Friday, December 23, 2011


You guys are so funny! I was dying last night because Elder Arce called and was like umm I think your parents tried to call. I couldn’t believe it, and then he described what happened. HAHAH I was dying laughing. Dad I am in TECULUTAN. He said for the life of you, you couldn’t say it. So ya I am here. This area is in the same stake (but it is a district) as san Jorge, I am kinda close and have been here before for stake conference in November. My comp is Elder Velez, I ate lunch with him during general conference in October so we kinda knew each other before. He is from Honduras and I am killing him (don’t worry that only means this is his last change here.) So he goes home in January. He is a little baggy but we are going to work hard.

So let me center my thoughts. The story that Elder Arce told me was so funny! I don’t know if he stretched it a little but it was hilarious. Oh and ya you woke him missionaries are lame and go to bed early, I went to bed and 930 the last 2 nights here because I have been so tired! Alright so I will start with Monday, for p day we went to Jutiapa and just played futbol and ping pong super chill. That night for transfer calls we got them and they said we didn’t have changes! So we were pretty stoked to be spending Christmas together and to have another change together. Tuesday was another normal day, and we ordered pizza that night, I invited him, so I paid for it. While we were waiting for it I fell asleep then it came I ate like 3 pieces and then I fell asleep again. Well Elder Chaves the assistant calls and then says that I have changes and we need to be in the capital at 10 the next day. So Arce wakes me up tells me I have changes, and it’s like 10 so have to start packing (packing sucks). This time I didn’t even care, I just threw everything in unorganized. Then finally went to bed, then back up at 4 AM to shower and finish packing, then we left by 5 am, the fastest, longest 8 hours of my life. In transfers I was kinda nervous thinking all the different possibilities. But then I relaxed (it was my first change meeting, give me a break) and ya when it was all over I got moved here to Teculutan, 40 km down the road from san Jorge! And boy it is hot!!! I have forgotten how thick and heavy the air is here! My comp is from Honduras and has been out 22 months. The first couple days were awkward just the usual getting to know and stuff. But now it’s all good! He is the district leader and can’t speak a lick of English, Arce could but nope he can’t.

Call me at like 2 my time. And I will say this, president put at 40 minute cap on the calls. But you guys can decide.. :) I WANT TO TALK TO YOU!! I am so stoked for our call. Be prepared for questions so it’s not awkward but I know mom that you have a butt load! I am going to die for Christmas here. Tamales but TONS!!! That is all the people eat for this time of year and everyone loves to share them with the missionaries! So I will probably die the 24th and 25th from eating so much. And I haven’t gotten my packages yet, because I got transferred so our Christmas activity where we receive the packages is this Wednesday! So this Wednesday!! Super stoked for that. And I wholly miss The Forgotten Carols that is my memory for this week, and yes I have that CD and I always listen to it. My mp3 is great! I listen to it whenever we are in the house so every morning and every night! And I love it! I downloaded the conference talks for November so I am stoked for those!

Alright well so I had my Guatemalan experience for this week. A member invited us to eat at her restaurant and it was smack dab in the middle of the market, and it was so good. I hope it was clean because technically it was street food, but it looked clean. But ya so we are eating that in the middle of the market, literally in the middle, she put the tables in the middle of the walk way, it was awesome. And there were flies and bugs and all that jazz.  So sorry this is so short but we are going to talk this Sunday!! And don’t even worry if you can’t get through the next day I will email and we can figure it out and we can talk that night if things don’t work out. So don’t worry. I’m sorry I didn’t write much, but I’m like you guys and just struggled this week to think of things to write. Dad study your Spanish and we will talk about mom and it will be great! Mom practice hitting dad while we are talking about how much we love you, but you won’t have a clue. Have dad teach you Spanish! Anyway love you guys and look forward to your call!!!!!

I gave a talk this Sunday and my Spanish has improved so much. This change was good, got me out of my comfort zone and I feel so much more confident I can do this, I can do everything. And this first week has shown me that. Because I basically do do everything. Elder Velez is not a take action guy but we work well together. I love this gospel its crazy how amazing it is. I hope everything is going great back home. Read the Book of Mormon, study the gospel, ya your busy but are you really too busy for the Lord? Always look for missionary opportunities, dad good job with your missionary experience by telling him to remove his records from the church, keep it up! And I love you guys and look forward to your call this Sunday at 2ish!!!!!  LOVE YOU

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