Monday, December 12, 2011

He is such a kidder sometimes!!!

How is it going?!?
1. Holy cow what a fast week.
2. Your son is a slave.
3. Temple dedication was AWESOME!
4. Call me.
5. It’s hot and it’s the holidays.
6. K bye.
This was a dry run to see if I could write in 2 minutes or less. And I succeeded. Love you!
(That was all he sent in his email...then about 10 minutes later he sent the expanded version below!!!)

Hahaha ok for real! I bet I got you good with that one. Just kidding. OK I will expand.
1. This week was such a fast week! It flew bye!
2. I am a slave! All day Saturday I worked in the cotton fields…I mean the coffee plants! How weird is that? a Mormon missionary picking coffee! (We had permission so don’t worry) but ya I also thought it was weird. So our next door neighbors own a fink, or a field you could call it, but it is straight up a mountain, and they have a butt load of coffee trees so we helped them pick coffee, it is weird it wasn’t what I thought it would be like, they are very sweet and nothing like the coffee we are used to, they go through a grand process. But we worked from 7 to 5 all day! We didn’t get paid but IF we were to get paid we would have each made 20 Q´s or about 2.50, it is ridiculous we worked so hard! They pay by weight, we picked 82 pounds of coffee and for 100 pounds you get 50 Q´s. It made me sad and think about how grateful I am to live in the US.

Who said I wanted to do this for a living after my mission!
3. So the temple dedication was yesterday, I don’t think you guys could see it, I think only Guatemala. But Pres. Uchtdorf gave the dedicatory prayer and it was awesome the whole thing. I definitely want to visit that temple it looks so beautiful!

4-A. Call me! so we just heard the rules, and you guys have to call me here, so you guys pay for it. Usually in times past we could call 2 days before for 2 minutes so you guys have the number, but we can’t anymore. So rumor is for you guys to call me its 00502 then my house number. Oh PS today we receive transfer calls, I don’t think we have transfers cause Arce asked president when we had emergency changes. So probably 6 months together. (We should get married after 6 months! That is ridiculous!) That is if I don’t have changes, you will find out next week if we have changes or not.  If I do I will give you the number next week. You can decide what time, and we can coordinate it next week more. But ya... if you want to test and see if it works I won’t oppose it ;) probably a rule or something against it but I don’t mind, we are in the house after 9, and by 930 for sure. We might have changes though Wednesday.

4-B. Also we have a Christmas activity in the mission, if we don’t have changes this zone is with another zone and the activity is this Saturday. But if we have changes it will be a different day but sometime this week, and that is when I will receive my packages!

5. It is now hot, so don’t worry, I think there was just a massive cold spell through Guatemala that first week, I still sleep with my blanket but it isn’t cold so don’t worry! So this week we went caroling as a district, in a different area, so we are singing silent night outside the door, and it honestly felt like St. George on a summer day, we are sweating and dying! Carols and heat don’t mix! This will be such a weird Christmas with the heat and Guatemala!

6. We kind of have an address that maybe you can Google Earth it, it is Barrio Los Laureles (barrio means neighborhood) 3-35 Zona 4 El Progreso Jutiapa. (El Progreso is the city, and Jutiapa is the Departamento or like State I guess?) So try that out and see, well that’s the address of our neighbors but we live next door, our house is green. Look for it!

So they have a way cool holiday here December 7th , they burn the devil! They make devil figures usually like piƱatas and then they blow them up or burn it! Haha it was awesome! And happy months to me! This last Thursday I completed 6 months in the mission! How crazy is that, it honestly flew by and I have no idea where it went. I still feel like I am in my first change here. Guess it’s time to learn Spanish right?!

So we have an investigator that is so ready to be baptized! He has made such a turnaround in his life, and it was so crazy how ready he was. When we found him he had problems but we didn’t know it, he liked to cut himself, IDK WHY he doesn’t know why either, also problems with chastity and word of wisdom, when we teach word of wisdom there are 5 things we can’t consume, he had a problem with 4 of the 5, the 5th he just didn’t know what that was or else he probably would have had a problem, with that too. But he had made so much progress stopped it all, and is changing his life completely! He just needs to come to church 2 more time and we can baptize him!

I love you guys! And am so looking forward to the phone call, not really though cause then I will be baggy. But this church is so amazing! I am studying it and WE HAVE EVERYTHING! it is ridiculous how complete this Gospel is, But obviously this is Gods church! We have met some crazy people with some crazy believes here! But we are trying to get them straightened out without hurting their feelings, you have to take a delicate approach to it, you can’t straight up say you’re wrong and this is how it is, because then they would never accept it, this is what they have known all their lives. IDK why I just told you all that but ya. Oh I think I got all the virus off my memory so I can send the pictures! One is with me and Chasey, one is me pickin cotton…I mean coffee, the other is my gatherings of coffee, and the other is sometimes investigators have swings and sometimes I like to swing, Guatemalan style.

Elder CALL
Who would have ever thought they would see each other in Guatemala!

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