say the mission is in shambles! Just the culture of the mission is very different than what Pres. Stay wants. There is a problem with obedience I’m not pointing the finger to the Latino culture but their culture is just very different then our culture and how they were raised concerning rules and things like that. So President Stay is trying to change the culture of the mission and make it better. He teaches with love and cares for us. About the question about after the mission NO! I’m not homesick; I don’t even want to come home. (ok a little) but I asked because a common question is if I am going to come back or not to visit, and so I don’t want to lie and say yes if I not going to.

In the NBA the thunder is from Oklahoma, the Oklahoma thunder. And what is the power of attorney with school? I know we don’t need to make any immediate decisions about school, we still have about a year but I will think and pray, but I have no problem going to UVU until I get things figured out. But we can discuss it more. Well I don’t know what else, I think that covers about everything. Cam didn’t send an email to help me with my virus´s on my memories but if I send a package I might just ship all my memories home and you can disinfect them and also organize them.

I want to share my testimony, I’m still working on it, and trying to make it stronger and fine tune it, but this gospel is so amazing, I truly can’t express how great it is. Every single aspect about it is amazing; I just want to learn everything right now! But it’s hard and I need to focus on the basics in Spanish for my investigators. But when I get back I am going to just study and soak it all in. I love it here, we are going to work hard this week, Elder Velez made me a promise and we are going to reach our goals, things are going great here, that pocket book is amazing! And I’ve already used it when someone challenged us if Mary had other children, we showed her the scriptures and it was great. This gospel is great, I don’t think we understand how great it is, and the sacrifice that Joseph Smith made for us and Hyrum when they were martyred or the Pioneers when they gave up everything they owned to come out west and establish Zion. I hope you are reading the Book of Mormon for the Stake, start now and read a little every day, yes, even you Dad, read it! You will feel the spirit more in your life it’s a promise from the Prophet. I love you guys!!
Elder Call

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